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2010-08-11 04:16:47
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Dances and the stars

<img300*0:stuff/%5btia_mia%5d_and_Suzanne.jpg and Suzanne)
<imgl300*0:stuff/z/184443/Dances%2520and%2520the%2520stars/i1234471431_3.jpg> [Rook.] looking rather bored adn gettin' fresh.
<img300*0:stuff/%5bRook.%5d%2c_%2c_and_Suzanne_getting_ready..jpg> [Rook.], , and Suzanne getting ready.
<img300*0:stuff/%5bRook.%5d%2c__and_suzanne_looking_pretty..jpg> [Rook.], and suzanne looking pretty.
<img300*0:stuff/z/184443/Dances%2520and%2520the%2520stars/i1234471432_5.jpg> before teh dance [Rook.], , and Suzanne pose the cold...
<imgl300*0:stuff/z/184443/Dances%2520and%2520the%2520stars/i1234471432_6.jpg>([Rook.]s dress. can't you see WHY She HATES wearing anythign other than jeans and a tshirt...)
<img300*0:stuff/%5bRook.%5d_adn_suzanne..jpg> [Rook.] adn suzanne.
<img300*0:stuff/%5btia_mia%5d_adn_Suzanne.jpg adn Suzanne)
already had this one...
<img300*0:stuff/%5bRook.%5d_adn_.jpg> [Rook.] adn
Bleh >,.,< </box300>

/ [Rook.]
Missing: </box300>

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2009-12-02 [dawn bolly]: the coffee overdose is gone so ^^

2009-12-02 [Rook.]: goood.

2009-12-02 [dawn bolly]: lol i whas sooo hyper be glad i'm not anymore since ur sitting on me :P

2009-12-02 [Rook.]: *laughs* fo course.

2009-12-02 [dawn bolly]: *huge smile*

2009-12-03 [Rook.]: ^.^

2009-12-03 [tia mia]: ... sooooo not awkward at all lawl... wow... i said lawl... lexi remind me to not drink coffee anymore

2009-12-03 [Rook.]: Never say dont drink coffee *leans back against dawn* and its not awkward, at least for me.

2009-12-03 [dawn bolly]: i dont think its awkward     aand why stop drinking coffee coffee is good :P

2009-12-03 [Rook.]: Coffee is more than good... ITS FANTASTIC!

2009-12-03 [dawn bolly]: hmm magic

2009-12-03 [Rook.]: *nods* well... maybe not magic, but pretty danr awesome nonetheless

2009-12-03 [Frost-:-Wing]: If you ever want coffee just dip a mug in Lex's pants. XD SHe has coffee in her pants.

2009-12-03 [Rook.]: *growls* i would pounce on you, but Dawn is really comfy to sit on.

2009-12-03 [dawn bolly]: why would you have coffee in ur pants

2009-12-03 [Rook.]: because pete poured it inthere. *glares bloody murder*

2009-12-03 [dawn bolly]: :|  in the pockets or ? haha

2009-12-03 [Frost-:-Wing]: ^3^ LOL

2009-12-03 [Rook.]: no. down my pants.... *sighs* he's already done it once this morning.

2009-12-03 [Frost-:-Wing]: .o. I sisnt do it.

2009-12-03 [dawn bolly]: hmm and ur sitting on my with coffe pands xD ;)   anyways can be nasty ><

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