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EPRM Keys Reference


For this session we will be expecting high quality photographs of different types of keys. Be imaginative and creative!

Please place your entries for the EPRM Key Reference in the form of a wiki and list it below. Before submitting your wiki, please make sure you have read and understand the rules set forth in Elftown Photo Reference Marathon

Deadline: CLOSED

Congrats to winner [Lord Josmar]!

Moderator: [Chimes]


[Lothuriel]: EPRM Wiki Submission Template, EPRM

1. SF - Keys Photo References

2. Akane Keys Reference

3. ToreKeys

4. [Lord Josmar]: Josmar's Keys

-Go to EPRM
Elftown Photo Reference Marathon

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2011-05-02 [Marlene'Jacques]: Hmmm...I suppose...time to get my camera out gotta get the pics taken and submitted...

2011-05-02 [Lord Josmar]: I used to have a whole mess of old school keys. Dont know what happened to them though.

2011-05-02 [Marlene'Jacques]: maybe be better if we don't ask why you had a load of old school keys...

2011-05-02 [Lord Josmar]: They were my Great Grandfathers and when he passed away and we moved into his house I found them. Lolz.

2011-05-03 [Marlene'Jacques]: ah :D funny thing to collect lol...sorry didn't mean to cause offence :)

2011-05-03 [Lord Josmar]: No offense taken. I dont really know if it was a collection or if he just had them.

2011-05-03 [Marlene'Jacques]: glad i didn't brits have a diff sense of humour to americans lol

must be a collection can't think of any other reason why he'd have that many school keys...i doubt even a headmaster (or principal) would have more than one master key...

2011-05-03 [Lord Josmar]: True. The key part, not the odd sense of humour thing. I haven't met a brit yet that had a sense of humor that I didn't agree with.

2011-05-03 [Chimes]: I'm a brit and I collect keys. :P Anyway, as this is veering away from the actual contest could you take it to messages? :)

2011-05-03 [Lord Josmar]: Sorry.

2011-05-03 [Marlene'Jacques]: sorry chimes :(

2011-05-03 [Chimes]: It's okay. :)

2011-05-19 [Alexi Ice]: I'll upload a million more! Hope this works for now.

2011-07-28 [Chimes]: Voting starts tomorrow (making a wiki poll when half asleep = bad idea) :) Thank you for entering!

2011-07-28 [Linderel]: Oh, snap. I was supposed to participate in this. xD *fail*

2011-07-28 [Chimes]: Uh oh. :P

2011-07-28 [Linderel]: Oh well. :P I'll just donate afterwards.

2011-07-28 [hanhepi]: dang, i could have done this one. i'll have to donate afterwards too. not that i have a bazillion keys or anything.

2011-07-29 [Alexi Ice]: OMG! I totally forgot about this one! LOL! I was going to submit more pictures >.< FAAAIIIILLLL

2011-11-03 [Nioniel]: *poke*

2011-11-03 [Lord Josmar]: Found more keys too...

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