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Fantasy Fighter Cathedral

A Renasance Cathedral lay in ruins attop an old hill overlooking a graveyard. Its four stories and ancient organ set an eairy mood. Ashatterd mosiac lay on the floor a mockery of its once splended beauty.

Weird place Steelheart thought staring out the broken mosiac window.

Hiuko walks in and then looks at Steelheart. "Hey long time no see. Hows the view from that window?" he says as he steps on the glass of the mosiac that doesn't penetrate his bare feet.

"it overlooks a dark cemetary....gothic kinda." Steelheart joked.

"Sounds spooky. Any vampires, ghouls, apperitions in there? Those things can be such pains when you're fighting and they get hungery, they usually know where the nearest person is." Hiuko said taking a seat in a dusty pew. "So Steelheart, you wanna fight with me again. We never have finished any of our matches." He said leaning is head back to look at Steelheart with his blind eyes that never miss a thing.

"im not sure....i dont have a problem with ties though." Steelheart laughed.

"Neither do I but it's not that they were ties, we just kind of stopped in the middle of a battle for one reason or another." Hiuko said as he looked around the dusty old cathedral. "Dang, how old is this place?" He said to himself.

"Why do yu want to know the age of a arena? it dont help ya anyway." Sayd Neji.

Musoskai walks in, bow humbling towards the mosaic and start walking towards the people. "What a lovely place, I must say."

"Yes I'd agree." Hiuko says now lounging on a railing on the second level overlook for the cathedral. "So what bring you here my friend?" He says looking at the alter.

Musoskai grins, slowly walking in further. "I'm looking for a good duel; yourself?"

"Waiting for one." He says plainly, "no one here wants to duel so I'm waiting for someone that does. So since you are willing to fight would you like to start it off?" He says looking down at Musoskai his eyes covered by his silver bangs.

Musoskai smirks and nods his head. He suddenly starts dashing towards the railing, and leaps high into the air; leaving his sakabatou in his sheath, preparing to move.

Hiuko turned his head casually and jumps back a bit from where Musoskai. "Not giving me much of an attack there." He says following Musoskai as he goes through the air.

Musoskai whispers in his ear, "Who are you talking too?" slowly the illusion of Musoskai jumping in the air fades into the wind. The actual Musoskai kneels down, unsheathing his sakabatou and attempting to strikes his legs.

"You of couse." Hiuko says jumpin backwards unto the wall and bouncing off it to behind Musoskai. "Who would I be talking to?" He says wheeling around to try to kick Musoskai in the face from his kneeling position.

Musoskai kneels forward, rolling out of harm's way and attempts to bash the swinging leg of his.

Musoskai quickly turns to his right, sheathing his sakabatou back tightly. "I heard you counter a lot, my grandfather warned me about this."

Hiuko gets into his counter position. "Well he was right. So did he warn you about blind fighters or did I actually fight him?" Hiuko says keeping his senses tuned.

Quickly getting into offensive stance, preparing to attack. "You have fought my grandfather; Shang Shogun..."

"Ah Shang. He's a good fighter, very skilled and has the ferosity of a bear, even without the spirits." Hiuko sensed every single movement Musoskai made no matter how minuscule and even the whole cathedral was under constant watch too from all the rodents scurrying about and bugs flying around.

" are able to see the vibrations in objects, aren't you" *Musoskai using his ability to tell what his special power is. He charges towards Huiko at full force, preparing to vertically strike him at his waist*

"Oh and so much more my friend." He said before Musoskai attacked. He sidestepped the strike because he could feel the vibrations mde by the muscle movements. After he dodged he tried to kick Musoskai in the stomach with a side kick when the strike still had too much momentum to change direction.

Musoskai blocks, using his iron sheath, letting his foot hit the hard metal. Quickly pulling out his sakabatou once again to bash the leg keeping Huiko balanced.

Hiuko shiftes his foot on the sheathe and keeps pushing and lifts up off the ground and keeps the other leg outstreched so Musoskai's sakabatou missed and the leg he missed was coming towards Musoskai's head.

Musoskai quickly shifts his sakabatou to block the leg coming towards his head with the sharp edge.

Hiuko twists his body in mid-air and quick enough to use his other leg to kick Musoskai's sakabatou and push off away from him with just a bit of his leg getting nicked.

