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2006-08-06 15:22:18
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Drummers unite


Hey you a drummer? you think you kick ass? well that doesn't matter it doesn't matter how good you play, or how hard you rock if you can pick up a stick and give the drums a good bashing then maybe you are a drummer! Or if you are a wannabe drummers then you can join as well.


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2005-07-18 [moopie.]: Hmph. Nice wiki..

2005-10-24 [--------------- ---]: i completely agree with you on that! ..wonder if anybody is watching this wiki.. if so MESSAGE ME because i think im not even going to watch it

2005-12-31 [zzzzzzzzz]: i have a do you join a wiki????? cuz i drumm.....

2006-08-05 [MACCANATOR]: can i join

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