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2005-02-15 [livingdeadgurl]: meh i tried..

2005-02-15 [WonderTweek]: lol

2005-02-15 [livingdeadgurl]: bleh..

2005-02-15 [WonderTweek]:

2005-02-16 [livingdeadgurl]: lol

2005-02-16 [WonderTweek]: <img:>

2005-02-16 [livingdeadgurl]: yeah..

2005-02-18 [Babe-a -lious me!]: How did you do that [WonderTweek] ¿?

2005-02-18 [WonderTweek]: with the IMG tag thingy <img:>

2005-02-19 [livingdeadgurl]: im greatly amused..

2005-02-19 [WonderTweek]: lol

2005-02-19 [livingdeadgurl]: hehe

2005-02-19 [WonderTweek]: heh

2005-02-19 [livingdeadgurl]: ya..

2005-02-19 [WonderTweek]: o0

2005-02-19 [livingdeadgurl]: blah...

2005-02-19 [livingdeadgurl]: o that was soooo wrong...olol..

2005-02-19 [WonderTweek]: lol

2005-02-19 [livingdeadgurl]: haha

2005-02-19 [livingdeadgurl]: ill check it when i get back i gotta date with 3 ladys and a bowl of soup that i must attend to..

2005-02-19 [WonderTweek]: aww lame

2005-02-19 [livingdeadgurl]: i went out...sumbody stole my fucking cell phone....pissed right the fuck off....excuse me as i hunt down the jackass and kill him...

2005-02-19 [WonderTweek]: o0

2005-02-20 [livingdeadgurl]: grr..

2005-02-20 [WonderTweek]: oO

2005-02-20 [livingdeadgurl]: bleh,..

2005-02-20 [hemicar]: Yesterday was my birthday, and I got a message from member of the council, it's so nice to know that somebody think of you.....

2005-02-20 [livingdeadgurl]: umm...happybday yestaday..

2005-02-20 [hemicar]: oh, another one, gee.... tnx

2005-02-20 [livingdeadgurl]:

2005-02-27 [littlshy_one89]: wat are u supposed to do?

2005-02-28 [livingdeadgurl]: what?

2005-03-03 [Aris_Friend]: Occtulus Nocturnal

2005-03-03 [livingdeadgurl]: where..

2005-03-03 [WonderTweek]: Oo

2005-03-04 [livingdeadgurl]: lalla..

2005-03-05 [adidaboy1]: haaa

2005-03-05 [WonderTweek]: <<

2005-03-05 [livingdeadgurl]: lol

2005-03-05 [WonderTweek]: >>

2005-03-05 [livingdeadgurl]: wow..dude..the airows..they flow..in2 different directions..

2005-03-05 [WonderTweek]: Lol *gasp*

2005-03-05 [livingdeadgurl]: i know!

2005-03-05 [WonderTweek]: *Gasp, Shock, Disbeleif* OO

2005-03-05 [livingdeadgurl]: *faints*

2005-03-05 [WonderTweek]: Oo; *gives u pillow*

2005-03-05 [livingdeadgurl]: *curles up to it*

2005-03-12 [DarkAngel44]: yo

2005-03-12 [WonderTweek]: lol

2005-03-12 [livingdeadgurl]: yo the toy..

2005-03-12 [WonderTweek]: oO

2005-03-13 [livingdeadgurl]: lol..birthday tattoo contest lalala..

2005-03-13 [$$matt$$]: any one home

2005-03-14 [WonderTweek]: <<

2005-03-14 [livingdeadgurl]: no chians...

2005-03-14 [livingdeadgurl]: chains*

2005-03-14 [WonderTweek]: The Chain

2005-03-14 [livingdeadgurl]: i already went there dammy..

2005-03-14 [WonderTweek]: lol

2005-03-14 [livingdeadgurl]: heh..

2005-03-15 [WonderTweek]: <<

2005-03-15 [livingdeadgurl]: psht..

2005-03-15 [Suferer of Agony]: HEY

2005-03-15 [raven222hawk]: Hi

2005-03-15 [WonderTweek]: <<

2005-03-16 [newgroundman1234]: hi everyone

2005-03-16 [WonderTweek]: hi..

2005-03-16 [livingdeadgurl]: hola..

2005-03-17 [icecold_heart]: hallo, hello, hola.

2005-03-17 [WonderTweek]: Oo

2005-03-17 [livingdeadgurl]: riiight..

2005-03-19 [LivingshadowX]: so where were the spiders?

2005-03-20 [livingdeadgurl]: in a dark hole with the penguins

2005-03-21 [trance faerie]: a little frightenng, is it not?

2005-03-21 [SilverWitch]: My name's Sasha and I have a few friends on here..but don't know her screen name, if somebody'll help me..pweeze

2005-03-22 [shanethedude]: hi

2005-03-22 [shanethedude]: anyone wanna talk

2005-03-23 [livingdeadgurl]: lalala...

2005-03-24 [jypt]: anyone here?

