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Elftown is made by and for its own members so join and you can help. This is the place to gather the different contributions that different members have done.

If you want to contribute with images (like buttons or borders) just tell the mayor and you will be given the right to upload images to the tech-page.


Factory sections

Elftown technology contains some technical information about Elftown that might be good to know before you suggest things. Also collects the information an Elftown building worker or promoter needs.

Screenshots of Elftown. See older screenshots at Screenshots - Archive 1.

Elftown_articles , a page with articles about Elftown that are written for different magazines.

Elftown_buttons has a list of undone buttons.

Elftown_hollydays is a list of holidays that may be celebrated on Elftown and suggested graphics for those.

elftownstylesheets has information about creating stylesheets for Elftown. Please do! The mayor hates to fipple with stylesheets...


Current requests

First of all: Try to help me (The mayor, or whoever keeps this list alive) to update this. Try to remove crap, so that it is always filled with the most important stuff.


Clean up the buttons-mess!

The Elftown buttons are in 4711 different styles, and don't fit with the background colours, and... (Have an agreement in the Elftown, graphics forum and write it here.)
Note: Elftown will, and shall, never be in only one style. But the styles should not change randomly. Stay to one button-style in one area, or change it according to a theme. And work together! It takes a much longer time, but the result is much better and it's more fun.


General background colours and layout

And some background colour and stuff like that needs to be changed (I don't handle requests like "Change that to something better" or "Make them go well together" I need "Change the background to colour #efe200!").


Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The advanced help page
-The Elftownstylesheets introduction page
-The Elftown technology page
-The Elftown technical pages index
-The index of places where you can contribute to Elftown
-The help index

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