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Fantasy Fighter Arena

Welcome to the free for all arena. The huge Stadium sits in the middle of a large meadow open to any competitors. This arena is open to any level. Have fun.

Steelheart sat in the Stand awaiting the challengers. The day was so bright and sunny, a great day for a battle.

Goma walked into the stadium a smile plastered on his face his large axe slung over his shoulder "you up for a fight??"

"It wouldnt do me any good, im a level two...and a judge." He gazed around the deserted areana. "But if no one shows up then yeah ill take you on."

"well I just want a fight weather I win or lose its the fight that counts..." Goma said knowing he could only get more powerfull

"Thats not what i ment...i didnt mean id beat you, i was saying that it wouldnt level me up." Steelheart shrugged.

Goma smiled widely "who's to say I was assuming you'd win?" Goma chimed

"Touche, but i personally invited mousukia, if he ever shows up, to fight you." Steelheart acknowledged the boys quick and witty reamraks.

"Mousukai eh?" Goma stated while scratching his chin "then we wait?" he said as he sat down next to Steelheart

"In all the time I've know you I've never pegged you to be the one to choose fights based on if you can level up or not Steelheart." Hiuko said walking into the arena with his bangs covering his eyes. His cat poked her head out of his rucksack and hoped on to his shoulder to see who was there. "The name's Hiuko, and I'm up for a fight." He said as he took off his rucksack and placed it near Steelheart. Bangs sat on the rucksack ready to watch a fight.

Goma stood up and smiled widely "I'm Goma!" he exclaimed his Large golden axe still slung over his shoulder "come at me!"

Hiuko jumped down from the stands and into the arena. "So would you like to start the fight or would you wish me to." He said as he started noticing the slight hidden changes around him.

"First strike is yours.." Goma said as his eyes began to spiral into a flower like shape

Hiuko seemed to not care about the Goma's strange eyes. "Well if I must." Hiuko said as he started walking towards Goma. "Here I come." He said as he started to run towards Goma at the pace of a regular human. He thought he was start with a simple but very controlled open palm punch to the stomach.

"Actually huiko i was just using a lame excuse so i could sit a fight out and judge it." Steelheart managed a laugh. "Now ready? Fight!"

Goma smirked and dodged to the side and swung a kick at his head while using his axe as leverage so he didn't fall.

It starts Hiuko thought before tilting his head and arching his back slightly to dodge the leg. Then he fluidly moved his whole body underneath the kick and aimed a swift kick at the back of Goma's knee.

Goma pulled his other leg up and used it to push off of Hiuko's leg pulling his axe out as he flipped away "nice try" he stated as he took on a defensive stance the second he landed

Hiuko was in his own unique counter-stance instinctively the instant his attack missed. "No need to say that about a complete miss, although the fight is just warming up so there will plenty of time for words of such when it becomes true later. So, shall I start our next little row" His counter-stance was strange to any who saw it, his legs were spread apart the right length for stability and his knee's were bent, for jumping, but instead of his body forward and arms at guard his body was sideways and his left arm was infront of him streched out although bent a little at the elbow while the right was tucked in ready was a quick jab near his heart, this also helped in defending heart targeted attack quickly. His palms were also open instead of closed like most would expect and his whole body was relaxed indicating that he'd been in many fights already and this stance had served well so far. His bangs were still covering his eyes from view just to hold the secret as long as he could.

Goma thats a major evasion stance, multi or single direction attacks aint gonna work. Hes gonna hafta out think hiuko. Steelheart grinned. This is gonna be fun.

Goma smiled and dashed forward pulling his axe back into a ready position while as he clenched something in his fist "Odd stance but its no use..." Goma said as he swung his axe downwards and threw a volley of small pellet like objects

Hiuko jumped to his right dodging the ax and the pellet things easily. "It may be odd but I'm still alive aren't I?" He said with a smile underneath his shaded eyes.

Goma laughed "I'm right where I want to be" he said as he stopped and dropped his axes stance and stood with a lax posture.

Hiuko yawned and asked with his usual lackadaisical countenance, "and that would be?" He noted everything that was happening around him, especially the stuff he couldn't see he was well aware of.

Goma answered simply and blandly "right where I am at of course.."

"As I see." Hiuko said. "So are we to continue this riveting intelectual banter or did you want me to attack next prehaps?"

"thats the idea blow for blow..." Goma said as he clenched his fist, a smile creeping onto his face

"So I see we will be taking turns. So this match may last a while" Hiuko said holding back a smile. He sighed and threw a quick open handed punch at Goma, although it was still very controlled.

