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2005-12-29 16:16:26
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Drow Contest 3


time for another me thinks! - [akhirah



Just remove the *'s


will get some badges up soon.

Contest Status

Contest closes [30 Entry's!!]

Contest Rules:
Subject to change without notice.
1. Original Art Only.
Any pictures found to be stolen or coped will be immediately disqualified and that member will be reported to the guards.

2. Drows and Dark elves only! Anything other than that will be removed.

3. Your submission must be your own original work. Inking and coloring someone else's piece in your name, even with their permission, does not qualify for the purposes of this contest; however if you would both like to enter as a team, that is ok. Beyond that, please follow the Uploading Art Rules.

4. 2 entries per person.

5. Nudity is acceptable; pornography is not.

6. Submissions should be added to the Drow submissions page with your name.

If you have questions, comments, arguments, or suggestions, please let me know.

Drow submissions

Username (or number or email):


2005-10-12 [Linn Scarlett]: i have a coat like that (i actually based my idea on Jack Sparrow's coat)

2005-10-12 [Metalelf]: Cool, where'd you get it?

2005-10-12 [Linn Scarlett]: i made it...

2005-10-12 [Metalelf]: Spiffy :D I need to learn to sew. I need to design some more costumes for my drow as well...

2005-10-12 [Linn Scarlett]: *chuckles* iam rusted in my drow's outfitts aswell ;) so dont be ashamed. Well i made it out of the leather of my late couch *lol* twas for carnaval 2 years ago, when me and [Torn blue jeans] went as Jack Sparrow and William Turner (me as jack she as will)

2005-10-12 [akhirah]: sounds like a good idea!!!!!! XD!

2005-10-13 [Linn Scarlett]: its a little unorthodox i know ^_^

2005-10-13 [moira hawthorne]: I got a question... are driders allowed? (
2. Drows and Dark elves only! Anything other than that will be removed.) but drider are drows... that have been cursed.. if not it ok... Ill enter a drow...

2005-10-13 [Linn Scarlett]: i think so... but iam not sure O.O last time it was full-drow-only

2005-10-13 [moira hawthorne]: well I was asking [akhirah] the contest owner... but she isnt on just now...

2005-10-13 [Linn Scarlett]: thats why i tried to answer....

2005-10-13 [Linn Scarlett]: but fine, i wont help anymore if its not appreciated

2005-10-13 [moira hawthorne]: *pet* thats not what I said... I just like The owner's answer...

2005-10-13 [Melocrie]: lol

2005-10-13 [Linn Scarlett]: hm

2005-10-13 [moira hawthorne]: so who you gonna put in Meldor or Lucey?

2005-10-13 [Linn Scarlett]: donno yet...think meldor

2005-10-13 [moira hawthorne]: you are allowed two... I only have Dubhezi and Athela... Dubhezi art Im happy with - Athela's still needs work...I want to add more to them...

2005-10-13 [Linn Scarlett]: hmm i always envisioned ath girly in a way an acrobat can look girly

2005-10-13 [moira hawthorne]: yes.. he is.. or like a dancer... when I said work... I might p-ainting work... I want to fancy up his clothing... with patterns...

2005-10-13 [moira hawthorne]: Drow Contest 2 want ed to see...

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