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Welcome to Fruits Basket Fans!!! It's come to my attention that there is not a wiki for all the characters of Fruits Basket, just individuals. So I though I'd make one!!!

Badges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wootness!!!!!!!!! Traced by yours truely, [Cliché]
<img:> get a second choice!

Fruits Basket Fan Art!!

Fruits Basket Gallery

Fruits Basket Art Contest!

Go to to see pictures of all your favorite Fruits basket characters!!! -very cool site (found by [Amber_eyes])

Please write your name under the members and who your favorite character is. No claiming allowed!!!! If you did do that, fix it, or I will do it for you

Creator:1. [Cliché] I love Fruits Basket!! Kyo is my favorite!!
2.[Amber_eyes] Kyo is the BEST! Why cant hot Anime guys be real?!
3.[. x o x o .] LOVE Shigure!!
4.[Erykun] i love KYO-CHAN!!!
5.[schizoid] Kyo Kyo Kyo!
6.[Chi] I wov Kyo sooo much! *huggles Kyo plushie*
7.[Sana] YAY!!! FRUITS BASKET! KYO-KUN! YUKI-KUN! *glomps Kyo and Yuki plushies*
8.[fearless?] aww yuki!!!!!
9.[blue_mirage] I just wanna collect them all!!!
10.[cowsgomoo14245] i love them all.... BUT I LOVE KYO!!!!!!!!!heh heh...and i have his angry cat plushie ^^
10.[Neko the Kitty]/[oh.]'t...resist...*grabs a plushie and cuddles it*
11. [Katisama] i love all of them!!! i like Aaya-san the most i think tho-^^-
12. [Armisis] I am Aaya sign. Snake. I like yuki,kyo,haru,and ayame the best
13.[Azuri] I love Aya and Kyo i cant choose between them for i love them both!
14.[Nuktae-tal] Momiji and kyo's the way to go!! woo hoo!! lol I like Hatorie too though!
15.[Digital Fortress] aww man! FINALLY a Fruits basket wiki. I LOVE Kyo and Momiji AND Yuki! ^^
16. [Phluphphie] yay... i loove fruits basket... it's so cute.... i love Yukiand kyo and momiji!!!
17. [armyseal] kyo-kun is sooooo hot and so unresistable!!! my god he is super sexy!!!!!!!!!!!
18. [burntashes] yuki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19. [Gato Y Globo] being a cat......i like kyo =^.^=
20. [Cat0132] Dude...Haru is totally the hottest...
21.[pochan]If you want me to pick a favorite, you are sadly mistaken in my thoughts. I love each and every character, although Yuki does have a special place in my heart.
22. [Kamora] Hatsuaru is so hott
23. [duende_negro] Yep My favorite is the RAT! (GO YUKI!! ^_^)...and of course...cats...beware O_O
24.[Clairey] Yuki is moderatly aceptable...long live the cat!!
25. [Katie love Casey] Fruits basket was the first anime to make me cry!!!
26. [goneawayagain] i love this!
27. [Gwendolen] Eh, I prolly don't have choice but to put my name on...
28. [?Jack.Off.Jill?] One Of The Best Animes Ever!I LOVE AYAME!!!! ^_^
29. [skwid] Yuki. Yuki is pretty. *Hugs Yuki* And Momiji. I love Momiji.
30. [kitoky] Muwahha I make member number 30! Hatori will always be my favorite!
31.[zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz]OMFG!!!! i love this manga!! it's one of teh first ones i ever read *huggs her Fruits Basket manga protectivly* ... <333
32.[Siraku The Demon Wolf] I LOVE Hatori and Shigure!!!! I also have a fruits basket wiki page it is called Fruits Basket Fan Club Please go and look and then take my poll!!!!
33.[Year of the Cat] WOOOOT!!!!! go Kyo!
34.[a faerie tale] AHH! NOT MULTIPLE OF 5! *twitches* Momiji!!! I LOVERS YOU!
35. [Zelrondidi-ji] Ayame's Teh Best!
36.[Sinistra.] fruits basket is the best manga eva
37. [vagabond faery] I love kyo!!!!!! Shigure is cool too, but kyo is the best. Best manga ever!
38. [x-xVanityx-x] love em aLL!
39. [Dragonhearted elfgirl] I love Kyo!!! He's so cool! yay :D
40.[Hollow Threats] i think i'm in love
41. [Kumagoro]
42.[inuchild87] i love ayaa-chan!!
43.[yes no maybe]i shigure shigure i could be his high school girl anyday
44.[Alphonse Elric] (Momiji kun ROX MY SOX^_^)
45. [Linwe Ar'Feiniel] I love the 3 musketeers: Hatori, Shigure, and Ayame! ^^
46. [oxyJ3N] Whoo! ^^ *join!*
47. [Raistlin_Majere] Kyo, Haru and Yuki are the coolest oh and lets not forget Tohru!
48. [x-xVanityx-x] What the heck, I love ALL of them!
49. [hallolizzie] I was wondering when I'd happen upon such a wiki! Oh yeah...ahem... Kyo-kun and Shigure-san are my favorites! ^_^
50. [Keeper of Darkness] guess who's my fav?<img:>!!! lol but I like Shigure, kyo, yuki as well and kisa's cute too I ♥'em all.
51. [Inuyoukai, Princess of Thieves] LOVE KYOU!!!
52. [Sweet chariot of fire] how can i choose!? I love tham all!...but...ummmm....*closes eyes* probably slightly my favourite...but only slightly!!!!
53. [Azmaria] I love yuki he is soooooooo hott i want to marry him
54.[schizoid] KYO!!!!!!!!
55.[chiyo] kitty kitty kitty mew ^-^
56.[dade_sakura] woah kyo!! >0<
57.[vanilla18] dade nu nie gaan kwijlen he !!!
58.[Keii] Hatori... I've fallen in love with him <3 *dies*
59. [reddestiny] yuki's definitely my favorite! I fell in love with him the first time I saw the show XD. I especially love his eyes.
60.[Chibi Momo-chan]Momiji-sama is my most favritest character!!
61.[Anduraja] Haru is my favourite...........why can't a guy like that be real? He's so cute as a cow!
62.[Kyo-kun]-\- ... O\O FARUBAAAAAAA *cough*you can be any faruba character on all anime rp*cough*
63.[SunCloud] I love this Manga!!
64. [jaderii]: Hmmm, I'm leaning more towards Kyo, Ayame, Ritsu, Momiji, Kagura, and Shigure as my favorite characters.. ^^ Who am I kidding, I love them all! 
65. [KaraBear] Kyo,Tohru,and Yuki are my fav. but i like them all
66.[Elf~Boi]: Ayame, Shigure, and Hatori all the way!!!
67. [Gliowien] WHOOT! I <3 Hatsuharu, Ayame, Kisa ,Momiji, Yuki and Kyo, Ritsu, and Hanajima! They rock!
68. [Kailynn] Haru is my absolute fav. He's hot!....And Momiji is cute!
70.[Sombre]Waah looks like I joined this too matter...I LOVE IT SO! Yuki is annoying :) Kyo is is Shigure (:
71. [Twilit Wanderer] Shigure is my absolute favourite, but I also love Momiji, he's so amazing! Who's in the forest strolling... ^_^
72. [POG] Whoo! Who cannot LOVE this!
73. [MoRoxy] i apsolutly(sorry bout my spelling ^ ^)love fruits basket
74.[Arinique] YEAH!!! GO FRUITS BASKET!!! I LOVE MOMIJI!!! YAY!!!! It's a really great series..It really is!
75. [UmiNoTenshi] I'm currently obsessed with Fruits Basket!
76. [Nekudae Andromeda] YAY! Fruits Basket! WOOT!
77. [knights queen] i love fruits basket its the koolist
78. [Four Winged Fox] Favorite manga of me and my friends
79. [Dr House]Hatori-san is so hot...
80.[lkjhgfdsa]I love Yuki he is so cute, and fruits basket is so cool
81.[Avatar15] I love Fruits Basket! It's awesome! I love the story, and I love the characters! xD I can't decide who I like more! >w< there ALL my favorites! O.O Yesh yesh....
82. [kay-chan] I would have Fruits Basket's babies. Its wonderful manga babies. No favorite, just all of them.
83. [anarchystars] me luffs yuki the best...but momiji is cute and so is kisa...and kyo...and everyone! but akito can kiss my butt. =^_^=
84. [aka ookami] i wuvvels Shigure..and Hatsuharu..and Hatori...and Kyo..and Momiji..and Ayame ^_^ ...i hate Yuki though T_T;;
85. [Alexi Ice] im just starting out as a fruits basket fan but so far i really love it.
86. [Erubeus] I love Hatori!!!! I am Hatori in my role play. >.< Weird.
87. [maggie the pie] I heart Furuba!
88. [bravewolf] awesome manga and anime best ever
89. [*Leric*] KYO-KUN IS SOO KAWAII!! XD!!!
90. [Overprotactive] I Kyo is my role model! He rocks

