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Name: Emma Carlyle

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Appearance: She has hazel eyes that has specs of green that is hidden under rectangular, black glasses. She often tends to wear simple clothing: blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket. Instead of liking
fancy shoes, such as high heels, she wears black sneakers. She has black cropped, , short curly hair that is chin length. The reason being it keeps out of her way when working. She is tall, 5 ft & 10inches, and has a lanky body, but slender. She has very long legs and a soft, heart shaped face that causes people to underestimate her. 

Personality: She prefers the simple things in life rather than luxurious things. She views the world in two ways: as a mechanic and as a woman. Very few men are able to earn her respect; however, she is the best at what she does causing those around her, mostly men, to deal with it. When in fact they strive for her respect. She likes to work in small groups most, but avoids large groups like the plague. The reason being that Emma hates hierarchical issues that arises in big groups, but like to bounce back ideas with others. She can be a bit harsh due to her blunt nature, but is loyal to a fault. Mechanics is her calling, even though her body is not made of any machinery. She has a very sharp mind that results her to think more logical than emotional. Some even say that she thinks like a computer, missing that human emotional attachment that makes her seem cold and robot like, even though she doesn't have a single robot part.

History: Emma was born in a small town in Scotland; however, her parents died when she was thirteen, causing her to live with her uncle. The life she had with her parents was a simple one. Her parents, two doctors, helped those in their small village, which didn't allow for a luxurious life , but one that allowed them to live in comfort. This resulted in her wanting for very little, and not caring for expansive items in life. Her uncle was an owned of a small mechanic shop that worked with both Airship Inc. and Trolley Co. Her uncle taught her everything he knew about mechanics, which gave Emma something to hide the pain of her parents death with. She traveled the world with him, causing her to move around all the time. She has learned the ways of the world, and the different mannerisms there are, which has helped her in her business life. The only thing that presently shows the sadness of their death is her fluffy cat and her lover for anything similar. This is because on day her mother died she was given Ira, her cat. When her uncle died last year, due to some mysterious illness involving his mechanical leg, he left the shop to Emma. Now she has become an important mechanic in the ranks of The world as she specializes in machinery that deals with replacing body parts, which she does a lot of travel for. Originally, she went to school for engineering, but she ended up taking medical training, which has helped in her chosen career. She wishes to find the reason for her uncle's death. Her work has turned into her life with few friends and no social life.

Other: Her Cat, Ira, has a fluffy black coat and green eyes.  


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