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2009-11-03 21:00:23
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Name: Crimson Shadows
Age: 23
Race: Angel/Vampire
Class: assassin/mage
History: Crimson grew up in the palace with Acadaith and is utterly in love with him. Although, she knows she can never have him, she does all she can to keep him safe and protect his ideals. She is loyal only to him, not her country or anything else. He is the only who sees her soft side and the only who calls her Crimson. Everyone else knows her as Shadow. Crimson is also a flirt, resigned to the fact that she can't have Acadaith she takes both males and females when she feels lonely. She is intensely jealous of the guys Acadaith brings and still hopes that he'll one day turn to her for companionship.
Abilities: She is an expert with blades and poisons. She can manipulate shadows into illusions or weapons
Weaknesses: Being confined in any way or bright light... jealousy
Strengths: fighting in the dark, her magic
Sexual preference:both
Relations: friend to Acadaith
Items of Importance: A sash made of red and black silk that are her assassin colors it is the Signal that she is a master at her art, and allows her to blend into shadows easily and completely. Two black swords made of black steel

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2009-11-08 [Silver Moon]: cool I like this character ^-^ add her in

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