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Taught by: [Maeve104]

In these pages I will try and share my knowledge of swordplay. Swords come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but the principles of attack and defence are the same.

Apart from being interesting, I hope these pages will add to peoples' vocab for role-play. Why say "...he swiped with this sword..." when you can say "...having parried the orc's thrust, he made his disengaged riposte to his attacker's carte"?


The Salle

"Salle" is the generic name for a room or hall used for teaching fencing.  Think of it as the classroom.  A modern-day salle could be anything from a gymnasium with monkey-bars, to an oak-panneled lounge with candles and a side-board.

For a more advanced look at fencing visit The Art Of True Defence.

Recent Updates:
Lesson One is completed and ready for review and discussion!
Lesson Two is completed and ready for review and discussion!
Lesson Three is completed and ready for review and discussion!


Fencing Glossary of Terms

Work in progress: Fencing Vocabulary

For everyone who might be wondering what a "balestra" is.


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2003-04-04 [Naruko]: kwel~~i need more vocab in the empty space up there

2003-04-05 [Angel Dreamer]: he made his what to his attacker's what?

2003-04-05 [darkscribe]: ha ha, thats why you should that the class.  "...he blocked the orc's blade, then stabbed back, twisting his point underneath the orc's block and hitting him in his right flank"

2003-04-05 [Naruko]: whooa...heh the prob is tha tnot every1's gonna understand it

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