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Lire walked out to the stable; the sun was bright and hot and birds called as she walked through the trees until she entered the clearing where Diego kept her horses. She smiled as she whistled loudly and was answered by a loud neigh. The sound of pounding hooves grew louder until a massive, black horse came galloping up. The horse was obviously a draft cross and was pitch black without a single white hair anywhere on his shiny coat; his mane was thick and his tail long and he immediately walked right up to her and thrust his muzzle into her arms. Lire grinned at him and stroked the large head as she spoke quietly to him. Noche’s mother had long passed and Noche himself was already 16 years old. After a few moments of Lire whispering into the horse’s ear she moved to his side and vaulted on to his back. Noche snorted and stamped his hooves as she grabbed on to his mane and urged him forward. He eased up next to the gate and Lire leaned down to open it; as it swung open he easily walked through and neighed excitedly as she urged him into a gallop.
The pair pounded down a sandy path towards the river and Lire let go of his mane and threw her hands in the air as she clung to his back with her legs. Noche had been a constant presence in her life ever since Diego had saved her back in her old village and she never felt more free than when she was on his back. Sometimes it felt as if she could run fast enough to outrun the screams and faces of the people she killed. Suddenly she heard a horse’s snort behind her and she leaned backwards, throwing a knife as she moved. A bay mare had joined her on the trail and the rider’s hands flicked upwards and caught the knife right before the tip reached his eye. Lire grinned at the man and pulled herself upright once more and urged Noche to greater speeds.
The mare was faster than the large black stud and she was soon abreast with Noche; her rider side by side with Lire; his golden eyes dancing with humor as he jumped and dragged her down from the saddle and to the sandy ground; falling down beside him. Lire reacted instantly; she rolled to her feet but the man was faster. His hand shot to her throat and Lire immediately blocked the strike; sweeping it aside as her foot flicked out to attempt a kick at his side. Her opponent was able to block the blow and caught her leg; Lire’s eyes were feral as she jumped up and spun around to kick with her other foot. 
Her leg was let go at the last moment and she was barely able to regain her footing; the man was fast however and he was up on her; his strong arms holding hers in a vice-like grip that pulled her up against his hard body and golden eyes meeting her silver eyes. He froze and started to fall; bringing her down with him and landing on top of her. Lire smirked as she released him, “Hello, Alex.” She said with a smile as she stared into the face of the man she loved. Alex grinned down at her and leaned down to capture her mouth in a long hot kiss. He was looking decidedly smug when he pulled away and Lire actually looked a little dazed. He rolled off her and helped her to her feet and Lire smiled again, “Did anyone see you?” She asked him worriedly but Alex shook his head and Lire fell silent as she studied him. The man she’d fallen for was Asian; with long black hair that he often wore in a ponytail. He was a mutant like herself and his powers rivaled hers in combat. His movements were faster and his reflexes better than hers not to mention if he landed a hit you lost the use of whatever body part he’d touched for several hours. He was tall and well built; and was only 21 years to her 16 but she loved him. Lire had been forced to grow up sooner than expected due to her lifestyle; she wasn’t one to make foolish choices. She and Alex had met when Diego had introduced them at a very young age. They had both just started training; Lire was 5 and Alex was 10. At first Alex had watched out for her but Lire had soon caught up with and surpassed him and it wasn’t long until she was preforming her own missions.
As they walked through the trees towards the river Alex was reserved; standing tall as his golden brown eyes scanned the background for any sign of movement. Lire on the other hand was carefree and smiling as she practically skipped down the sandy road. She finally whirled around and threw her hands around his neck as she smiled at him, “You’re always so serious.” She scolded lightly as she kissed him. Alex smiled back at her; he couldn’t help it; Lire had managed to stay unbroken even though her line of work should’ve ruined her. Even he, whose work was usually as a bodyguard, was scarred from the few people he’d killed. Lire’s snake tattoo was highly visible on her shoulder before disappearing underneath the black tank top she wore and he was well aware of the lives it had taken to create that tattoo. Soon they reached the river banks and Lire turned to smile wickedly at Alex before pulling off her tank top and wiggling out of the jeans she’d been wearing. She kicked off her shoes as she ran and dove cleanly into the water. It was deep and clear and Alex swallowed hard when Lire shifted around some more before throwing two more scraps of fabric out of the water.
He attempts at removing his clothing almost earned him a mouthful of sand but he saved himself the misery and left his clothing laying in a heap as he jumped into the water after her. Lire laughed and swam away from him but she was no match for his speed. He easily caught up to her and pulled her close to him; the water was cool against their bodies and Lire pressed herself closer; seeking out his body heat. This did nothing to help Alex’s situation and he growled deep in his throat as he kissed her hard. Lire gasped and back pedaled but soon she felt rough stone against her back as she hit a large boulder that sat in the middle of the river. She glanced back at Alex but he was already directly in front of her; his arms on either side as he blocked her escape; with no alternative in sight, Lire finally gave in. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself close as she nibbled a path down his neck to where the water lapped against his chest. This time when Alex responded she was ready; her head lifting and her lips rising to meet his.

Several hours later the couple was laying on a blanket on the sand. The horses were nearby; Noche roamed loose bare of any tack while Alex’s mare wore a western saddle and saddle bags and was tied to a nearby tree. It was already dark but that wasn’t important; Diego was well used to Lire’s excursions that could last days at a time. They lay cuddling under the stars; the night air was still warm from the heat of the day and simply laid together. Lire was in heaven as her head laid on his chest and she listened to his heartbeat. She knew Alex often wondered why she was so happy even though she had killed but she would never tell him that he was really the only thing that helped prevent her life from destroying her.

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