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If you're looking for descriptions of elves and elven art, look here: elves.

Elves can now see what their True, Elven name is!
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[Auberon]- Lúthien Sáralondë of Mirkwood
[Blazing Phoenix]- Náessë Lossëhelin of Mirkwood
[Hoyden]-Eámanë Vardamir
[Selene Saint Clair] Lúthien Melwasúl
[CalleStar] - Linwë Séregon
[Elysian Field Originals]-Eáránë Aldaríon
[Elisandra]-Idril Carnesîr (real), Gilraen Anárion (Elisandra alias) or Silmarwen Anárion (Eli alias)
[Morgan le Fay] Inwë Galathil
[Kuja's Silver Dragon] Itarildë Vanimedlë
[Zere] Idrill Culnamo
[Sweet Tatia] Ireth Vardamir
[Wingedwolfelf] Anaranë Míriel
[Lenne] Gilraen Mithrandír (Real name) Lúthien (Abhilasha) Celebriän Sáralondë (Another name)
[sarra] Merenwen Oronar (my name), and Elemmírë Ancalimë (what my name means; Dear Angel)
[Forestchild] Lúthien Calmcacil
[Khisto] Altáriël Anwamanë
[emifinan] Sairalindë Elanessë
[bellatrix lestrange] Nápoldë Elendil
[FleetingShadow] Elrond Falassion
[Mielikki] Maranwë Séregon (rpg name) Nápoldë Carnesîr (real)
[Anthemoessa] Merenwen Telrúnya
[Elftown has failed The emo kids have won] Silmarwen Falassion
[VivaciousVixen] Silmarwen Ciryatan
[Wingedwolfelf] Anaranë Míriel
[fightingxtofu] Lessien Telrúnya
[Helgarth] Finrod Melwasúl(real) Valandil Sîrfalas (rpg name)
[cozz] - Órelindë Cúthalion
[Katsumi] Nessa Faelivrin
[Dream Fox] Lúthien Elendil
[Laureanna] - Laureanna Gellthavron, and that is my REAL elven name, not one given by a computer program ;)
[babygirl(tS)]Nessa Luinwe
[Oni Shugotenshi] Ránëwén Helyanwë
[This House is Deleted7] Inwë Súrion
[Da-ne] Nerwen Tulcakelumë
[XXXCarnageXXX]Lu`thien No`lata`ri
[jsun] Findecáno Telemmaitë
[Faelover] Alatáriël Tasartir
[Dame der Mitternacht] Lúthien Cúthalion
[Kelaria] -Kelaria Enelya Daye Séregon- of Lothlorien and Mirkwood
[sugarplumfairy]Órelindë Anwarünya ... if only i could pronounce it the right way. LOL
[Stormqueen] Eáránë Ar-Feiniel ... also unable to pronounce...
[BlankJewel] Mithcristiel Wilwarin
[Jarlaxle] The dark yet noble kin
[BinaryPhoenix] Anaranë Narmolanya
[Mischa] Nessa Telrúnya
[cvg54] Lúthien Tasartir
[arabellarose] Larien Helyanwe
[The 5 Elements] Merwlonna Greycloak or Oropher Ar-Feiniel
[Selene Saint Clair] Lúthien Melwasúl
[Coldfire1]Tári Elanessë
[laughingCity] Alassë Coamenel
[Imaginary Girl] Órelindë Nólatári
[Law and Chaos] Maranwë Séregon
[tyu] Amras Coamenel
[Lady Erunáme] Erunáme of the North
[///////////] Oreô ùna of the North West
[MysticShadows] Larien Séregon
[GhostBlade]Ireth Ringëril
[Pink_Pixie] Sairalindë Tulcakelumë
[Akayume]Ireth Galathil
[Pyokola] Eámanë Táralóm
[LunaSoleil] Linwë Ringëril
[Jade Lee] Nienna Arnatuilë
[sky fox] Lenwë Telemnar
[Chrysilla] Gilraen Aredhel Ar-Feiniel
[~*Darkness Covers My Heart*~] Nienna Calmcacil
[Vou] Inwë Lúinwë

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2004-01-29 [cozz]: "Órelindë Cúthalion" how do you say that anyway? I'm bad at elvish. ^_______^

2004-01-31 [ed_the_female]: Inwë Oronrá ish me, not know how to pronounce it though.... ^____^

2004-03-04 [Dream Fox]: And I'd be Lúthien Elendil. How do you guys know the translations and/or meanings, by the way?

2004-05-03 [Kelaria]: My full name is: Kelaria Enelya Daye Séregon (Kelaria was the name given to me by my human mother who raised me and Enelya was the name my true elven mother gave me. Daye is my human mother's last name and Séregon was the second name that my elven mother gave me (there is a long story behind Kelaria... very long...)

2004-05-05 [ThorMX]: HEllo People

2004-05-05 [Kelaria]: hello

2004-05-22 [LonelyTylenol]: My elven name is Alasse Nenharma. [sugarplumfairy]- do you really want help pronouncng it? [cozz]- it's pronounced "Oeleenda ( with the a kind of in between an ay and a Cuthawleeun" I think that's about how it would be written. Without using any silly symbols...

2004-05-22 [LonelyTylenol]: And-by the way, all- the chris wetherell name generator just has a name that... it's all determined bythe first and last letter of the name you put in. try it. If your name is... "Sarah" (mine, for example) it will come out as alasse, and it will be the same thing if you put in... "sulicah" (completely made up). At least I think that's all the determines it. There might be otehr little thing though, too... Like... number of vowels, or other silly stuff like that. You would have to use an elvish dictionary and figure out what your name means to find you real elvish name. Mine is just the chris wetherell one because... I'm too lazy to look it up!

2004-05-28 [firepheonix]: yo peeps my name is mira thatz pronounced meera

2004-05-28 [firepheonix]: im a total elf/pheonix/goth/punk/rockstar/anime freak!

2004-05-28 [firepheonix]: anybody here lives in canada?

2004-05-28 [firepheonix]: hey where is the life in this wiki page everybody asleep?

2004-05-28 [Kelaria]: no, I dont live in Canada... I live in VA in the US....

2004-05-29 [firepheonix]: u should go to canada

2004-05-29 [Kelaria]: yeah I know

2004-06-01 [firepheonix]: wat do u mean u know?

2004-06-01 [Kelaria]: *shrug* I dunno...

2004-06-01 [VivaciousVixen]: i love you all ! Silmarwen Ciryatan signing off ! WOOT !

2004-06-02 [firepheonix]: and r point is

2004-06-02 [firepheonix]: im sorry i had to say that couldnt help myself

2004-06-02 [firepheonix]: elves should be united charge and attack those fools!!!!!!!!!!!

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