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As many of you have doubts or questions regarding the Daily Poem, the Daily Poem Bosses have written a FAQ that will hopefully answer all your questions.

If you have a question that is not yet answered in the FAQ, please ask it in the comment box and we will answer it.



Due to the size of the FAQ, it was divided into seperate sections. Below the section listing you can view the top three questions.

DPF - General

DPF - Daily Poem

DPF - Daily Poem Bosses


Top Three Questions

Q: How do I post my poem?
A: It's easy. Make sure that you've read the Daily Poem Format first, as your poem needs to follow that example. Then go to the Daily Poem page and click the button saying "Edit this page" located in the wiki info box at the right-hand side. You will then be able to edit the page. Make sure you post your poem at the bottom!

Q: How do poems get posted on the Main Street?
A: One of the Daily Poem Bosses selects the poem and features it. No, the poems do not get posted in turn and yes, that makes the Daily Poem subjective. However, we do have our own guidelines to ensure that everything is handled fairly!

Q: Why was my poem removed?
A: This can be because of various reasons. We will state this either in the comment box or in a personal message. If your poem is removed because it does not follow the Daily Poem Format, just reformat it. There is a section on the page you can copy/paste. Note that you will be warned in the comment box if your entry is in danger of being removed, and you have a day or two to fix it.


Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The Daily Poem Rules
-The Daily Poem
-The Daily Poem Format
-The list of Daily Poets
-The list of Master Poets
-The Poets meeting point
-The help index

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2004-06-14 [brandi_080786]: ok thank you

2004-06-15 [seabreeze]: How long does it take for a poem to appear on the daily poem page nce it has been posted?

2004-06-15 [Ocean Dreaming]: Any length of time. See the question about when poems appear ;)

2004-06-16 [seabreeze]: can your poem still go on Elf Town Main Street if it is daily_poem 2, 3 or 4?

2004-06-17 [Ocean Dreaming]: *sigh* Yes. That's why the pages exist.

2004-06-17 [seabreeze]: ok soz 

2004-07-03 [Cowboy]: doz it matter what kind a poem it is????? does it have to rhyme???????

2004-07-03 [Ocean Dreaming]: All that matters is that it follows the few rules we have. You can find them on the pages themselves. In short - any technical form is accepted. You'll see that most poems are free-form as it is ^-^ And a lot of them don't rhyme. It's just the content (well, and really improper spelling/grammar) that we can deem inappropriate.

2004-08-09 [Konobi]: hmm.....I've seen the same poem on et mainstreet for a few days now... having technical difficulty?

2004-08-09 [True, plain and simple]: No, I think my poem and the description of the situation that follows it explain what's going on pretty good! ;)

2004-09-18 [Nyki]: Wait, so if a poem uses bad grammer just because it's... well... the -style- of the poem, it won't get posted?

2004-09-18 [Ocean Dreaming]: Actually, it will get removed. Poetic freedom doesn't mean you can throw all rules out the window. There are limits.

2004-09-24 [psychoflea]: Yo, i want to post my poems on the daily poems but it has a password! what the hell??!?!?! I can't put my poems on the bottom of the page if i don't have the password!

2004-09-24 [Ocean Dreaming]: You could try reading this page and the comments on the DP because your question is answered there.

2005-01-02 [Catlover]: This is going to make me sound really stupid, but my poem can still go up on Elfwood if it's featured here? I'm sure the answer's 'yes', but I wanted to check!

2005-01-23 [Ocean Dreaming]: Of course it can. ^-^ You relinquish no rights (save very probably first publication rights) by submitting your work to the DP.

2005-02-18 [starrose]: How do you submit poetry?

2005-02-18 [True, plain and simple]: .....Hm..See the first of the 'Top Three Questions'..

2005-03-28 [sexay]: I'm new and I'm not sure where to go to write my poems

2005-03-28 [Ocean Dreaming]: Poets' meeting point is a good place to start. Unless you want to submit to the Daily Poem, then you should the FAQ.

2005-04-19 [WillowWeaver]: ok i've read the FAQ's and the Daily Format, and the Daily poem rules. i'm still unsure what to it stinks always bein' confused...'-_-

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