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2010-07-27 15:25:07
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EPRM Book Reference


Winner: Once Upon A Time... by [sweet.tx.tea]

Thank you for your contribution!

For this session we will be expecting high quality photographs of books! So if you have some cool looking books on your shelves, make some photos of the back, front, the book being open, multiple books etc, etc and submit them here!

Please place your entries for the EPRM Book Reference, in the form of a wiki and list it below. Before submitting your wiki, please make sure you have read and understand the rules set forth in Elftown Photo Reference Marathon




[Nioniel] - Book Reference Photos

[sweet.tx.tea] - Once Upon a Time ...

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2009-10-09 [Cillamoon]: Reminder to self!

2009-10-09 [Nioniel]: W007!

2009-12-02 [*Phoenix*]: when does this contest end?

2009-12-03 [nehirwen]: It will be open until December 27th. You can find all EPRM deadlines on EPRM and Elftown Photo Reference Marathon. :)

2009-12-03 [*Phoenix*]: Thanks. Do you think you should put the deadlines on these pages as well? We should do all we can to make it easy for the people who are entering the contest...just an idea...

2010-01-02 [Lothuriel]: Deadline Extended

2010-01-02 [*Phoenix*]: Ohh! Goodies!!!!

I really wanted to do this one, but with all these copyright laws and things that I didn't know about, I have to get some new ideas....

2010-02-17 [sweet.tx.tea]: :/ So, I was totally going to add more, however, I forgot the deadline. >.< Welcome to this hell I live in.

2010-02-18 [*Phoenix*]: es oaky. I didn't even get to mine....

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