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2007-03-15 03:11:20
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Welcome to Fashion freaks

    This is a wiki where you can discuss trends,clothing lines,designers and all that dont have to be uber educated in this category to join.I personally dont care if you use profanity or insult ne1 except me and [Sleeping Dictionary],hehe.If you wanna be a member just add ureself to the members list!the password is diorcrazy.
this wiki belongs to [Ilivethelushlife]and[Sleeping Dictionary]!


IMPORTANT: you i repeat you do not have to be educated about fashion at all, you could join if you just wanted to talk about one of the pics we have posted you don't even have to have a reason just join its fun
-<3- [Sleeping Dictionary]

Note:Just in case u r wondering there is no certain type of fashion discussed here,this wiki is an open one indeed and if you like something don't be afraid to say it.Oh and sry if this wiki sux but its my first sooooo....

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If you want to join just add yourself to the list. THE PASSWORD IS: diorcrazy

1.[Ilivethelushlife]completely and utterly obsessed with fashion.
2.[Sleeping Dictionary] I LOVE FASHION and i would have to thank [Ilivethelushlife] for helping me realize just how much i do love fashion...;-D
3.[Itsme2] Versace, Dior, they all rock.
4.[Little Red Riding Hoodrat] Fuck Express, it's too cheap (quality-wise)... I'm workign for ... Check it out!!!
5. [Sersia04] Sass and Bide, Versace, Dior, Sabe, Charlier Brown and MORRISSEY!!!Luv em all!
6.[The Sylvan Sorcerer] Modelling rocks.
7. [angrybuddhas.] Designer apprentice
8.[x-xVanityx-x] I love fashion and everything to do with it. Vivienne Westwood is so cool!
10. [j-ho]
11. [Flutterbi] and who says tape isn't fashion??? X_X
12. [Venus 53] baah... a fashion wiki!!!
13. [0 0 0 0] oh thankgod! somepeepl who care about fashion!!
14. [laughingCity] Yay!
15. [IzzyKSK] Fashion is everything, it makes us us, and lets
us be ourselfes... And I want to become a designer..XD
16. [xPuerilex] ::dreams about becoming a fashion designer::
17. [sexii_leslie]
18. [Dead Ballernia] i have a dream of designing for heavier people

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fashionlinksheres some cool links if ure interested.


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2005-03-10 [The Sylvan Sorcerer]: Sorry I am taking so long to find them :S I will try sometime this week

2005-03-14 [Sleeping Dictionary]: ok....i was wondering if you were still alive it was takin so long but yea whenever you can

2005-03-14 [The Sylvan Sorcerer]: haha I will send them to u now :P

2005-03-19 [Sleeping Dictionary]: i finally put them up. i didn't put all of them up tho as there were a lot of them but i got quite a few up there thanx bunches for the pics

2005-03-20 [The Sylvan Sorcerer]: Yeh u chose some of the best :D I love Eva Herzigova in that light blue suit...she looks so classy....and shaun dewet and damien van zyl are both uber hot ;)

2005-03-20 [Ilivethelushlife]: so im leaving this elftown place.ive decided its can have my wikis if youd like ash.

2005-03-21 [The Sylvan Sorcerer]: actually zak isnt so wrong...this place is becoming lame...the wikis r cool but too many little kids messing up the place...dunno if ill stay either

2005-04-09 [Sleeping Dictionary]: yea me too. i like visit this site every week or 2. but i guess i have zack;s wikis now. its not gonna make me want to visit this site any more than i do

2005-04-29 [IzzyKSK]: I absolutely adore fashion, and i would like to join this wiki. Can I just add myself to the list, or do I have to ask somebody?

2005-04-29 [The Sylvan Sorcerer]: U can add urself :) Password is diorcrazy

2005-05-01 [IzzyKSK]: Okay^^

2005-05-01 [IzzyKSK]: I made abanner for this wiki, that's okay right?

2005-05-01 [Sleeping Dictionary]: ofcourse its ok

2005-06-19 [LiLMissTiny]: can i join plz?

2005-06-19 [*~*Glitter Fairy*~*]: can i join????

2005-06-20 [IzzyKSK]: Sure, just add your name to the list THE PASSWORD IS: diorcrazy

2005-07-06 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: all this talk of Dior is making me hott...

2005-07-06 [LiLMissTiny]: thanx

2005-07-06 [LiLMissTiny]: hi everyone fashion is so important who agrees????

2005-07-07 [Little Red Riding Hoodrat]: <----IS IN LOVE WITH HEATHERETTES...ummm... all of us do. that's why we joined.

2005-07-12 [LiLMissTiny]: i no iwas just askin cuz i said its imp some might say they joined for adif reason

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