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An RPG of piratey fun for the whole family...




Welcome to Driftwood, a world of oceans, floating islands and a 'pirat-archy' made up of two groups: the victims and the pirates that love them.


(rules to you landlubbers. Read 'em before participating or I'll make you walk the plank)

Article the first: This is a make-believe story (actually a storyline style RPG). Strictly entertainment purposes only. Please remember that and don't take yourself or the RPG too seriously. It's all in good fun :)

Article the second: Do not play puppet-master with other people's characters. The best rule is to ask the other writer before you post something that includes his/her character. That's why we have a messaging system :)

Article the third: If your character is twelve feet tall, impervious to bullets and blades, can weild three cutlasses, two flintlock rifles, can shoot a third flintlock rifle with his mouth, can smash a ship with his bare hands, can leap from deck to the crow's nest in a single bound...

...he will immediately get eaten by a shark.Whether on-board ship, dry land...where-ever. He's shark chow. No questions asked. It's okay to stretch reality a little bit but let's make our girls and guys semi-believable characters okay?

Article the fourth: Keep it PG-13 or below, kids. This ain't no trashy romance novel and there might be impressionable young'uns about.

Article the fifth: Please keep the netspeak in the chatrooms where it belongs. Th@nk U! *winkwinkgrin* *lol* w00t!!!

Article the sixth: I am O Captain My Captain! of this RPG therefore I can add or bend rules as I see fit. I will also edit posts if necessary either to get rid of offensive stuff or tweak the path of the storyline or well heck I just might be feeling anal that day and want to correct mispellings or something. Don't worry though...I'm a benevolent dictator. Really. I don't believe in keel-hauling unless there's just no other choice.

Or unless I'm bored. Mu-wah-hah...

So if you're interested in joining, just message me and give me a short description of your character and we'll go from there. Thank you!

Special thanks to Elftown Graphics which provided all the purdy pichers you see here(except for the logo with Antonia that were draw'd by me)

IMPORTANT!!! Please read through these pages before boarding ship

Ye Worlde Of Driftwood
Ye Creatures Greate And Smalle
Characters Of Driftwood
Quick Note on Posting

Now...ya sick of reading? Are you screaming and tearing your hair out and yelling " I JUST WANT TO PLAY, BLAST YE!!! " Do you feel like sinking a few ships and burning them to the waterline and drinking a whole barrel of rum from sheer frustration???

Good. You're in the perfect mood to be a pirate. Let's get started...

Intro:Don't Rock The Ship, Lad
Driftwood:Chapter 1
Chapter 2: Elysia
Chapter 2: Elysia (cont.)
Chapter 3: Old North Star
Chapter 4: Saltwolf
Chapter 5: Jonas' Return

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2004-12-06 [themnax]: is it ok to be immortal if i can't pick up a cutlass without cutting myself or fire a blunderbuss withought shooting myself in the foot? ok j/k but had to throw that in. but near immortal little runts who bounce well but can't aim worth beans can be fun too.

2004-12-06 [Igorina]: heheheh...^_^ I am a huge fan of Terry Pratchett and semi-comic reliefs are more than welcome...tread with caution though matey PO) and remember...shooting oneself in the foot still could lead to an amusing case of gangrene...jump on in and Antonia'll teach ya the ropes

2005-02-12 [Igorina]: Got the map back up. Print's a little hard to read gonna put down a list of the names of the islands as well as other pertinent info ^_^ cheers!

2005-02-12 [Sylvia Rote]: Um...I was wondering if I can join? Travis invited me, but I wanted to check.

2005-02-12 [Igorina]: Oh sure ^_^ If you find a good spot hop in. I just ask that you read over the necessary stuff and go easy with any plots that drift off from the main story line. You may also feel free to PM me with thoughts on your character.

2005-02-12 [Sylvia Rote]: Oh I'll read everything first and wait for an opportune moment ^_^

2005-07-04 [Kileaiya]: Yay Ig said I could join hehe.

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