Goma leaned back and snapped his fingers. suddenly the 'pellets' burst open into vines which ensnared Hiuko. Goma used this opening to punch at his gut

That's it? Hiuko thought as he backflipped while his punch was still going. He was very flexible and he had trained himself to dodge an attack even while attack. So he instinctively backflipped when the vines burst out and thus he dodged the vines and the punch. He looked at his outstretched hand that he was trying the punch with. "I thing I missed." He said with a smile.

Goma laughed and wrapped the vines around himself he dashed forward once more leaving his axe behind "don't underestimate me!" he said with his devilish smile as he swung a punch at him once more once he was at close range

Vine armor... a bit overused but never the less I have no fire so... Hiuko fell on his back when the Goma started the punch and quickly pushed off his back with his feet aimed at Goma's chest.

The vines around Goma's body partially unraveled and flailed at Hiuko's legs grabbing him whipping at him with great strength hoping to do some good damage.

Hiuko legs have had many things done to them. He's had them kick steel so hard it broke, he took down a giant golem with his legs and he has even had his legs difigured from an explosion (just ask Steelheart) so a couple of vines wouldn't be too much to handle so Hiuko's legs kept their course right for Goma's chest.

Goma's Plant fiber cloak twisted around him and hardened into a steel like bark that blocked the slowed kick. Goma quickly slung a vine at Hiuko's face making thorns sprout from it

Not what I had in mind but it works Hiuko though as he rolled over and used his foot to pull himself up and to keep himself upright he locked his other foot around his bark covered opponent. Then with all his might hepulled with his feet upward as he bent backwards so that he could use he feet to flip his enemy over and smash him into the ground.

Goma flipped as Hiuko planned but caught himself and pushed himself back into a ready stance "interesting move.." Goma said as he grabbed a small seed from his pocket.

"I try to keep my fights entertaining." He said thinking about the things he's seen. "My you certainly go through a lot of plant related... abilities very quickly, and to think I haven't even revealed one of my secrets yet. You haven't even seen my eyes yet and your just dealing your abilities out like its nothing. I take it you don't examine your opponent a bit in the beginning of the match." Hiuko said as he kept his senses tuned in all around him, even underground. He did wonder about the seed though... another ability prehaps.

"by saying that you'd be wrong...I'm examining you far more than you would think..." Goma said still grasping the seed "don't think I'll run out of tricks anytime soon..."

Steelheart formed a Katana from his chain. He casuall waived it around. "Huiko you want this to fight off the armor?"

Bangs used her paw to knock it out of Steelheart's hands and thought to him, "Baka, and you've known us how long?" Hiuko being linked to her heard the telepathic message to Steelheart and said, "She's got a point. I used only one weapon and that was a long time ago. Although thank you for the offer" Hiuko turned back to the fight. "So you've been examining me as well. So besides flexibility and not wanting to start to attacks anything else you picked up on that I may have hinted at so subtly that even I didn't notice. I mean what you have is out in the open in what you've done but could you help me see what I've revealed?" Hiuko asked keeping his counter-stance.

"yeah i always wonered whet happened to that sword...and IF YOU SWAT ME AGAIN ILL BE HAVING KOREAN SHISH-CAT-BOB!" Steelheart blasted at Bangs.

What your tongue boy or I'll claw it out" Bangs yelled metally with a hiss on the outside.

Goma smirked "well if I told you that than this wouldn't be very fun." Goma said as he swung his fist at Huikos chest.

Hiuko deflected the blow by smacking the hand away in a direction that would make attacking with to other hand harder. "I suppose." He said.

Goma smiled and dropped the seed underneath him "ever been punched by a tree??" Goma said as the seed Quickly sprouted into a giant tree directly underneath him.

Hiuko did a sort of hop and actually rode the tree a it quickly grew and when it was done he jumped off and landed right by it. "As a matter of fact I have." Then after he said that he jumped away from the tree and Goma just in case.

Goma pushed his foot onto the tree and smiled "TIMBER!!!" and kicks the tree down towards Hiuko

Hiuko sideways a distance and said, "Wow" with clear dissapointment and boredom. "Is the tree going to do more prehaps or are you going to come at me, or is it my turn? It seems I've forgotten, my bad."

Goma frowned "bored are you???" Goma asked a look of discontent on his face

"Unless something happens then I'm going to stay quite bored." He said with a hidden smile as he felt everything around him shifting and getting prepared for an attack.. when though was the key.

