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Here on Featured Wiki we showcase interesting and unique pages to highlight and share them with the rest of the Elftown Community. The Featured Wiki Bosses will feature pages that they believe deserve more attention. Of course, we can't possibly know all of the great pages on Elftown, so check out wiki nominations to give us some suggestions - pages of all sorts are encouraged and welcome: artistic, funny, community-oriented, role-plays, etc.

To nominate a page, go to wiki nominations and add the page to the list.

To see previous featured wiki-pages, go to Featured Wiki Archives.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on this page or the Council page.


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2004-04-15 [Ocean Dreaming]: Hrm... so I'm mentioned here, but not on the nominations page :/ *ends up confused* (btb - message answer might be better than comment)

2004-04-15 [Aradon Templar]: How will the features be decided? I don't think a poll would be very good, because large wiki organizations (I've seen several already) may get lots of members to vote, which wont give new wiki's a chance to be displayed, and miss that chance...

2004-04-15 [*Nomadic Lover*]: how do you make wikis?

2004-04-15 [Aradon Templar]: See the section in the sidebar up there that says "Go"? Type the name of the wiki to make, and click go. Edit the page, and it's real.

2004-04-16 [Ocean Dreaming]: Assuming they're in the line of the Daily Art rules, the features are probably chosen in a similar fashion. ;)

2004-04-16 [Aradon Templar]: K, thanks.

2004-04-26 [HiddenFire]: so how is it going? this seems to have gone cold for a while.

2004-04-26 [All_Most PUNK]: We are working on it. It will be a monthly thing, surely, so we have to find a good system for it. You'll have news soon.

2004-04-26 [Aradon Templar]: It seems to have quieted down once it was taken down from mainstreet... Perhaps you guys might want to make a link from mainstreet here...

2004-04-26 [True, plain and simple]: Hm I'll link it later as a calander note.

2004-04-26 [mywolfalways]: If people link to it from their houses or their wikis it'll get more attention.

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