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Ok the last three here are rendered pictures I did in CAD for my school's final project in CAD Methods class. I'm currently in Advanced CAD so hopefully my final project room will be even better than this one.

Working on rendering the pictures from my final project in Advanced CAD class. Here is the first one... believe it or not this took a whole 10 minutes just to render. I've been killing myself on this cathedral. Ooops! Looks like I screwed up that one window... hope the teacher doesn't notice.

Hrmmm... methinks this one is a little better. You can see my carpet and my columns. You can't even tell the window is screwed up. I like the shadows in this one too. 

A picture from the back of the cathedral... and this one was almost 12 minutes for rendering. Oy! Well, you can see my stained glass window in this one. A butterfly so not very religious, but cute. I wish it came out better and more glowing like it's supposed to be.

A nice little close up of the altar I did and the cross on it. Didn't come out too bad I think, but it was a pain trying to find the right angle to view it from.




This last one is just some gears. It was an assignment. I really wanted to find the weird couch I made and put that up, but this was the only left over render I could find that I could put up in here. Ah well, I'll make sure to do some more renders soon so I can put them up as well. Actually this one was done in 3D Studio Max, while all the others were CAD versions.

Another 3D Max render. This one is supposed to be an interior set design... or something. Kinda looks like I need to sweep the floor for some reason though don't it?

This is another 3D Max render. This was a design based on my church building, with some added touches for increased sustainability. I raised the roof over the sanctuary and added some skylights and extra windows so that sunlight could be used as lighting and save on electricity. There is also a photovoltaic array (solar panels) on the roof on both sides of the sanctuary that have rooms with windows.





Castle Ru'enlon designed in Max again. This is the nighttime shot. Isn't it pretty cool?

Castle Ru'enlon again this time during the day. You can see more of the details I added, but not as cool looking as the nighttime version. At least not in my own opinion.

The first side of my play ship that I designed for my nephew Ethan.

Here's the other side. The slide is supposed to be the "plank".

Ethan insisted on having cannons.

Land Hoooooooo!

Shall we go right or left? Or wait I mean starboard or port.






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2015-04-02 [Elwyne]: Darn it won't let me put the movie up, and I was so excited that I made my first movie... well... mini-movie

2015-04-02 [Elwyne]: Come to think of it... I made the gears and the set design in 3DS Max. Or at least I'm pretty sure that I did. Everything else was AutoCAD.

2015-10-01 [daydreamer]: Your renders look amazing! I love your design for the cathedral, and the detail work on the slide.

2015-10-10 [Elwyne]: thank you very much!

2015-10-22 [KnightAngel]: That looks really awesome indeed! ^_^ Awesome job Elwy, sorry about the movie but hope you'll find some way to share your awesomeness :P

2015-11-05 [Elwyne]: me too thanks Knight

2015-11-05 [KnightAngel]: You're welcome Elwy ^_^

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