Goma clenched his fist and walked towards Hiuko

Hiuko got into a seemingly laid back position. A position he'd been working on for a while. He was ready if Goma attacked... with anything and everything.

Goma's eyes lost their gleam for a moment he seamed to of changed slightly his motions less fluid and more cold and precise.

Hiuko acted like he was checking his nails for dirt while he waited for Goma to attack. "Change how you look how you act or how you fight but I won't matter at all to me. I only take notice when you attack." Hiuko said as he waited patiently.

"ya know your realy getting on my nerves...." Goma said pulling a strange looking seed from a small pouch to his side "Onitane..." he muttered as he devored it his eyes widening slightly soon after

Hiuko yawned and sat down. "When you decide to start fighting again please tell me." He said facing the clouds. ... This is so boring, I thought he wanted to fight not eat some seeds and talk. Hiuko thought as he waited for Goma.

Goma began to shake slightly as slits in his body began to open and plants began to sprout from them Vines wraped around his arms,a pearly bark created a chestplate, Large thorns sprouted from his back. His legs were also covered in vines. Goma cracked his neck and Dashed at Huiko with greater speed than before aiming a punch at his stomach.

Hiuko let out one more yawn and when Goma dashed Hiuko instantly backsomersaulted in mid yawn and bounced to his feet instead of keep sitting. Good, good He thought in his counter-stance.

Goma clenched his teeth and increased his speed once more his hands grew thorn like claws his eyes began to glow as he began to become faster and faster "Raaaaaah!!!" he belted out as his fist flew forward once more.

"More speed, more momentum, harder to stop or turn. Aren't physics fun." Hiuko said before sidestepping and aiming a well placed kick to Goma's stomach. He kept himself very controlled for now so he could play defensively.

Goma Dropped down sliding on his knees catching the kick with his hands "too slow" he said as he pulled at his leg as he slid by.

That's new Hiuko thought before his foot got caught. Hiuko was pulled along with his leg but he made sure not to injure his head or torso by putting his hand down to the ground and keep him up while he was pulled.

Goma slid to a stop quickly standing and pulling at Hiuko's leg to swing him around by it.

Hiuko punched into the ground with both fists and stopped hismelf from being flung around. He hoped the sudden stop would jerk his leg loose. If not he had aimed a kick at Goma's at the same time with his other leg.

Goma held as tightly as possible digging his nails into his leg the kick made contact with his face Goma was taken aback slightly but quickly grabbed Hiuko's other leg with his free arm.

Hiuko smiled at the response and once Goma grabbed the other leg he instantly started to lift his leg up along with Goma which should pull Goma backwards before he can pull both of his legs.

Goma dislocated both of his shoulders turning his joint around  creating a sort of flipping motion landing himself on top of Hiuko's back.

Hiuko felt Goma flipping so before Goma landed on Hiuko's back Hiuko let his hand slip out of the ground and he flung around so his body as upright and right on top of Goma.

Goma spun around swinging his noodle like arms into Hiuko like whips.

Hiuko knocked away Goma's arms and jumped off of Goma pushing him towards the ground and Hiuko landed a couple feet away. "That was akward to say the least." He said with a smile.

Goma shook his head "I'm exausted..." he muttered as his hair faded to silvery gray.

Hiuko didn't notice the hair color change. He just smile and asked, "What pushing yourself too hard?" He smiled and said kindly. "Take a break if you wish, it will help us both. I too am exhausted a bit but my blood is the blood of people made for combat. I have much stamina to exhaust although I do wish to rest whenever possible." He waited for Goma to sit first if they were going to rest, if he wasn't going to rest though Hiukowanted to be sure to be ready and on his feet.

Goma laughed slightly "you mind helping me relocate my shoulders??" he said as he looked down at his limp arms

"I could but I'm sure my friend would do a much better job of it." He said before his small white and brown kitten jumped out of the stands and landed in front of Goma. She went to one side of his body and jumped up ramming into it so hard that it not only relocated his shoulder also lifted Goma off his feet a bit. "Ready for the other." She said telepathically to Goma sitting in front of him patiently.

Goma nodded a bit and smiled at the cat

Bangs did the same thing to the other arm and simply jumped up to where she was sitting and yawned before she got settled to watch more of the match.

"So are you ready to fight again or do you need to go through some photosynthesis first?" Hiuko asked with a hint of mocking in his voice.

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