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Estantia's Stories

Estantia's Stories: Howitzer

I'm writing for the character Howitzer in [Atayemi]'s rp FBI K9, and to see if I could get into character she asked me to write a paragraph, much like Enter the liontaur.

Well... it's shorter than the last audition paragraph I did...

Estantia's Stories
Agent 37; Howitzer


As always it was night-time when a set of paws padded across some of the roughest areas of the docks to the seafront. Ok, to be completely honest he trotted over them, but same difference. What mattered is that it was dark, he was at the docks and he was alone to stare out at the sea.

The inky sky above and silken waves below made him smile. This was the only place in the city where you had a chance of seeing the stars, that was why he treasured this place, his little piece of haven. Of course the space needle also had its attraction, he didn't blame Rifle for retreating there, it was high up and free, perfect for his freedom-hungering friend. The man that now sat with his back to the last harbour building smiled, dark eyes closing with a slight smile on his mouth as his long hair caught the breeze.

However this place was quiet, and on hot nights you couldn't jump off the needle to cool down. Besides, sitting gracefully unnoticed in the shadow at the base of a building was much more his style. he stayed where he was for a while before sighing.

"You would think that people would have learnt not to try and mug me after all this time." The man creeping up on him froze, how had the man noticed him? He wasn't THAT drunk... maybe...

"Do you really think someone who couldn't handle himself would be here alone?" The calm voice came again, gently questioning as his head turned, glasses reflecting the moonlight in a flash as dark eyes fixed on the person, hovering uncertainly nearby.

"Here, the regs know you?"
"Yes, unless they've forgotten the last time I handed their butts to them."
"Bastards! They said you was an easy target!"
"And you were fool enough to listen, now go away." The head turned away in what was clearly a dismissal. The prospective mugger paused, he'd just been insulted hadn't he? Didn't that mean he was supposed to fight the guy anyway?

A slight growl from the long-haired man sent the drunk scurrying instinctively as Howitzer chuckled quietly, pushing his glasses up his nose. Sometimes interruptions could be so entertaining.


Estantia's Stories

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