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The Daily Poem Bosses are those who choose which of the poems on the Daily Poem page gets put up on Main Street. Visit the Daily Poem page if you wish to participate in the Daily Poem.


The Daily Poem Bosses

Illustrious [Stephen]
Illustrious [hanhepi]

Daily Poem Bosses Veterans#DP Bosses

(Webart by [Levoton])


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2003-09-05 [Anonymous]: Somebody with time, please add a description of what the daily poem boss is, and a link to the daily poem wiki page. And also an advice of not messing the poem page, making sure they place the poem in the right place and dont annoy the poem bosses or they will be spanked by the Guards.

2003-10-30 [Calico Tiger]: Ok, finally added a description ;) Hope it all made sense ^_^

2004-01-08 [Cutey]: Poetry is so cool

2004-03-18 [VĂ«aneron]: hey someone deleted my poem...

2004-03-19 [Cristina]: Yes, I've already taken care of that, read my coments in daily_poem for more information ^_^

2004-04-15 [Nite_Owl]: How do you become a DP Boss?

2004-04-24 [Cristina]: Just like for other official ET jobs the Daily Poem Team choose their teamates from the council

2004-05-13 [toedels]: If a poem gets selected, does the author get warned about it? Is it than when he receives that emblem:p?

2004-05-13 [True, plain and simple]: Yes. You will be notified with a guestbook message once a poem you have written is featured. You will then recieve a Daily Poet badge. :)

2004-05-20 [VĂ«aneron]: How do you select the poems. I guess everyone should recieve the badje,we all put up something that is special for us

2004-05-20 [True, plain and simple]: We go through them and decide which ones we think are the best choice to be featured. The people who are featured then get badges.

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