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Digital Art Resources

Here you can find free resources for your digital art. Like brushes, styles, gradients etc. You're free to use them without restriction.


Rules for using the resources

- Users are encouraged to link back to this wiki-page and credit the creator of the things they are using.


Rules for submitting resources

- The resources MUST have been created by YOU.
If you find great resources elsewhere, please link to them instead!

- Upload your resources to Elftown.
The resources must be uploaded to Elftown. To upload filetypes apart from images you need priv (privilege) 94. Ask by commenting here or on privs and you'll generally get it.

- How to place your donation:
 Post your tools in the DAR Submissions page for approval.
 Add next to the resources for which application(s) and which version of it the resource was created.
 Make an image Preview of the resource.

And obey other Elftown rules. For example it mustn't be offensive, made for spreading hatred and other obvious things.

- Suggestions for this page are always welcome, but suggestions for other Program links while no one has donated anything for it yet are pointless! If someone of course wants to donate some tools for another program which is not on the list we'd be more than happy to add it.



Gimp Actions Wiki doesn't contain any resource yet!
Gimp Brushes
Gimp Gradients Wiki doesn't contain any resource yet!
Gimp Plugins Wiki doesn't contain any resource yet!
Gimp Swatches Wiki doesn't contain any resource yet!

Illustrator Actions Wiki doesn't contain any resource yet!
Illustrator Brushes Wiki doesn't contain any resource yet!

Paint Shop Pro
Psp Brushes
Psp Picture Frames
Psp Gradients Wiki doesn't contain any resource yet!
Psp Patterns Wiki doesn't contain any resource yet!
Psp Picture Tubes
Psp Swatches

Photoshop Actions
Photoshop Brushes
Photoshop Custom Shapes Wiki doesn't contain any resource yet!
Photoshop Gradients Wiki doesn't contain any resource yet!
Photoshop Patterns
Photoshop Plugins Wiki doesn't contain any resource yet!
Photoshop Styles
Photoshop Swatches

Digital Art resources Links


People who have contributed so far:


See also:
Elftown graphics
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Reference pictures

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2007-10-08 [Artsieladie]: Thankies! I'll go look. :D [ Edit: ] I AM BLIND! :P

2007-10-08 [Jitter]: Ctrl+F is your friend :)

2007-10-08 [Artsieladie]: OMG! I love you! This is what I've been trying to explain to all those that make coloring pages for Elf12, ONLY I DIDN'T KNOW THERE WAS AN EASIER WAY TO DO IT! I've been spending HOURS & I mean HOURS getting a page ready to color by making sure each pixel is white or black, NOTHING ELSE! Would you mind if I put this link on Elf12, so they can click back here to read this? Thankie, thankie, thankie! *HUGGLES* <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif><img:stuff/dand-gif.gif><img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2007-10-08 [Jitter]: Indeed you should check Elftown tutorials for MS paint tips. Last time I checked you couldn't load new stuff on paint<img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

2007-10-08 [Triola]: Haha, glad the tutorial was of use ^_^

2007-10-08 [Artsieladie]: I always forget about Ctrl+F. Gah! That's a good way to remember it, though, Ctrl+F(riend). :D I agree. There's a wealth of information in there! :D

2007-10-08 [Artsieladie]: More than you know, [Triola]! <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2007-10-08 [Artsieladie]: More than you know, [Triola]! <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif> I can't tell you how many times I've explained how a coloring page must be done, b/c many or most of the kids only have MS Paint to work with. <img:img/mood/61513_1190556028.png>

2007-10-08 [Triola]: Hehe, believe me, I know :P I was thrilled when I came over that method!

2007-10-08 [Cia_mar]: thanks jitters... i will check out the link!
and then when i have a bit of time, then get to work learning how to make them....

oh and [ForeverNothing] about those expensive programs.... GIMP is free from the internet, at it is like Photoshop in many ways, and gives us poor artists basically the same tools to work with

2007-10-08 [Jitter]: It's easier to remember as Ctrl+F(ind) :P

2007-10-08 [Artsieladie]: Hmm... *nods* :D

2007-10-09 [Jitter]: *A new Photoshop Pattern was added

2007-10-11 [FAE]: Gimp brushes are fun to make. A little different from photoshop, but on photoshop I haven't been able to make anything I like enough to actually use.

2007-10-11 [Jitter]: I saw you submitted something but I can't see it at the moment as I am in a very old computer. Thank you I will check it asap :)

2007-10-15 [Hedda]: I gave the page an informative rating now.

2007-10-15 [Hedda]: Eh, why isn't the subpages exported?!? Then they are hard to find, stupid to link to and generally an annoyance to the rest of the Internet.

2007-10-15 [Jitter]: Eh? I think I exported them all :O @_@

2007-10-15 [Hedda]: OK, some of the subpages were exported. I fixed the rest.

2007-10-15 [Jitter]: your computer is faster than mine xD I started fixing as soon as I read your comment :D

Only some of the empty wikis were not exported from what I noticed.

Odd though I clearly remember exporting everything :/

2007-10-16 [Celtore]: Hmmm this is pretty sweet...Im in a class right now where we're working with these programs...

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