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Archive Index

Featured Wiki 2004
Featured Wiki 2005
Featured Wiki 2006
Featured Wiki 2007
Featured Wiki 2008
Featured Wiki 2009
Featured Wiki 2010

Featured Wiki 2011:

January 12 - 18th Be My Valentine <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=54>
March 21st - 29th Ponies! <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=55>
March 30th - April 5th The Little Page of Happiness <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=56>
April 6th - 12th Photography 365 <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=57>
April 13th - 19th Before I Join the Choir Invisible <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=58>
April 20th - 26th Commission Me!!! <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=59>
April 27th - May 3rd Dragons Club <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=60>
May 11th - May 17th You might be a Redneck Jedi if <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=61>
May 18th - 24th K's Fantastical Fantaseries <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=62>
May 25th - 31st Munny <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=63>
June 1st - 7th Craft Exchange <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=64>
June 8th - 14th And The Point Is? <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=65>
June 15th - 21st What do you like? <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=66>
June 22nd - 28th Awareness Ribbons <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=67>
June 29th - July 5th C.U.R.E. <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=68>
July 6th - July 12th  School for Beginning Roleplayers <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=69>
July 13th - July 19th Chess Tournament <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=70>
July 20th - July 26th SHU <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=71>
August 3rd - August 9th cup of doom <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=72>
August 17th - August 23rd The Antagonist Project <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=73>
August 24th - August 30th Project Fractal 365 <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=74>
August 31st - September 6th I <3 Rubber Duckies <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=75>
September 21st - September 27th Kreaturen Project 2011 <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=76>
November 2nd - November 8th The Elftown Proofreading Service <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=77>

Featured Wiki 2012:

February 15th - February 21st Project Design Portraits <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=78>
June 16th - June 22nd The Elftown Meme Page <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=79>

Featured Wiki 2013

July 25th - August 2nd Things Animals Say <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=80>
August 3rd - 9th Art Wikis of Elftown <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=81>
August 10th Aeo's ET Adoptables <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=82>

Featured Wiki 2014

July 16th - July 23 The American Civil War <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=83>
July 23 - August 6 Winter of Wolves <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=84>
August 6 - September 28 Role Playing for Dummies <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=85>
September 28 Nik Art <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=86>

Featured Wiki 2015

February 7 X-Men RP <URL:featured_wiki-pages.html?nrs=87>


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2005-08-17 [Stephen]: - Wiki Awards MArch 2005  <---- Mistake

2005-08-17 [Yoruno]: Fixed ^_^

2005-11-05 [NightTheOwl]: umm.. so how do you submit your wikis for another month?

2005-11-07 [Yoruno]: Go to Wiki nominations ^_^

2008-11-12 [All_Most PUNK]: We could probably delete the dates that had no feature.

2008-11-12 [SilverFire]: Nooo! the fact that we list them makes me feel bad if we forget to feature, because it looks bad here. :P

2008-11-12 [All_Most PUNK]: So, your conscience only works when other people can point their finger and complain?

2008-11-12 [SilverFire]: Pretty much. <.<

2008-11-12 [All_Most PUNK]: Interesting to know :P

2008-12-31 [Ramirez]: Should this last entry be moved to a 2009 Archive?

2009-01-01 [All_Most PUNK]: Updated.

2011-06-22 [Rice]: I've just realised there was no archive for the last feature? (66) o.o

2011-07-16 [SilverFire]: Any better, iippo? (if it's a little too wide, I can probably make it fractionally thinner)

2013-08-10 [Lord Josmar]: Are the wiki names for 2013 way to the right for anyone else? When I preview them in the edit screen, they show up alright. However, once I push submit, they distance themselves. Also, I cant get rid of the "Missing </b>" thing even though there is one there.

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