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2006-04-21 17:17:57
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This destroyed city is always dark, it has been many ages since the sunlight shed it's self onto these lands. The very air smells toxic to breathe. The people of this these ruins all appear to be very odd, and hiding something. The land is covered with tents, and barrels that are burning to keep them warm.


As you walk in you cant help but feel out of place, these people appear to have nothing, they all stare at you as you walk into their city, and watch from their burning barrels as you walk around. Only one thing comes to your mind when you walk through this place...something is not right..

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2006-08-08 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *walks through the dark streets with a sadistic smirk on his face as he look at the people watching him from the shadows.* "i know all about your town secret..what you do... and i am here to fix it. When faced with a cancer of this sort, the only cure is extermination..Death itself is a cure, and now.. i will cure you all.."

2006-11-24 [dead~spirit]: * a man walks over to Tafia with a dagger behind his back as he looks Tafia up and down.* "who are you?"

2006-11-24 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *leans his head to look at the man as he smirks sadisticly.* "....your executioner.." *Unsheaths his sword, and slices the man in half, and continue to hope from one target to another, until everyone is the area is dead, then quickly flys off*

2006-11-24 [dead~spirit]:

End of Chapter

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