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EPRM Arm Reference


For this session we will be expecting high quality photographs of arms, including hands and upper body; male and female arms, children's arms, arms that do stuff, etc. Get creative!

Note: It's totally OK to include more than the arms in the photo. A series of photos describing a sword or golf swing naturally contain more. Same goes for most movements and positions for arms like doing exercises and dancing.

Please place your entries for the EPRM Arm Reference, in the form of a wiki and list it below. Before submitting your wiki, please make sure you have read and understand the rules set forth in Elftown Photo Reference Marathon


[Lord Josmar]: Arm Injury

[Nioniel]: Phoenix Stock ~ Arm Reference

[kamisch]: A Right to Bare Arms - Stock Gallery

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2009-06-30 [Nioniel]: Ooooohhh...*watches/gets out camera*

2009-07-03 [Lord Josmar]: I have a photo I want to put in. The only problem is that I didn't take the photo, BUT it is of MY arm. Is that sumbittable?

2009-07-03 [Hedda]: It depends on what the photographer says. It doesn't really matter who uploads the photos or fix the wiki-page, but that the photographer is allowing the images to be used freely.

Then it's a sort of blurry thing if one hands over one's camera to someone else to press the button. Then it's more like you actually took the picture as you did most of the work (making the camera ready, posing, taking care of the image).

Just make sure that the photographer and the model(s) are OK with submitting the images, and it's OK.

2009-07-03 [Lord Josmar]: okies.

2009-07-07 [Lord Josmar]: YAY! First entry, lolz.

2009-09-01 [kamisch]: Are only human arms allowed?

2009-09-01 [nehirwen]: It's mainly about human arms indeed, but if you've got photos of interesting other arms that might be OK too. What did you have in mind?

2009-09-01 [kamisch]: I got a few from some different animals while at Bush Gardens recently. Maybe I can just save them for...animals parts...if that one ever comes up :D

2009-09-22 [kamisch]: I hope I did this right...I've never made a stock gallery on here before...

2009-09-22 [nehirwen]: Thanks for your submission! :D
Loving Arms and Arms That Do Things are part of it too I believe?
Perhaps you could mention those wikis here as well, other than that it looks fine, good job!

Oh and you can always submit your animal parts to the Reference Pictures Submissions page. :)

2009-09-23 [kamisch]: Should I list them seperately on here? I just had them as like...sub-galleries because there were a lot of them, and I didn't want one wiki to be so might take forever for some to load the page then. I was even thinking of just making the main page a pure index page...and moving the images there to seperate pages. I don't know how to just make them all thumbs :( I know how to do it if you upload a folder-full, but the computers here at work couldn't handle that haul, so I had to do them individually - GAH!

2010-01-13 [Cillamoon]: Does this still need votes in order to be decided?

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