2005-03-24 [raceland_rams_08]: does anyone know Cory Roar

2005-03-25 [peachesncream921]: hey any one on and want to talk to me?

2005-03-25 [D.Cooke]: goh, im useless at finding stuff here...

2005-03-25 [behbixangel]: hello

2005-03-28 [Alex DeLarge]: Hello there, my Droogs and Baboochkas. What say we get ourselves some a few Golly and get some Drencrom. Right right?

2005-03-28 [Deus_Casus]: ah man gotta be carful with any drencrom, it will make you quite bolnoy,and will cost you some pretty polly

2005-03-28 [Deus_Casus]: why not smoke some cancers after a little in-out-in-out

2005-03-28 [Deus_Casus]: find a good devotchka

2005-03-28 [Alex DeLarge]: Ah, yes...A good Devotchka...Like your sister?

2005-03-28 [Deus_Casus]: do that and i might have someone shive your yarbles

2005-03-28 [Deus_Casus]: delarge, stop govoreeting chepooka, you bolnoy bratchny

2005-03-28 [Alex DeLarge]: Ded, you had best watch that. If a drat over her is what you want, a drat you will get, good brother.

2005-03-28 [Deus_Casus]: stop being such a yahoody

2005-03-28 [Alex DeLarge]: I might have to Vred your Yarbles, Scoteena.

2005-03-28 [WonderTweek]: oO

2005-03-28 [Deus_Casus]: chepooka, delarge

2005-03-28 [WonderTweek]: <<

2005-03-28 [Deus_Casus]: my appypolly loggy EuroTrash

2005-03-28 [WonderTweek]: >> what are u people doing?

2005-03-28 [Deus_Casus]: just govoreeting nadsat interessovat everyone

2005-03-28 [Alex DeLarge]: Right right, for a Guff or Dva.

2005-03-28 [Deus_Casus]: had one too many firegolds, if you know what i mean...

2005-03-28 [Alex DeLarge]: Aye, and some Milk Drencrom Plus from the Korova Milk Bar.

2005-03-28 [Deus_Casus]: no im pyahnitsa right now, milk is moloko

2005-03-28 [Deus_Casus]: i think its raz ookdeet as well brother

2005-03-28 [Alex DeLarge]: Ookadeet would be dobby.

2005-03-30 [Deus_Casus]: For the Motherland wiki, go there my droogs

2005-03-30 [WonderTweek]: <<

2005-03-30 [thesoulstealer]: how do i roleplay?

2005-03-30 [WonderTweek]: oO

2005-03-31 [Kae]: Eh wot?

2005-04-01 [Deus_Casus]: join us comrades

2005-04-01 [Deus_Casus]: join us comrades was the leet message on this board

2005-04-01 [WonderTweek]: oO

2005-04-03 [onlyesoteric]: haha nice

2005-04-04 [the master of the underpants]: um....I am kind of new at this thing and don't understand much about it could someone please help me, I would be greatful if they would.

2005-04-04 [onlyesoteric]: lol i dont know what there is to understand? if you're trying to understand what those crazy hooligans are saying have fun!

2005-04-05 [Vampire Ruler]: hello

2005-04-05 [Deus_Casus]: ha ha the language of nadsat is simple, hooligans we are not, for example underpants in nadsat is neezhnies

2005-04-05 [the master of the underpants]: well okay but i am not even sure what a 'hooligan' is or even how to do anything on this website

2005-04-05 [onlyesoteric]: lol nevermind what a hooligan is. check out the help pages they are good. basically just read pages or look at art ort talk to people or whatever. i dunno

2005-04-05 [Deus_Casus]: you are a gloopy bratchny, lol

2005-04-07 [onlyesoteric]: hmmm oh yeah??? well i hope thats a good thing!!! :)

2005-04-17 [kEEPER OF THE GROVE]: gbyuhk

2005-04-23 [Olwen]: heya everyone!

2005-04-30 [Deus_Casus]: no one lives in Antartica this proves it <img:> this is a graph of world population centers, for the people who say they live in antartica, you fail@life

2005-04-30 [Alex DeLarge]: You can't argue with Science, but you CAN argue with Photoshop.

2005-04-30 [Deus_Casus]: my above statement was because of this <img:> look at the difference man!

2005-04-30 [Deus_Casus]: photoshoped this was not

2005-04-30 [Deus_Casus]: fine you people can live where ever the hell you want because im going to live here <img:> with the new pope, he says my trainning is almost complete, i dont know what he means but i like the cookies and religous guidance

2005-04-30 [The Luggage]: new scared but... u mentioned cookies1 where!?!?

2005-05-01 [Deus_Casus]: ...nevermind

2005-05-02 [calenglin]: hi there everyone...this is my first day in elftown....and i want to do friend here...

2005-05-02 [Alex DeLarge]: Y halo thar, govena. Butsectz?!

2005-05-20 [cloudtrotter]: hiya...

2005-05-20 [cloudtrotter]: kinda neat pics. I like the death-star. Heres one of mine

2005-05-20 [cloudtrotter]: nvm

2005-05-20 [cloudtrotter]: anybody here?

