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Emotion Wiki

This is the list of wikis about emotions and feelings:

A Broken Heart
Angry People United
All About Love
Beauty and the Beast
Broken hearts
Depressed People
Depression of Dangerous minds
Elftown Graveyard
Forever lonely
Forgotten children
Forgotten Childs
Forsaken love
From My Heart Into Yours
Guide to Happiness
Hopeless romantics
If you have a problem
Loners Fanclub
Loner's Palace
Love Death
Love me...
My sweet black rose
Ominous Silence
Spiritual Stuff
Sweethearts of Elftown
The Asylum For The Depressed
The bored people
The Lonely and Forgotten
Thoughts that scare me
True believers of fate

39 wikis

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2004-11-30 [something_green]: I made a feelings wiki... Can someone add it too the list? If You Have A Problem

2004-11-30 [Gone123456789]: If You Have A Problem has been added to Personal Help Wiki

2004-12-01 [Yoruno]: And to this page too... for owner's request. -_^

2005-02-04 [Aurora Mei]: i want a wiki but how can i get one,Aurora Anderson

2005-02-04 [Gone123456789]: On the front page there is a link for Wiki_intro which is a wiki on how to make a wiki.

2005-03-01 [kobra17]: I have a question for anyone to answer can you hate someone you love?

2005-04-28 [Zombay]: Could someone add Guide to Happiness to this list please. It's not quite finished yet but very nearly.

2005-04-29 [GhostBlade]: Can my wiki 1-800-SUICIDE please be added to this list?

2005-04-29 [Yoruno]: Added both of them ^^

2005-05-19 [Dark Skeleton]: Join Razor Blade Army NOW!!!!!!!!

2005-05-20 [Yoruno]: Razor Blade Army will be added to the world domination wiki

2005-06-26 [kitty daemon]: kobra: right now i hate that i love the person i do. but i bet you could directly hate someone too, maybe for different reasons. its called a love-hate relationship

2005-07-02 [Elmiira]: The bored people

2005-10-29 [Crimson Angel]: The Lonely and Forgotten needs to be added to this list.. its on the main list but not here

2005-11-07 [Gone123456789]: Added.

2006-04-17 [*Night_Shade*]: Please add Elftown Graveyard!

2006-04-17 [Yoruno]: Added!

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