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Divinity Forest

Welcome to the home of the fey,
beware as you wonder for magic runs throught the forest,playing tricks.

RP Below

Madaline tried to keep a low profile as she glided through the forest. Out of all the forest this was the most dangerous. Not only were they criminals lurking around, but fey and other creatures lived in the forest. The fey and other creatures was why she was here in the first place. They was a rumor going around that a rogue lycan was killing people for sport. She happened to like killing Lycan.

Gui happened to be walking in the open, down a path that wound through this seldom traveled section of forest. He had been sent to interview some of the intelligence assets still maintained by the Royal Inquiry. As long as those rogues and thieves got their monthly check, they could be counted on to answer questions. Whether they answered truthfully or not, could never be known for sure. It did seem there was a werewolf about, and it had moved up from stealing livestock to murdering people. Gui even met an elf who, when Gui could persuade her not to fill him with arrows, answered that indeed Elves had dissapeared in the area.
Gui wasn't afraid to walk alone out here. While the Royal insignia might mean less nowadays, his blue tunic still meant something. He was a Myrmidon, a master swordsman. He was no easy prey.

Maddy stopped in her tracks when she got a whiff of a new sent. It's was defiantly not a plant or fey. The Smell was potent, and held power in in. Who ever was lurking about was for sure dangerous. Possible dangerous enough to be working with a wolf. "Show yourself! I know someone is there."

That made Gui look around fast. He didn't have line of sight on the woman who shouted, and he was pretty sure she hadn't spotted him yet. He drew his sword and jumped off the open trail into the brush. He would rather see who yelled first than have her see him and have an opportunity to ambush. "Who is asking?" He called back, staying low and looking around.

As soon as Maddy heard the voice she could pin point the spot where the man was. She launched herself towards him, but missed by inches. She could see him and his sword as she flew by. "I wont miss again sir. Why are you here? You are not my prey I can tell, but what are your intentions " She need to make sure that this man wasn't a threat to her or her cause.

A move like that had Gui thinking he might have found the werewolf. If this was a man in front of him, he very well might have gone for the kill without another word. But this was a woman, and he hesitated. He dropped into a ready stance, the point of his blade forward.

Maddy Roller her eyes as she landed. She could tell the men had hesitated because she was a woman. Any person who had doubts about attacking a woman or child was of no harm to her. "Look I have no beef with you. I'm in search of a wolf that has been murdering people. I have tracked him to this forest, and it is my duty to make sure he has paid for what he has done. If you have any information about his where about I would appreciate any information you have."

The girl wasn't what Gui expected. She was young, pretty, clean, and didn't look much like the regular village folk. "I was about to ask you the same thing! I happen to be on the same trail..." He struggled to keep that regal and authoritative tone in his voice. He felt awkward bossing people around. A lot of time it was people much older than him, or women pretty enough to make him feel like a clumsy imposter. It was weird, being the youngest person ever to qualify as a Myrmidon guard.

Maddy nodded her head as she thought this was not a surprise. "I figured his murderous ways would catch attention sooner or later. Rogues from a pack always do. I managed to track him here, but now there are to many conflicting smells and magic in the air. He is smart. Hiding where there is strong magic to confused those he knew would be sent after him. Maddy tapped her foot and finger to her chin as she though about what she should do next. Don't suppose you know what race would smell like jasmine and honeysuckle? I know it is not elf. They have more of a woody feel to them. At least the ones that have crosses my path.

Gui frowned. "Smells?" He took a step backwards. He also lowered both hands to belt level, closer to his scabbard. "I dunno, one of the Fey or another. You think this lycanthrope is close?"

Maddy laughed at the man. "Think!? I know he is close. That's why it is so madding that I can't find him. I know because his trail that I tracked is fresh and I can feel, more of a buzz to be precise, him near us. It's just all the magic is now clogging my senses. Maddy sighed in frustration. She just didn't know what to do next and it seemed this man wasn't going to be much help for her. However, at that moment she suddenly could sense she was being watched. She thought it might be her pray till she saw the gleam of a knife heading her way. She dodged it just in time and heard laugh of several men. " It seems we have some bandits on our hands now. Hope you can fight."

Gui was ashamed already that he'd allowed himself to be snuck up on twice. He drew his blade like a blur, easily batting aside another of the thrown daggers. He couldn't tell how many there were, but he knew he had to trust Maddy to have his back. His ears told him they were surrounded.


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2010-06-15 [Talos Cyrion]: ahhh well...considering i had one invade my room last night thinking it had nothing better to do than to (litterally) stick it's tail in my nose...i empathize lol

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2010-07-10 [Talos Cyrion]: do you want to just move it to the island or continue alittle more in the forest for Turan Nadya and Abarhi?

2010-07-10 [Gypsy Mystik]: To the Island

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2010-12-27 [Eyden13]: did you mean to say doesn;t keep her sanity?

2015-07-05 [Sideways]: Hola.

2015-07-09 [Eyden13]: Hola! So I'll use Madaline(Maddy) Cornell I'm in a werewolf mood. A little background about were we are. This is the Kingdom of the Roc. Without any god to help them stay stable, they have fallen into an abyss. Rogues, criminals, and an unstable monarchy rule the land. So make sure you keep an eye on your purse and your head!

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