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Fiction of Ancient Egypt

Hello and welcome to the new Fiction of Ancient Egypt wiki! This wiki is for writers who wish to exhibit their writing skills about Ancient Egypt. This means it must have major involvement with the area, events, gods, heroes, curses, real people, or myths of Ancient Egypt.

This is in affilliates with Ancient Egypt Lovers

Thanks, Mohammed for letting me make this wiki!


Now that you know what the story must be about, here are the rules:

1: You may post your story by either making it its own wiki, then linking it back here with a summary of it and/or the author's name. This is the preferred way to add your story, but you can also send me ([Justineer]) a message with your story and/or any questions you may have about your posting, or you can simply post your story below on this page. I don't prefer this way since it can get messy and takes up lots of room, but if you do, look to the second rule.
2: If you chose the third method of posting, please space at least four lines below the story before it. Also, the title must be larger than the text.
3: The story must be grammatically correct and have good spelling. One or two typos are exceptible but not too many.
Example of bad spelling/grammar: the dawg caim up and bit anewbises back ind
Example of typo: The dog camr up and bit Anubis's back end.
4: No story-stealing! It's a good way to get someone ticked off!


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2005-03-30 [Mohazy]: thanks for the wiki

2005-06-11 [Justineer]: No prob! ^_^ It was my pleasure

2005-06-11 [Justineer]: I was gone for a while to discover an empty wiki! I better start advertising.

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