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2010-08-11 04:16:47
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Dances and the stars

<img300*0:stuff/%5btia_mia%5d_and_Suzanne.jpg and Suzanne)
<imgl300*0:stuff/z/184443/Dances%2520and%2520the%2520stars/i1234471431_3.jpg> [Rook.] looking rather bored adn gettin' fresh.
<img300*0:stuff/%5bRook.%5d%2c_%2c_and_Suzanne_getting_ready..jpg> [Rook.], , and Suzanne getting ready.
<img300*0:stuff/%5bRook.%5d%2c__and_suzanne_looking_pretty..jpg> [Rook.], and suzanne looking pretty.
<img300*0:stuff/z/184443/Dances%2520and%2520the%2520stars/i1234471432_5.jpg> before teh dance [Rook.], , and Suzanne pose the cold...
<imgl300*0:stuff/z/184443/Dances%2520and%2520the%2520stars/i1234471432_6.jpg>([Rook.]s dress. can't you see WHY She HATES wearing anythign other than jeans and a tshirt...)
<img300*0:stuff/%5bRook.%5d_adn_suzanne..jpg> [Rook.] adn suzanne.
<img300*0:stuff/%5btia_mia%5d_adn_Suzanne.jpg adn Suzanne)
already had this one...
<img300*0:stuff/%5bRook.%5d_adn_.jpg> [Rook.] adn
Bleh >,.,< </box300>

/ [Rook.]
Missing: </box300>

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2009-02-13 [Frost-:-Wing]: XD Tia has such a small head. lol Anyway, where were you going?

2009-02-13 [Rook.]: Sadie Hawkins dance...

2009-02-13 [Frost-:-Wing]: Ahhh, how was it? Meet anyone? ;) XD

2009-02-13 [Rook.]: nope...btu we did get a grind line going....

2009-02-13 [Frost-:-Wing]: lol nice

2009-02-13 [tia mia]: you h ve a small head too

2009-02-14 [Give Me Red]: wow and I'm goofy XD thats no longer a credible insult from you ohh and you cant say I dress funny either

2009-02-14 [tia mia]: are you saying i dress funny

2009-02-14 [Give Me Red]: no Im just teasing

2009-02-17 [tia mia]: :( im sad

2009-02-17 [Rook.]: I'm sick

2009-02-17 [tia mia]: stay away from me hun

2009-02-17 [Rook.]: Haha....its a tired sick, love

2009-02-17 [dawn bolly]: whooo dance !!! :D 

2009-03-24 [¡Soy Bekah!]: awh Lexi looks pretty!! ^^

2009-03-24 [¡Soy Bekah!]: OMIGAWSH tia! Your soo very skinny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-03-25 [tia mia]: lol yeahhh maybe and lexi is BEAUTIFUL

2009-03-25 [Rook.]: lexi is not very beautiful

2009-03-25 [dawn bolly]: she is ! :P

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