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2009-08-22 19:32:34
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Mystical Doodads Stock Photos by Falx

For: EPRM Wonderfully Weird


Crystal Stock

Herb Stock

Rune Stock

EPRM Wonderfully Weird
Elftown Photo Reference Marathon

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2009-08-22 [Nioniel]: Ooohhh! Nifty!

2009-08-22 [Falx]: Thanks!

2009-08-23 [Nioniel]: Not a problem, I looovee occult supplies!

2009-08-23 [Falx]: Cool. I still have to upload my pictures of my copper sulfate crystal. It's all blue and pretty. ^_^

2009-08-23 [Nioniel]: :)

2009-08-26 [Falx]: Copper Sulfate is up!

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