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The Entrants

* Patrons' Challenge * PC Rules * Patrons' Challenge Art Submissions *

Please list your username, followed by link to the character you wish to submit to the challenge, in this format:

1. [Username] - character: [Character_name@wiki]. 

Please don't post you actual character bios on this page, or link to an RP page with all characters for that RP listed - create a separate page containing only your character's bio, and link that. After the dead-line for submission has ended, the character bios will be copied to new pages - this means that if you wish, you can continue editing the original bio whilst the challenge is being run; without muddling around the artist assigned to draw your character by constantly changing details.

1. [Mortified Penguin] - Entrant I: drawing Entrant XX

2. [Veltzeh] - Entrant II: drawing Entrant IX

3. [Azuri] - Entrant III: drawing Entrant VIII]

4. [Clairey] - Entrant IV: drawing: Entrant II

5. [Ylaraniala Majere] - Entrant V: drawing Entrant XII

6. [Falx] - Entrant VI: drawing Entrant XIV

7. [Phoenix Ashes] - Entrant VII: drawing Entrant XXII

8. [Lady of Lore] - Entrant VIII: drawing Entrant XIX

9. [FlowerGirl21] - Entrant IX: drawing Entrant VI

10. [Shika Lane] - Entrant X: drawing Entrant XVI

11. [Lexi. Short and Sweet!] - Entrant XI: drawing Entrant VII

12. [Estantia] - Entrant XII: drawing Entrant V

13. [EmeraldGrizzly] - Entrant XIII: drawing Entrant XVIII

14. [swiley] - Entrant XIV: drawing Entrant III

15. [Red Dragon of Fire] - Entrant XV: drawing Entrant I

16. [Somewhereoverth erainbow] - Entrant XVI: drawing Entrant XXI

17. [Kachichan] - Entrant XVII: drawing Entrant XV

18. [Sienta] - Entrant XVIII: drawing Entrant X

19. [Sunny Silverunicorn] - Entrant XIX: drawing Entrant XIII

20. [Hobbit teen]- Entrant XX: drawing Entrant XI

21. [Anvikit]- Entrant XXI: drawing Entrant XVII

22. [NamelessMerc] - Entrant XXII: drawing Entrant IV

Username (or number or email):


2007-04-11 [Anvikit]: Oh but I do so hope more of the art entries make it! Deadline is in just a few days!! not even half of those with characters have entered in their art peice yet!! Just a friendly reminder to get them pretty character pictures in everyone! and best of luck to all as the end draws near!

2007-04-11 [iippo]: Also to add to that, anyone who doesn't submit art at all will be disqualified from competing with their written entry too.

2007-04-11 [Estantia]: doesn't affect someone if they drew a character whose bio was withdrawn though?

2007-04-11 [iippo]: No, that wouldn't be fair. :)

2007-04-11 [Estantia]: Didn't think so :P

2007-04-11 [Falx]: What is the deadline for the art?

2007-04-12 [Anvikit]: Deadline for character drawing submission: April 14th 2007! Only 3 more days! Better get yer doodle on!

2007-04-12 [Estantia]: Oh no not that catchphrase... though it's better than 'get your game on'

2007-04-12 [iippo]: Or "get your bra on" ;>_>

2007-04-12 [Estantia]: that's even worse...

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