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By [Veltzeh].

Femehans are aliens from a planet called Kyerrion and from a story called Tales from Kyerrion. Like all humanoids on the planet, they have four fingers. They tend to prefer living in relatively warm areas and leaf-tree forests.

Note on spelling: the femehan sexes end with -kod. I used to write it with a c but then I figured that it's silly to keep two letters whose pronunciation is the same, so I dropped c.

Now with formatting.


Femehans have twelve sexes. The reason for this is that when I was approximately twelve, I felt very frustrated at the human sex/gender system (I also didn't know the difference between sex and gender back then) and therefore took it to an extreme. There, twelve sexes. It's still only just as silly as a two-sex system.
Later, when I was older, I decided to keep it this way, though I redesigned the sexes and anatomy slightly. It is a neat quirk, or at least I think so. However, if you expect this to be a totally novel sex system, I'm afraid I have to disappoint. This is still at its simplest an impregnate-and-carry sex system.

The sexes have five functions:
1) producing egg cells
2) carrying offspring
3) transferring zygotes
4) producing sperm cells
5) feeding offspring

Here is a table of the sexes:
wakodYY Y
wagekodYYY M
gekodYY Y
niwakodY YYM
genikodY Y Y
annikodY Y
nigekod YY
nikod Y
anwakod Y M

More textual information about femehans is included in the introductory chapter of TFK: <URI:_THOH-TFK1.html>.

Stats and stuff

Because I can.

Maximum is 4, minimum 1. These aren't any absolute values here, but just a relative chart of how things usually end up. It's rare, but the world's strongest femehan could be a gekod. Physical abilities do depend on size, but everything else is mostly a matter of training. Mental abilities are a complete stereotypization and may well be the exact opposite.

STR: Muscle strength
AGI: Body agility
END: Physical stress endurance
LOG: Logic
COM: Common sense
INT: Mental integrity and composure
MAT: Maturity
CHA: Force of personality
MAN: Manipulative
DIS: Prone to mental disorders

Height is in centimeters, weight in kilograms.
Sexcomplexionhair typehair colorHsHtWsWt
geniwakoddark brownwavygreen17021064103
wakodbluish dark graystraightgray1601905275
wagekodgrayish dark bluecurlygreen1501804669
gewakoddark bluestraightgreen1702006195
niwakoddark graywavyyellowish1701906278
genikoddark brownstraightyellowish1701905974
annikoddark graystraightgreen1501804668
nigekodgrayish dark brownwavyyellowish1602005594
nikoddark browncurlygreen17021065105
anwakoddark graycurlygray1601805570
ankodgray to light graystraightcyan1501704356

Reproductive anatomy

Below are diagrams of the different femehans sexes' internal reproductive organs. There are only nine diagrams because there are three pairs of sexes where the basic anatomical difference is only the presence or lack of breasts.
<img300*0:stuff/z/57/femehans/2007122101_TFK_sexes_geniwacod.png> <img300*0:stuff/z/57/femehans/2007122101_TFK_sexes_wacod.png> <img300*0:stuff/z/57/femehans/2007122101_TFK_sexes_wagecod.png> <img300*0:stuff/z/57/femehans/2007122101_TFK_sexes_gecodgewacod.png> <img300*0:stuff/z/57/femehans/2007122101_TFK_sexes_niwacod.png> <img300*0:stuff/z/57/femehans/2007122101_TFK_sexes_genicodannicod.png> <img300*0:stuff/z/57/femehans/2007122101_TFK_sexes_nigecodnicod.png> <img300*0:stuff/z/57/femehans/2007122101_TFK_sexes_anwacod.png> <img300*0:stuff/z/57/femehans/2007122101_TFK_sexes_ancod.png>

Have a comic: Femehan creation myth.

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2008-03-07 Skunch: that's damn cool

2009-12-07 [Veltzeh]: Hey, there's someone other than me watching this page! :o
And now a third one too!

2009-12-16 [Yncke]: Well yes. I've marked it to read it in more detail when I have time. I think everyone who has designed species has contemplated doing something with the number of genders, but you're the only one I know who has designed such a diverse system.

2009-12-16 [Veltzeh]: Yay. :) I think the next species I'll make up will need three different kinds of genetic material to reproduce. Or maybe even four.

2009-12-16 [Yncke]: Sounds ambitious. :)

2009-12-16 [Veltzeh]: And needlessly complicated... but why not! Heh X)

2009-12-16 [Yncke]: Why not indeed. :)

2011-03-17 ammon17: I am content with just three sexes: Male, Female, and Futa. Futas would produce two small eggs from their gonads monthly, and ejaculate them into the females, and then the males could choose to fertilize the inseminated female and create babies.

For more details and a written scene of it happening, refer to the epilogue of my popular story here>

(I have not yet finished the epilogue, so you may have to wait a week or so.)

2011-03-17 [Veltzeh]: I'm honestly content with one sex. :D

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