2005-05-20 [WonderTweek]: my friend lives in antartica O_o;

2005-05-21 [Deus_Casus]: bs

2005-05-21 [WonderTweek]: Its true, She's a researcher on animals and stuff.

2005-05-22 [Deus_Casus]: [18:22] DeusClavus: Does she probe them?

2005-05-22 [Deus_Casus]: [18:22] DeusClavus: I'd imagine it gets awefuly boring with no...decent company.

2005-05-22 [WonderTweek]: probably, She has other reserchers there with her

2005-05-23 [Flame_Dash]: Hi guys nice friend that lives in Antartica

2005-05-23 [Olwen]: how do people get around in antartica? do they ski everywhere or something?

2005-05-24 [i yell at my monkey]: ... lots of big pics lol

2005-05-24 [WonderTweek]: I dunno how they get aroundOo

2005-05-25 [shanethedude]: where is there to go in Antartica anyways?

2005-05-25 [i yell at my monkey]: yah really wat with antaritca thing

2005-05-25 [The Luggage]: is it true that normal rubber tyres wont work there coz its so cold?

2005-05-27 [i yell at my monkey]: idk probably

2005-05-28 [The Luggage]: cool!!!

2005-06-01 [i yell at my monkey]: i guess

2005-06-02 [The Luggage]: i wanna go to antartica *stamps foot* now!

2005-06-02 [WonderTweek]: lol

2005-06-07 [The Luggage]: but... antartica!

2005-06-07 [WonderTweek]: lol

2005-06-09 [The Luggage]: stop laughing at me! *stomps foot angrily*

2005-06-10 [WonderTweek]: *laughs*

2005-06-10 [The Luggage]: *Goes orange in rage and pulls out a chain saw* do not LAUGH at me!!!!!

2005-06-10 [WonderTweek]: OO *hides*

2005-06-12 [Deus_Casus]: *shoots in face* you are not teh hardcore

2005-06-24 [The Luggage]: give me the liver! the liver is MINE!

2005-06-24 [WonderTweek]: Oo

2005-06-27 [The Luggage]: Hmm... tastes like chicken...

2005-07-14 [Deus_Casus]: UGH, CRAB BATTLE!!!!!!!!

2005-07-18 [The Luggage]: my moneys on the big fat orange one...

2005-08-01 [foxyvixen17]: boys always fight *shakes head*

2005-08-02 [WonderTweek]: oo;

2005-09-20 [Tinkerbell's Temper]: *Ha Ha Ha Ha *

2005-09-21 [darkpixie666]: lol

2005-09-23 [i yell at my monkey]: .... me back now

2005-10-04 [peachesncream921]: hey waz up any one want to chat with me?

2005-10-04 [peachesncream921]: hey waz up any one want to chate with me

2005-10-11 [loren_dyr]: hey ALL YOU BITCHES

2005-10-12 [The Luggage]: how did you guess? ok, since my secret is out, you might as well get all the bowing and fawning over me over and done with right now. coz im the queen of bitches. heehee, if i can dislodge gerty, i might even be emperess of bitches

2005-10-31 [i yell at my monkey]: right just *sits in the corner*

2005-11-30 [The Naiad]: Hey peeps, join my new werewolf/ vampire/ human wiki - it's set in Paris!!! If interested go to: Le Café du Lion D'or. C'mon I'm the only member right now. :'(

2005-12-11 [iluvmybabygrl]: whats up with yall today just got on so any you just talk regulat

2005-12-30 [Blue Fish]: hi yall just wanted to drop off my new wiki! Stop wiki copy cats!

2006-01-16 [xido]: I think a section on Elftown Guilds should also be added.... no? Anyone mod this page? msg me, I am not watching this page, please and thank you.

2006-02-01 [The Luggage]: should set a wiki up for people suffering from yoyo deprevation

2006-03-15 [Sekhamet]: wtf is goin on

2006-03-15 [The Luggage]: im suffering from yoyo deprivation

2006-05-06 [*(.Randi.)*]: you guyz are a little sad.......

2006-05-06 [*(.Randi.)*]: wow...

2006-05-08 [The Luggage]: sad is nessesary in this life of bordom

2006-06-10 [FINAL FANTASY 13 TRAILER IS OUT!my page]: Final fantasy 13 traliers have been realesed it is so good it looks like the greatest final fantasy to come so far. heres the trailer yes i know this is spaming but i dont care the world must know! dont ban me hehe

2006-06-12 [The Luggage]: how could we ban you? Click the link! Click the link!

2006-12-03 [Acid_Lullaby]: is very boring

2006-12-03 [i yell at my monkey]: go post ur stuff in the wiki pages not here their kind of anoying

2007-03-01 [i yell at my monkey]: ello ppl

2007-05-29 [jojo123]: to day is the day that i get back at you!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe

2007-05-30 [i yell at my monkey]: back at who

2007-08-19 [KiiraKorpi]: heello

2007-08-20 [i yell at my monkey]: hows it goin

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