Musoskai rolls back, looking directly at Huiko, watching his every movement perfectly.

Hiuko stares directly into Mososkai's eyes with his blind eyes, the sight enough to make normal people have a shiver down their spine. He got into his counter-stance now completely aware of his surrounding more-so than before. "Well, you're pretty fast. Well lets see if you can keep it up aye." Hiuko said as he jumped from the railing to the wall and back again going towards Mososkai at a blurring speed but making the repetativness so simple that it could be entrancing.

Musoskai keeps direct eye-contact with his extremely fast opponent. He quickly dashes, easily leaping over this moving opponent and ending up behind. He slides his thumb against the back of his sakabatou, drawing some blood. "Junji, I need your assistance." Musoskai stabs his sword into the ground; suddenly the dragon head ontop of the hilt becomes alive. The mouth slowly opens, releasing the legendary green dragon spirit. The spirit zips around and enters into the middle of Musoskai's back. His skin starts turning green and sprouting scales. A whip-thin tail bursts out and his wings slowly emerges from his back, spreading 12 feet in length. His nails and teeth are replaced by fangs and claws. His sword mystically transform into a metal boa-staff. He looks Huiko, grinning with his new snout. "Lets the party begin."

Hiuko you want me to... Bangs began but Hiuko quickly cut off her thoughts with his. Not yet. I'm not even sure if this form is even tough enough for that. Besides you no I don't like that. Remember the last resort rule? Bangs was a bit desperate but accepted. Fine, but you'll tell me to eventually. Hiuko shook his head a bit and looked Mososkais new form eye to blind eye. "Oh yes let it begin. After you I insist." He said his senses getting sharper than usual ready for any fast movement. Mososkai was light footed but that won't stop Hiuko from following him.

Musoskai grins, allowing Junji to speak through for him. "Lets see if you handle what I got." Quickly spinning his boa-staff rapidly, developing a wind vortex, trying to pull Huiko towards him.

"It'll take more than a bit of wind to beat me." Hiuko says bracing himself against the wind. With his hand ready to grab on the the railing just in case.

Melding from the shadows beside Steelheart, Shadowstalker watches the two combatants duel. "They seem closely matched, but I haven't seen them fight often, so I have to wait and see." Truning to Steelheart, she asked, "What do you think?"

Increasing the spinning of the boa-staff, doubling the wind-vortex suction power. Trying to pull Huiko towards him into the spinning metal object.

Hiuko put his arm outstretched and straightened his stance while holding on to the railing. This increased his wind resistance but he was struggling a bit to stay firmly in place. his bangs getting moved by the wind revealed his blind grey eyes.

Increase the vortex even more, lifting up the the rows of brenches behind Huiko, trying to take him out in the process.

Hiuko jups behind a bench and kicks the side so it gets stuck in between the wall and the railing and kick it down so it it is out of the way of the other benches then ducks down behindand braces himself while using that at a wind shield.

Musoskai grins and stops the vortex completely. He swings his spinning boa-staff the side to creating a saw-blade effect. Suddenly shooting air slashs; ability to cut through most metals and woods. Hoping to damage Huiko some way.

The first slices the wood right near Hiuko head and he tenses a bit but rolls to his left and keeps going with the slashes going through the bench and finally he reaches the railing and grabs it. Then he swings down to the first floor and goes right under where Mososkai would be hoping he'd slash the floor beneath his to lost the suppor and fall through.

Using his increased speed ability, he flaps his wings fast and hovers above the ground, floating above the hole. He shoots strong gusts of air towards Huiko.

He can fly now too Hiuko thought as he jumped back from the stone that broke from the gusts of wind. "Wind may be harder to detect but I can still dodge it just as fast." Hiuko said looking at Mososkai from the bottom level.

Musoskai swoops down to Huiko levels and begins hand-to-hand combat. He latches his boa-staff on his back and starts punching and jabbing at Huiko with his lightning fast reflexes.

Hiuko easily blocks and dodges Mososkai's attacks and tries to get some in too. Even though Mososkai was fast Hiuko could sense the attack the instant it started.

Musoskai easily blocks and deflects his punches. He gets down low and attempts to leg sweep this with his tail.

Hiuko reacts instantly and jumps over and delivers a kick downward towards Mososkai's head.

