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Crowfeather's Coloring Book


Wiki Owner/creator: [crowfeather]
Created: Jan. 29, 2008
Disclamer: All black and white art is copyrighted by original artist Dawn Star Wood ([crowfeather]) and all colored art is copyrighted by the respective artists themselves. Do not post without permission of the artists, Thank you.



Welcome! It has come to my attention that some of my black and white pieces have been popular to many of my friends to color in so I have figured the best way share is by creating the 'coloring book'. Here is some of my black and white drawings which I am letting you all to color. So if you have any questions, feel free to drop a line.

To those of you who decide to color in these pieces, let me know so that I can go ahead and post them. If you choose to post them in galleries (deviantART, Elfwood, etc.), I ask for you to please give me proper credit and link me ( ). I will me adding the links of the pictures as well to help out.



Coloring Artists
The following are those who have colored pictures. ^_^ Please visit them and their galleries (if applicable).
1. [Triola]
2. [TheRogue]


Coloring pages

<img:>Crow's coloring pages Come look over some of my drawings and choose which one you might be interested in coloring.

<img:>Pages Colored <i>Behold some of the colorings of other artists. Post comments and show some love ^_^


Sister sites/wikis
<img:>Sunny Featured Art - hosted by the wonderful [Sunrose]
<img:> December Dance - A rough draft story that I had started writing but need to get back into working on. For regular readers, I apologize for the delay.
<img:> Rogue's Fish Tank - A wiki fishtank for [TheRogue] where people have drawn and added fishes ^_^

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2008-01-30 [Zab]: *watches*

2008-01-30 [crowfeather]: Hey there Zab.. ^^

2008-01-31 [snowwolfsa]: ohhhhhhhhh..... umm...err ok... Ms. Wolf^ ditto to the abouve!!!!!!! im the insane person!

2008-01-31 [crowfeather]: lol

2008-02-04 [White Wolf guardian of snow and ice]: -growls at snow- I'm insane too yeah know! DON'T MAKE ME GO NIJA ON YOU!

2008-02-04 [crowfeather]: oh god my siblings are nuts..

2008-02-05 [snowwolfsa]: Bring it.... you dont want none of this sister!!!! *snaps fingers infront of face

2008-02-05 [crowfeather]: o_o whoa.. never thought I would see that

2008-02-05 [snowwolfsa]: *steals crows pants and runs!

2008-02-05 [crowfeather]: O_O my pants!

2008-02-05 [snowwolfsa]: *cuddles the pair of pants in the corner of the room "miiiinnnnnneeeeeeee"

2008-02-05 [crowfeather]: ^^; my pants are being cuddled now..

2008-02-05 [snowwolfsa]: O.O *leaps at and steals your underwear, bolting for the nearest closet* MYNE MYNE MYNE MYNE

2008-02-05 [crowfeather]: #O____________O# *covers up*

2008-02-05 [snowwolfsa]: *peeks out of the closet, before grinning and bolting again stealing crows shirt, the jumping back into the closet* BONZAI!!!!!!! *locks door*

2008-02-05 [crowfeather]: ah hell *sits on floor naked*

2008-02-05 [snowwolfsa]: ^.^ * peeks out of the closet, looks around* ^______________^ * runs over grabbing crow, and dragging her into the closet, before standing infront of the door doing a victory stance* ^_^\/ *jumps into the closet

2008-02-05 [crowfeather]: ^^; silly

2008-02-05 [snowwolfsa]: *ties you up* shoosh you, naked prisoners dont talk!

2008-02-07 [Mortified Penguin]: ...*eats ramen*...

2008-02-07 [snowwolfsa]: *sniffs the air "be right back" bolts out of the closet, and steals the bowl of ramen, running back into the closet

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