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Crystal Academy

Welcome the School of magic and History. Here is were all creatures come whether scholars, mages,
to simple peasents. All are welcome! Please look around and enjoy.


Crystal Library

Chamber of Summons

Ketsuri's Study

Tyradias Special Events

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Tyradias RP

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2009-10-14 [Talos Cyrion]: hmm should there be a list of teachers? It's not a must obviously just wondering.

2009-10-14 [Eyden13]: It's a good idea, I actually considred it. I'll seee how many characters there will be. But ever teacher does get their own study., which will be a RP room.

2009-10-14 [Talos Cyrion]: ok sounds good to me :)

2009-10-14 [Eyden13]: If you get the cnace can you write a discription of your study, then I can put the wiki link of it up.

2009-10-15 [Talos Cyrion]: ok will do

2011-04-25 [Talos Cyrion]: which room do we start in?

2011-04-27 [Eyden13]: any, you pic

2011-04-28 [Talos Cyrion]: hmph....well which one hasn't been used in awhile? an should i bring in Abarhi or leave him for something later on?

2011-04-28 [Eyden13]: I'm in Crystal Library. Check out the newspaper updates for all my rps.

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