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Welcome to Ed and Ein Fans! For all those fans of Cowboy Bebop's young space cowgirl and her dog!!!

Well, we did have a banner, but it violates the rules so take yours down. Sorry everyone!!!








Ed's super cool Links! -Go here to see Ed's favorite Cowboy bebop sites!!

Words of Wisdom from Ed-My quotes!

Edward's rp of Doom and Distruction!! -an rp I just started. Please, i need characters!! (Oh, and what'd ya think of the name?)

Creator:1.[Cliché] I love Ed and Ein! (Duh, I made this wiki) And I have an Ein plushie!!! Such a good show, and such cool charaters!!!
2.[mudge] ahhh i love them.. so cute!
3.[fearless?] I LOVE ED!!!!!!!!!!! (and ein, of course) they bring comic relief into cowboy bebop ;)
4.[Cat0132] hehe!
5.[White Phoenix aka Ryoko] "Oooh it's Faye-Faye!!!" lol; i luff Ed!!! ^^
6.[LaughingMan] heh...i just started watchin Bebop
7.[Kamikaze Girl] I love ein!!!!!!! and Ed is the funiest character ^^
8.[kirsa]-jeez jules it takes forever to load this page! Deirdre luvs Ein more than anyone in the world-hehe she's right here! Ahh im crazy but so is Ed so leave me alone!
9.[Amber_eyes] Ed is sooo cool! And i love Ein! YAY!
10.[Akika_Inari] wow..i feel wierd being here with this ^^ Ed andEin are the best! I have a stufted Ein!
11.[kenloveshin]-Ein is so cute...i have a poster of them on my wall!
12.[LaLinaPumpkin] I don't really remember the dog(sarry guys) but I think Ed is AmazinG!
13.[ViciousLegato] Ein is truly mad crazy awesome! and not to mention cute ^^
14.[metallickittycat]ed is neat, i wish i had her com skills...then i could rule the net...not to mention chess...
15.[Nite_Owl] ed's one of the coolest anime characters, and ein's the cutest animal! ^_^ Yay ffor Cowgirl and Cowdog! lol
15.[Yoruno] I love them! They are so nice and cute... I even think Ein is the most intelligent being in the whole Bebop... :P
16.[do not exist] *loves on her stuffed ein and her stuffed ed*my nick name is ed! ed and ein rock!
17.[They look like monsters to you?]I love this show and Ed and Ein are awesome-o.^^
18. [burntashes] oooh spooky!!!
19. [. x o x o .] ^ ^ so cool and cute!
20. [Sally Stiches] OMG OMG OMG OMG^.^ i'm ED!!! i'm ED!!! and now i see that u have a wiki!!! kewl kewl kewl! *gets really hyper and starts hacking* yay!!!! and i have a dog his name is EIN!!!
21. [cowsgomoo14245] how can you not love Ed?
22. [Katisama] Ed!!!! Ein!!!! Yay!!! How cuuute!!!!!-^^-
23.[pocky kitty] eds so cute
24.[Pyra] Heyhey!! haha, my friends call me Radical Ed, but I say they're all pickely people! O.O; hehe! And I know a girl in real life....and you know what her name is? FAYE-FAYE!!
25.[Phoenix Tears] Fan of all things Cowboy Bebop! Check my wiki as well....Cowboy Bebop
26.[Cloudwatcher] ^^
27.[Nuktae-tal] OMG! Edward and ein!! I love them!!
29. [Roma] Ed and Ein totally rock. Definitely two of the best characters in the show. However, as the show is so well thought out, and fantastic, I'm having difficulty picking a bad character. Other than Julia. Didn't like her. GO BEBOP!
30. [weefreeman] *is ein incarnate* woof!
31. [Dark Trance] Ein will rule the world!!!!!!!!! *turns into ein* *runs off*
32.[a faerie tale] Did you bring present for Ed?
33.[Ryo003] Ed and Ein were awsome!
34. [oxyJ3N] YAY! *join join* Ed! ^^
36.[Nekko fox] I think I know, I don't think I know, I think I think I know, I think I think I think.........
37.[Black_Dragon_123] 'cuz Ed said so. And both Ed and Ein rawk!
38.[.X.X.Lips Of Deceit.X.X.] Just because Ed n Ein are the cooliest ever!
39.[Chiharu] Awwwww so cute ^_^
41. [Phoenix_phyre]Ed and Ein are devine.
Hey, go join my friends wiki The Spike Spiegel Fan Club!! It rocks!!! Spike is hot.
42. [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]-my goodness!!! I loove them so much!
43. [Ayame the Snake] Faye here faye faye!

And if you like Fruits Basket, go join my new wiki Fruits Basket Fans!!!!

Or if you like Full Metal Alchemist, join the Full Metal Alchemist Fan Club!!

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2007-03-09 [Nuktae-tal]: Higher higher!!

2007-03-09 [Ayame the Snake]: no no!....these are Edwards friends!...i stay with them...okay

2007-03-09 [Nuktae-tal]: lol I ran out

2007-03-09 [Ayame the Snake]: is that a fish tank?!

2007-03-09 [Nuktae-tal]: ook wha edwar ha ound!

2007-03-09 [Ayame the Snake]: haha...'ding' zap in the microwave

2007-03-09 [Nekko fox]: DING DING DING! You win.

2007-03-09 [Ayame the Snake]: look...this not same's got a funny it's play twister!!! (thankies)

2007-03-09 [Nuktae-tal]: It's a lympho lympho lymphocyte!

2007-03-09 [Ayame the Snake]: YESH!

2007-03-09 [Nuktae-tal]: See this one same same but not this one! Its the twisted sister!!!

2007-03-09 [Ayame the Snake]: Edward wants to see!!!

2007-03-09 [Nuktae-tal]: Aiya

2007-03-09 [Ayame the Snake]: why'd you draw the doodles?

2007-03-09 [Nekko fox]: No no no.... It's a lymph-lym-lympho-cyto-cyto-lymphocyte!

2007-03-09 [Ayame the Snake]: haha...vrooooommm

2007-03-09 [Nuktae-tal]: VVRrrrrooommm vvrraawwrrrr *CRash* eh?

2007-03-09 [Ayame the Snake]: haha

2007-03-20 [Nekko fox]: Ah, it broke!

2007-03-20 [Ayame the Snake]: Aww...Ed's hacking program broke

2007-03-20 [Nuktae-tal]: I'm so hungry!!

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