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2006-01-15 09:34:35
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had pics and giffs but they all disapeared

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2004-10-12 [lil funky squirrel]: ummm.....

2005-01-21 [lenardo]: hi

2005-03-03 [Gone4Eva]: mmmmmmmmmmm

2005-03-03 [lil funky squirrel]: ?

2005-03-04 [MarkyMark]: DBZ rocks!

2005-03-04 [Gone4Eva]: lool

2005-03-12 [MarkyMark]: I got some new pictures for you guys enjoy

2005-03-16 [Gone4Eva]: thanks

2005-04-07 [DemonButtyz105]: Can i join?

2005-05-01 [Avarice]: Dragon Ball Z is the best thing to ever come out of japan. I love it

2005-05-13 [lenardo]: does any one like dbgt

2005-10-24 [Son Goku]: :) of course of course.... the japanese one's way better than the english thing, though. and remember folks, I am Goku

2006-01-28 [Saffron]: dragonball Z

2009-02-08 [yamisango]: hello

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