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Elftown Clans, RP Council, and Fantasy Race Guidelines

This is a continuous working Master List of Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines of the Elftown Clans, RP Council members, and their respective chosen Representatives.

- The Elftown Clans are a democratic republic institution. This means that all members (and indeed all Elftowners who participate in the activities of the Elftown Clans) are free to voice their opinion in a non-violent, non-threatening, non-judgemental manner. They can do this either in a vote (Clan Poll), or by contacting their Clan Representatives with their concerns. The Clan Representatives act as the voting parties in the motions and actionable decisions in the Clan Meeting Hall, known commonly as Polyhieronia. No common member is allowed to vote in a major decision unless they are voted in to the Representative position (this position is also referred to as a 'Clan Chairperson').

- The RP Council is separate and independent from the Elftown-wide Council, and must work in close contact with the ET Council to ensure that the Elftown Clans are working in accordance with the overall goals of the Town. Council members are preferred in the position of Clan Chairperson, though it is not necessary unless changed in the future.

- Each Clan is a separate entity with its own decision-making capacity when dealing with internal Clan activities. Each Clan may choose by a common poll or discussion (or by tyrannical dictatorship, if necessary) its own internal structure, its allegiances and relations with other Clans, its racial groups (Creature_List and Fantasy Race represented by the Clan), and other decisions of the like. A Clan may sponsor contests, events, parties, meetings, polls, votes, artwork/media, and anything else it so chooses. Each Clan chooses ONE Clan Chairperson to vote in the House Votes at Polyhieronia, no matter what, no matter how. Other than that, the Clan decides what its Chairperson's internal requirements and duties are, and if other key members are necessary for projects, decisions, archiving, or back-ups.

- Clan Chairperson duties:
  - Vote in any important House Vote. No House Voting will occur until every Clan of each House has a Chairperson to cast such a vote. Until then, a temporary state of free-form decision-making will take place.
  - Represent the views of your Clan. However you need to do this, do it. Represent them well, or else you may find yourself ousted from dictatorship.
  - Decide which Fantasy Races will be allowed into the Clan, along with Clan member input of some form. If you are unsure, consult [xido], the Creature List mods, or another Clan Chairperson or member. D&D typically has a sgemented method of classifying a fantasy race in many cases. If that doesn't help, pray. :P
  - Others?
  - Helpers and Inner Councils:
    - Scribes / Archivists
    - Organizers / Planners
    - Artists / Media Coordinators
    - Councils? Elfin Clan for example...

- You need not be a role-player, gamer, or creative writer in order to join the Elftown Clans, but the Clans will work in tendem with the RP Council until further notice, and in order to join, you must choose a 'Fantasy Race' on your user profile page. In order to join the RP Council, you must be a member of one of the Elftown Clans (or your own new Minor Clan), and WFR Guild Members, roleplayers, gamers, creative writers, Elfwood members, Council members, and ET Crew members will be given special consideration in most membership situations.

- In order to vote as a Clan Chairperson at Polyhieronia, you need not roleplay as a character in order to participate. It's just for fun, RP practice, and to be unique among the other Elftown communities.

- Special Rules by [xido]:
  - The Sylvan Clan - Sidhe will accept only members of truly Sylvan/Fae/Fey lineage, without any change or mixture of any other race. This also means that the 'Sidhe Clan' will not allow members of their Clan to choose any Fantasy Race not specified to their Faeriefolk-specific list of racial lineages. The Sylvan Clan - Unsidhe, or 'Unsidhe Clan' will conform to the opposite set of rules, allowing almost anyone who loves Fey/Sylvans to join, in many cases they can be allowed to join multiple Clans. (This is a cool cultural rule, and will help to show this kind of exclusive property may or may not change a Clan's perspective. 'Sidhe' is generally pronounced "Shee", and 'Unsidhe' generally as "UN-shee" or "OON-shee".)
  - The Human Clans (a multi-Clan group, like the Dwarfin Clans) will act as Moderators between the Majority House and the Minority House, and will vote as members of the Majority House, as it is generally accepted that even in the fantasy realm, Fantasy Humans compose a large number of the population.
  - Anyone with the Fantasy Race of 'Duck' listed in their pages will be asked to either research a previous or begin a new 'Duck Clan' as part of the Minor Clans and FESL until a population count or generalioty is made to show their population density in the Clans.

Age, Race, Location, Skills/Talents, preferred activities, necessary activities, Clan requirements, who is allowed in, relationships to other Clans.

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