And if you like Cowboy Bebop, join my other wiki, Ed and Ein Fans!!!!

Or if you like Full Metal Alchemist join the Full Metal Alchemist Fan Club

And here's the rpg - furuba rpg

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2006-09-27 [bravewolf]: yeah no kidding lol

2006-09-27 [Alexi Ice]: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah, we should start a petition or something!

2006-09-27 [Avatar15]: o_o Yes... indeed we should.

2006-09-27 [Alexi Ice]: !

2006-09-28 [bravewolf]: i dont know if they would get very far right now theres not really enough in the next few manga to get another series out of or is there??? ill have to read it again to see

2006-09-28 [Alexi Ice]: i think so...but i dunno, ive only read number 2, number 3 number 13 and 14

2006-09-28 [skwid]: Well there's not really a big finale in there, like there was with Kyo's monsteryness but they could probably get a nice slice-of-life-with-people-who-turn-into-animals out of it.

2006-09-30 [Alexi Ice]: hahaha, well i dunno, i still think it would be a good idea, and for anyone else who does too, go sign my poll/petition!

2007-03-19 [Alexi Ice]: fifteen is out now! it makes me so happy . now i own six, seven, ten, eleven, thirteen , fourteen, and fifteen

2007-03-21 [bravewolf]: whats in fourteen i cant remember??

2007-03-21 [Alexi Ice]: well if i remember corectly it talks about the girl trashing the student council room and yuki and that black haired boy from the student council get into a fight and they talk about the play (if i recal corectly)

2007-03-22 [Aki Neko]: can i join?

2007-03-23 [bravewolf]: i thoght they were talking about tohru too somewhere him and the black haired boy

2007-03-23 [Alexi Ice]: yeah they were but i think it was just breif

2007-03-26 [bravewolf]: ahh i see

2007-03-26 [Alexi Ice]: i went and bought nine and five yesterday

2007-03-27 [bravewolf]: i dont really have the money to buy them i just go to the library and check them out i cant remember if ive read 15 or 14 last im so confused lol

2007-03-27 [Alexi Ice]: well that sucks. if you remembered who was on the front i could tell you

2007-03-29 [bravewolf]: i know kureno was on the fourteenth i think it was him on that book

2007-03-30 [Alexi Ice]: oh ok.

2007-07-12 [xAshesXxFallingX]: May I join?

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