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Welcome, to the World of Dungeons and Dragons: Second Edition!

(Banner done by the wonderful [Veltzeh])

Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons
Dungeons and Dragons is a fantastic role-playing game. It was of the first role-playing games to become famous, and almost all-modern role-playing games are based off it. You can create your own character, choosing from a wide variety of races and classes. You can have your character act however you please, ranging from a cold-blooded killer, to a peace-loving monk. You can have your character master the Arcane art, and cast devastating spells to demolish entire cities in a few words, or you can become a powerful warrior, and wield weapons like "The God Slayer" and kill the gods themselves; if you have the patience, you can even model a character to do both. Dungeons and Dragons is a game that is shaped entirely by the players, the Dungeon Master, the one who watches and moderates everything, has no control whatsoever over what the players do, in any circumstance The Dungeon Master is like the narrator, and the players the actors. The Dungeon Master says the situation, and what happens around them, but the players decide what their characters do, not the Dungeon Master.

How to Play
Playing Dungeons and Dragons is simple. Play it as you do any other Role-Playing game, just you cannot do anything you want, nor do you think up your own abilities. Just stick to your character sheet.

The Parts of a Character
You do not know the different parts of a character. Well, there is the class; which is the profession(s) that your character has, the race; which is what race they are, and alignment; which is your character’s outlook on life. The race and alignment affect what classes you may be, so choose wisely. Of course, that information alone will not help much, so I will, of course, provide wiki-pages that cover every race, class, and alignment in detail. For the races please see Dungeons and Dragons SE Races, and for the classes, refer to Dungeons and Dragons SE Classes. The alignments are covered on Dungeons and Dragons SE Alignments.

I read all of the data, and I have a character... how do I join?
Well, the first thing that I want to say is that, even if you have no idea whatsoever on how to play the second edition of Dungeons and Dragons, you are still welcome to join in on my campaigns. The exact requirements to join are located on Dungeons and Dragons SE Sign-Up.

List of Players, and Their Character Sheets
These people have submitted all of their character information, and have become players:
1. [VeltzehGirden Alaihelje
2. [ErestorEloa Hayden
3. [Dwarf RoninMusoskai_Budoka
4. [Shining lightIyaf Raestru

Dungeons and Dragons SE Game Page

All actions done will be on the edit the page, and all player interaction (outside the game) can be made in the comment box.

- Dungeons and Dragons SE
- Dungeons and Dragons SE Game Page
- Dungeons and Dragons SE Races
- Dungeons and Dragons SE Classes
- Dungeons and Dragons SE Alignments
- Dungeons and Dragons SE Sign-Up
- Dungeons and Dragons SE Help
- Dungeons and Dragons SE Navi Page

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2005-09-06 [Stephen]: >_< GAH!!! I HOPE I am back now!

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2005-09-06 [Stephen]: Alright, now that I am out of school, the characters are being worked on and finished. :)

2005-09-07 [Dwarf Ronin]: I can't wait to see my character.

2005-09-07 [Stephen]: It's done.

2005-09-07 [Stephen]:

All Characters are now finished! No more players will be accepted, and the game page will be open shortly!

2005-09-07 [Stephen]: The game will be played by editing the page. The game will be more or less turn based between players, and I will have all the required information, and a short background history, on the page.

2005-09-07 [Dwarf Ronin]: Yes.....thank you...this should be good.

2005-09-07 [Dwarf Ronin]:, when we edit, would you like us to put our name next to the text.

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