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2007-05-06 10:29:41
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[Awww!!! can I keep it? Pleeez?!?!]

Series synopsis;
Zap has moved in with the GG Crew and having a blast as they get up to all sorts of highjinks and pursue love and Xbox 360 games, prepare to be baffled at the constant game and film references from the sharpest wit since Grayham Nortan. Inspired from other smash hits in the Emotion revolution Empire, and has inspired other comedy series, such as Apocolyspe Later

Episode 1 synopsis;
-A cliche too far-
Written by - Zap
Art by - Zap

Uh Oh! Dr Cliche has captured the GG Team! Can anyone save them? And where the hell is Grevious? It looks grim for the GG Team - How can they escape Dr Cliche's clutches? Will it be over before it begins? And Why am I asking so many questions?!?!

The comic is the link below, i suggest you download it to avoid spoilers
[Link not ready]

Episode 2 Synopsis;
-Yaoi special-
Written by - Bill and Jon
Art by - Zap

By request of the REAL Bill and Jon, the second comic features them and just one of the many morning they wake up, not knowing whats going on!

The comic is the link below, i suggest you download it to avoid spoilers
[Link not ready]

Episode 3 Synopsis;
Written by - Fruba
Art by - Zap

Greivy has been on the phone to someone, and is going to meet them somewhere, could it be drugs? Illigal weapons? or maybe something worse! Its up to the GG team (Minus Jon, he got lost) To find out!!!

The comic is the link below, i suggest you download it to avoid spoilers
[Link not ready]

Episode 4 Synopsis;
-To War-
Written by - Bill and Jon
Art by - Zap

Bill and Jon are at War, End of War to be precise, and although they are already in that series, they woke up in a Universe where they already are, but they don't care, they just sit in the position rambling on about Buggery, Drugs and their Love lives

The comic is the link below, left click to visit the page on my DA where its at ^^
Part One;
Part two;
[Link not Ready]

[Comic Number 7]
GREEVS WITH A FISH!!!;qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps
Charactors of DMTPM

[Comic Number 8]
Greevs Greevs Psychiatry!

[Credits to;]
[Mooncows Shadow]
Bill and Jon

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2007-02-19 [Katie_and_GG]: .. Im sorry I turned you into an owl.. I DRAW YOU MAKE UP PICTURE! (like I did with Faith a little hil ago...remember that? the one where GG ripped Grievous up into bits?)...

2007-02-19 [Zapinc]: awww.. how could i forget?!

2007-02-19 [Katie_and_GG]: I know.. but I will draw you.... something.... of course..:D

2007-02-23 [Mooncows Shadow]: Thanks for mentioning Apocolyspe later! ^^

2007-02-23 [Zapinc]: Meh - Its awesomeness, dont worry about it.
You seem to be very tied up in copyright issues, Oli, dont worry about them, none gives a rats ass about copyright infringement these days, so listen to me - NEVER say ANYTHING about it AGAIN, dont worry, mate. Noting bads going to happen ^.^

2007-02-25 [Mooncows Shadow]: I hope your right or your head would fit in my collection nicely!........................................JOKE!!! ^^

2007-02-25 [Zapinc]: ....OOHH!! I get it now! Yeah - Thats a good one, ill use that on Trollope sometime ^^

2007-02-25 [Mooncows Shadow]: Heh... I've been too tied up to do my first comic so far! May start it tomorow... *rubs chin*

2007-03-02 [Katie_and_GG]: you completely forgot about this...-_-

2007-03-02 [Zapinc]: how do you mean? im a slow worker, thats all!

2007-03-02 [Mooncows Shadow]: so am i

2007-03-08 [Katie_and_GG]: meh.. well update it somehow.. its been like AGES

2007-03-08 [Zapinc]: Im aware...

2007-03-11 [Katie_and_GG]: -_-...

2007-03-11 [XxTsomexX]: ^^

2007-03-11 [Katie_and_GG]: who are u?

2007-03-11 [XxTsomexX]: im a watcher :P

2007-03-11 [Zapinc]: yay! ive finished scanning - ill just compile them and theyll be ready ^^

2007-03-11 [XxTsomexX]: yay!

2007-03-15 [Zapinc]: there - Ive just posted part 1 of episode 4, its 7mb big, so be careful

2007-05-06 [Zapinc]: there parts 7 and 8 ^^

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