Thinking his opponent would try something like that, Musoskai was prepared. He crouches down and suddenly leaps up, grabbing downward leg, attempting to lift him high into the air.

Hiuko's leg is grabbed but he twists his body instamatically to deliver a kick to Mososkais head with his other foot.

The pleasure of having a third limb do come in handy sometimes. Musoskai's tail instantly grabs his other foot, tightening very fast. His wings flap harder, lifting him into the air higher and higher.

Hiuko untwists his body a bit and is upside down trying to punch Mososkai in the gut. "Bangs get ready" He thought to Bangs.

Musoskai starts heading higher and higher into thinner air. He gets high enough and does a front-flip; causing his opponent to rocket towards the surface at tremendous force.

Hiuko was used to falling and positioned himself so that when Bangs came in her demon cat form he easly grabbed on and she took him out of the decent. Hiuko just use it already. Bangs pleaded telepathically. "Fine Bangs." Hiuko responded out loud. He put his right hand on a precise point on Bangs back and only a bit of Bangs soul was trensfered into Hiuko. Bang flew down to the ground at the same time and turned into regular cat when Hiuko was done. He eyes were closed now but his face was pointing at Musoskai. "Hey, I've got a present for you down here."

Musoskai flaps his wings, keeping him hovering above his opponent. He aims his hollowed out boa staff and starts blowing out extremely compressed air towards Huiko.

Small black dragon scale hard hair appeared where the compressed air hit and acted as armor. He got this from Bangs she gave him her soul, at least the demon part anyway. Although the hairs were too small for Musoskai to see while hovering above him. Hiuko also got a couple more tricks now from Bangs soul although Musoskai would have to come at him with an attack to find out what they are. "Come on, if you want to win you'll have to do more than blow air."

Musoskai zips on down towards the ground in the blink of an eye. Starts spinning his boa staff, creating medium size gusts of wind towards Huiko while walking towards him. Every step closer causes the gusts to get stronger and stronger.

The fur shoots out of the bottom of his foot and dig into the ground and hold his perfectly in place. Hiuko opens his eyes which are now startlingly different. The soul for bangs changed his eyes to electric blue where the white should be and yellowe where the color should be. His eyes were also in the form of dragon eyes. Even though he could see now he still had his senses even better than before. He smiles wickedly saying, "Come on, I know you can do better."

Musoskai stops wasting his energy and laughs a little. "Always thinking defensive I see. I think I let you try something."

Hiuko looked at his hand and closed it into a fist and opens it a couple times saying. "I barely get to fight in this form this'll be interesting." He smiled thinking to himself, I wonder if I get another form of the demon inside Bangs in this form. Then without even a noticable start he was already running towards Musoskai although not at his fastest. If close enough he'd try a simple punch to the stomach.

Musoskai grins, eager to get into a epic fight. He flaps his wings hard, launching himself incredibly fast towards Huiko. Clinching his claws tightly, preparing his attack.

Hiuko turned around and leapt backwards at the same time so that he would be shooting at Musoskai upside down. The he leaned his head back and shot a kick to Mososkai's side with incredible force in mid-air.

Musoskai reacts extremely fast and blocks the hard kick, then attempts to grasp the leg with his claws.

Hiuko instictively pushes off the arms that blocked and put his hands above him so that he'd flip and keep his counter-stance a safe distance away from Musoskai.

Trying to close the space between themselves, he creats gusts of wind underneath this wings and dashes starts Hiuko with great speed. His boa-staff being held behind his back, preparing his attack.

Hiuko senses the staff and gets in a more defensive swtance and when close enough he'll try an open palm stike to Musoskai's chest.

Musoskai travels faster, developing some tremendous force behind his attack. He reaches fist range to Hiuko and attempts to strike with his left fist.

Hiuko deflects the strike with his left arm and pushes forward with an open palm strike with his left hand.

Using pure instinct; instantly whips up his long tail and wraps around his wrist, locking it in place.

Hiuko smiles a bit and with the hand that the tail is wrapped around he grabs the tail and with his other hand he throws an open palm strike. While he does this he also turns his body thus pulling Musoskai towards his oncoming strike.

