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2011-04-27 17:36:17
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Easter Art Contest 2011


The Easter Art competition!


Deadline: Closed

RULES can be read on: Easter Festival


How to post your entry:
Add your username and entry after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, thumbnail them to 300, and separate them with the <hr> tag:

1.[Marlene'Jacques] "The Goddess Eostre"


Easter Festival

Username (or number or email):


2011-04-28 [Mystin]: I don't have any hard feelings about this contest, I consider it successful to those who entered. I removed my submissions for personal reasons that I do not care to disclose. With that said anyone saying I have a poor attitude or calling me a troll need to leave me alone.

2011-04-29 [Layre]: I know why you did what you did Jay and I think you will be a great asset to another contest when the time comes! <3 Ian

2011-04-30 [Mystin]: Thanks Ian for being awesome! I miss Oreo soooo much :-(

2011-04-30 [Alexi Ice]: What happened to the bunny??

2011-04-30 [Mystin]: She got snuffles and died, thanks for asking.

2011-04-30 [Alexi Ice]: Awww! Poor baby! I'm sorry >.<

2011-04-30 [Marlene'Jacques]: awww poor bunny :(

2011-05-01 [Sagacious Turkey]: lol poor bunny XD

2011-05-01 [Layre]: It's not funny jerk!

2011-05-01 [Sagacious Turkey]: >:u

2011-05-01 [Layre]: I don't even know what that is

2011-05-01 [Sagacious Turkey]: I don't even know what YOU is.

2011-05-01 [Mystin]: Leave Ian alone, he's right you were being a jerk so stfu.

2011-05-01 [Alexi Ice]: In fear of overstepping my bounds here; this is not the place for arguments. Please move it to a PM.

2011-05-01 [Mystin]: I'm sorry, it's just what he said was totally uncalled for!

2011-05-01 [Alexi Ice]: Turkey is Turkey...most of us just learn to ignore him. lol.

2011-05-01 [Sagacious Turkey]: Hey, my heart was in the right place, but my syntax was just a bit off. I can't be blamed for that. Blame [Hedda], I guess.

2011-05-01 [Nioniel]: If you guys want to argue, please take it to PMs or Bob's Diner. They could use some good arguments there.

2011-05-01 [Marlene'Jacques]: why argue at all? people have their own opinions and it is that difference that makes everyone special. can't you guys agree to dis-agree and leave it at that??

2011-05-01 [Mystin]: I'm only on for say another week, so I'm done arguing with this moron.

2011-05-01 [Sagacious Turkey]: Did we ever start arguing? I don't see the problem here...

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