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2005-09-16 03:56:18
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Here are some of mine and my friends poems.


as he sits alone in his room thinking about what he just did. Blood now running down his arm, staining his clothes is the least of his worries now all he worries about is his life, the blade laying on the floor next to him. he's going cold, tears running down his face now, thinking about what he did, asking if he's made the right decision. Thonking back to everything thats caused him to do this to himself, all the pain and anguish he's felt. thinking that this was the only thing he could do. there's blood all over. he cant stop crying. he goes to lie down on his bed, a trail of blood follows him. he looks at his wrists and the old scars that have reopened. the pain is unbearable now, yet he makes no sound, he just lies there, body cold and numb, sooked in his own blood and tears, he's all alone, as he can say is "i'm sorry" though he's talking to no one. he died all alone, though that's all he felt his whole life. covered in his own blood. his lifeless body just lays there because no one asked him if he was okay.


as i look through the photograph's of all we've experinced together it saddens me to know there may be no more to share. you were my comfort, the only thing that made me continue. you helped me to relize who i really was and that i was perfect the way i am. you had never left me to be alone, even when i tried my hardest to push you away, you never gave up. i never thought i was going to have to say goodbye and as i still cry about it i wish i diddnt have to. i wanted to always be able to know you were leaving everything became so unclear again, didnt know where to turn, i still dont know if i do. but i do know that i'll never forget the memories we made together, and the feeling that overcame me when you held me that last time, forever you'll be apart of my heart.


I sit here looking at the scars thinking about everything i've ever daid, felt, thought about, dpne, and i just think and sadly ask myself where did it all go wrong? what led me to do the things that i did to myself and most of al to others. family, friends, loved one, how could i have caused so much pain, the tears are rolling down ,y face, and i just sit here, alone, and wonder, where did it all went wrong.


you seem as confused as me, no idea where to turn next, no clue of waht you want, just waiting for the next disappointment to come along, you sit there thinking , wondering, just trying to imagine everything that could happen, you say things you dont mean, with out even thinking how its affecting the other person. you try to seem like your listening to what people are saying to you, except all of it just passes, you only hear what you want to hear, you dont want to be unhappy, so you put a fake smile on fooling everyone, but you know that if someone looked into your eyes they'll know somethings wrong' that you have something you want to say, hoping that it'll be the right thing, when it's not, but maybe someone will realize you need something, your just continued, hoping someone will help you figure it out.

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2005-11-22 [~Intoxicating~]: i love them! they r great! but may i ask y they are not writtne in poem form?

2005-12-28 [fallen from grace today]: idk b/c when i copy and pasted them fom my file they came up like this and i didnt feel like changing them

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