Musoskai quickly parries the palm strike with his metal boa-staff. He flaps his wings hard, creating a gust of wind between them; seperating them both from each other. Musoskai zips through the air, attempting an airstrike.

When Musoskai was close enough to no be able to stop his attack Hiuko would fall back and kick up with his legs at Musoskai's chest.

Musoskai knew he mad a fatal mistake about his airstrike. His master that taught him about spiritual energy could also figure out a way to dodge or reverse his airstrike to benefit him. He takes the blow, sending him back a couple feet; flat on this back. Trying to regain all the air in his lungs, he looks at Huiko with his draconic eyes, glaring at him. Slowly stands himself up, catching his breath.

Hiuko jumps back up and starts to size up Musoskai again while he waits in his counter-stance.

Musoskai quickly starts charging again, trying to think of way to get the upper hand.

Hiuko would wait until Musoskai was close enough and then he would try a series of palm punches to Musoskai's chest.

Trying to figure out a way through his defense, but every idea was shoot down in his head. He uses vibrations to see everything; including his demon cat. How do I get rid of sight from the sightless? Still charging fourth, he leaps into the sky and attempts to axe kick his right shoulder, hoping for a connection.

Too easy, but Hiuko thought before spinning to his left and lifting his right leg to make a strong roundhouse kick to Musoskai's back.

Using his gigantic wings, flaps hard once to stop himself and turns to face his opponent. While in action of his attack, gives Musoskai a chance to perform a counter. He parries the leg left arm and tries to upper cut with his right towards his chin

Hiuko's next attack was a spin. When Musoskai parried the leg it was pushed to other way, Hiuko staying balanced on his one foot made him spin around and while spinning his left hand parried the uppercut. His right leg was now coming around right for Musoskai's, stomach.

After Huiko parried his uppercut, causing Musoskai to spin in the opposite direction. Using his left wing, deflecting his incoming leg and attempting to back slap his opponent with his other wing.

Hiuko was slapped but not very hard, so he slammed his foot down to stop his rotation and came back with a right hook to Musoskai's face instantly.

The hook connects and Musoskai's head flies back from the force. Using his tail while falling back, locks onto Huiko's waist to pull himself back up and attempting a headbutt his head with his own.

The headbutt connects and Hiuko takes a step back from the hit but he isn't dazed much so he tried to get a ripose hit with a kick to the chest as quickly as he could.

Musosksai blocks with his left arm, keeps the foot connected with his forearm and then he lifts his right hand to perform a short, but powerful gust of wind to create distance again towards his chest.

Hiuko gets blown a short distance but keeps his position of one leg in the air despite the fact that he should have been off balance. He rolls his neck and gets into a counter-stance once again, waiting to see what his opponent would do next.

Musoskai quickly darts left and right, using his ability to thin out the air around the two, making it hard to breathe for Huiko. I hope this does something.

For a minute Hiuko doesn't do a thing but stand and blink but then he calmly walks outside the doors and takes in a large breath of air. "It must be getting stuffy in there, I was having trouble breathing." He said walking back in.

As he charges towards Huiko, his hands are behinds his back; building up energy.

Hiuko can sense something strange about Musoskai's hands and having dealt with things like this before he can only assume that it is some sort of energy, not his strongest point but he always had his "eyes" to help him, currently on the second story balcony overlooking the fight. Hiuko got into a counter-stance waiting for Musoskai to make his attack.

Releashing several orbs of condense air towards Huiko from all directions, attempting to land a few strikes.

Hiuko noticed strange ripples across the ground and when they grew closer he moved away from them so the lower one's didn't hit but some of the higher ones' actually got thier way past him and hit him with some force but if anything he was pushed back only a foot. "Come on, using air to fight." Hiuko said with a smile as he thought, This might get more interesting.

Condenses the orbs even more, allowing his orbs to damage solid objects more, Musoskai launchs more and more hoping to distact Huiko long enough to reach his actual goal.

Hiuko focused his mind more and used both the way Musoskai moved along with the way his body faced to determine where the next orb would be. This way he dodged the orbs more easily, although a few did hit him in his arms or legs, nothing too hard though. Bangs, of course, was sitting in the rucksack with her head poked out watching the battle and waiting for something to do.

Finally collecting the right amount energy, starts sharping the air around his staff, starts to spin extremely fast, begins cutting benches in half like a buzzsaw, and starts running towards Huiko very fast, hoping to do some damage.

