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Dia de los Muertos Festival


This is a contest focusing on the Mexican holiday known as Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. This is a holiday in which families come together to remember loved ones that have passed on by telling stories and setting out the deceased relative's favorite foods and "offerings" (known as ofrendas) at an alter dedicated to them.


Competition Rules

Theme: The Day of the Dead

Deadline: The dead line is set for the last day of the festival which is November 3rd, 2011

Judging: The winners will be selected by public poll, no voting for yourself.

Amount: One entry per participant, per contest.

Winners: There will be only one winner for each category so submit your best work!


General Entry Rules

The rules for all Festivals competitions can be found here: Festival Competition Rules#Contestants. Make sure you read them before submitting!


Dia de los Muertos Photography Contest 2011
Dia de los Muertos Poetry Contest 2011
Dia de los Muertos Writing Contest 2011
Dia de los Muertos Art Contest 2011



Winners will receive the following awards for their submission:

<img:stuff/DDLMFlBArt.png> <img:stuff/aj/46887/DDLMFBPhotography.png> <img:stuff/aj/46887/DDLMFBPoetry.png> <img:stuff/aj/46887/DDLMFBWriting.png>

Participants will receive this award for their submission:



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