Hiuko notices the benches being broken and tries to dodge but is hit hard by the blast knocking him back and into a wall as well as giving him multiple small cuts and bruises. Hiuko gets up rubbing his head and said, "What, is that all?"

Starts thrusting spear toward's Huiko lower torse, attempting to do some damage. Musoskai keeps his tail at balance incase of counter attack.

He knew his opponent and he knew how to fight a spear, thus he was confused. He span around the spear attacks like a skilled acrobat but had to restrain himself from grabbing and grappling the spear, know his opponent he would somehow use the grapple to his advantage, just like most everything else. Instead Hiuko span around an attack and stepped in closer at the same time, hoping to land a blow while the spear was fully extended, before Musoskai could bring it back to block.

Drops his staff on the ground, hoping he would try to get closer. Musoskai grapples Huiko and locking arms to secure a firm grip. Cocking his head back, attempting to head-butt against Huiko's forehead.

Hiuko ducks he head before the headbutt hits him and pushes his head into Musoskai's chest and starts running forward to rush Musoskai into the wall behind him.

Reaction time for Musoskai was slow and his back smashes into the wall, leaving brusing along his back. Using this chance to grab Huiko's lower waist and pile-drive his head into the floor.

Since Musoskai would need to let go of Hiuko's hands to grab his waist Hiuko was able to lessen the impact if only a little. He grunted in pain gritting his teeth but he was able to still counter by trying to kick Musoskai's throat.

Musoskai's tail quickly deflected the kick to his throat and keeps going to pile-drive Huiko into the pavement, attempting to cause some serious damage.

Hiuko kept himself from going to far into the pavement and kick trying to kick Musoskia wherever his foot could land.

Quickly releasing, Musoskai puts his hands together, creating a gust of harsh wind to seperate us and build some distance. Before Huiko gets into stance, attempts to jet towards him and drop kick him.

Ross leaps in, brandishing his magicky knifey thing, going "whaaaa!!". Who will fight Ross??

Hiuko got kicked square in the chest but was able to put his hand on the ground to keep him from falling down. He kept in a crouched position ready to dodge another attack.

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2007-10-25 [chyu]: i hate the 3dimensional world

2007-10-25 [Dwarf Ronin]: Why is that?

2007-10-25 [chyu]: in the 4dimensional world time jumps how it wants without control or limit.

2007-10-25 [Dwarf Ronin]: I see...that can have it's advantages.

2007-10-25 [chyu]: if u thinks somethings funny u only have to do it on the gight spot and moment.
if u hate to wait is it the same.

2007-10-25 [Dwarf Ronin]: Exactly.

2007-10-25 [chyu]: have u seen the Cube movies?
there are 3 of them. in the 2nd is it 4dimensional.
in the 3rd they expame the 1st and 2nd movie.
in the 1st the grew crazy.
in the end of the 2nd 1 was able to get out but died anyway.
a lot of traps.

2007-10-25 [Dwarf Ronin]: I haven't seen any of them, sorry to say.

2007-10-25 [chyu]: do u like anime and manga?

2007-10-25 [Dwarf Ronin]: Certain few, why do you ask?

2007-10-25 [chyu]: cuz i love some of them.

2007-10-25 [Dwarf Ronin]: I'm like Full metal, Naruto, Escaflowne, Evangelion, and others.

2007-10-25 [Hiuko]: I love Kenshin, Death Note, and Bleach

2007-10-26 [Dwarf Ronin]: I love those, accept Death Note.

2007-11-18 [Hiuko]: Why don't you like death note. Oh and Mososkai I'm really itching to give you my present so it's your turn to go.

2007-12-23 [Hiuko]: ...Your turn.

2008-04-02 [twitchboy]: Huiko may i have your autograph? *holds out binder with "death note" marked out and "autograph book" written in crayon above it*

2008-04-02 [Hiuko]: ... That'll cost you.

2009-01-21 [Dwarf Ronin]: Hiuko...I may need to update Musoskai before I start my turn...his abilities have changed to simpler terms.

2009-01-21 [Hiuko]: Sure thing

2009-02-26 [Hiuko]: This fight feels very different from what we'd normally do doesn't it.

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