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Creatures Wiki


This is the list of the wikis for unhuman creatures:


~*~Angels Sent From Heaven~*~
Anthro Lovers
A.V.P Fans United
Brotherhood of the Brooms
Castle of the elves
Centaur Lair
Crazy Goths
Creatures of the Dark
Crypt of the Damned
Demonology Studies
Demons Inside
Elftown Paranormal Society
Elven Union
Estate on the Outskirts
Faeries forever
Fantasy beasts
Fellow demons
Gryphon Lovers
House on the Outskirts
Lycans United
Modern Witches, Warlocks, and Vampires
Oronra Estate
Phoenix unite
Rag Doll
The Demon Race
The Dominion of the Garden Gnomes
The Horde
The Moon's Pack
The realm of Barad-Dyrm
The True Elementals
The Wolf Pack
Underworld: No one lives
Unicorns Are Antelope
Unicorns Unite
V.W.W. Vampires, witches and werewolves
Winged Freaks

Dragon Wikis:

Dragon Freaks
Dragon Luvers
Dragon Pride
Dragonriders of Pern
Dragons Eyes
Dragons Unite
Dragons United
Dragoons and Dragon Riders
Draumr Du Dragon
Elemental Dragons
Hall of Dragons
Imaginary Dragon Store
Inner Dragons
Orta Dragoon Breeding/Training Facility
Pauls art
Pern Fans
Pure Dragons
The World of Dragons
Ultimate Dragons


70 wikis

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2004-09-19 [Yoruno]: *ahem* sorry... a little mistake... which cathegory do you prefer? Tell me, and I will add it in there, promised. ^^U

2004-10-23 [winged unknown]: Eeee.. umm is this how you do this?.. I'm not really sure.. but um, I'd like to add These Wings... Meep, help! But I would like a wiki for all the winged... I'm only a little obsessed

2004-10-24 [Yoruno]: Uh... well, first of all you have to do the wiki you want. Check wiki_intro if you wanna know how. Once it´s done, just writte the name in comments in this page, and we´ll add it to the index. ^_^

2004-11-17 [Wes Foxx]: no Anthro Lovers? Óô

2004-11-17 [Blaithin]: you would like it added?

2004-11-17 [Gone123456789]: Anthro Lovers has been added.

2004-11-17 [Blaithin]: guess so, heh

2004-11-17 [Gone123456789]: dont ask just add lol

2004-11-17 [Blaithin]: get that number up! hehehe

2004-11-17 [Gone123456789]: number? oh nvm... hehe

2005-01-14 [Living to please Elizabeth]: add A.V.P Fans United please ^_^

2005-01-18 [Yoruno]: A.V.P Fans United has been added ^^

2005-04-02 [Sillydeadweight]: oke people i'm creating a new realm of the dwarves called the realm of Barad-Dyrm can any help getting it started?

2005-04-04 [Yoruno]: It has been added, but if you wanna have some advertizing, go to wiki feedback!, or you can use the advertizing forum...

2005-06-23 [Dance Louder, Sing Harder]: ahhh Accio

2005-07-12 [GriffinDWolf]: add The Moon's Pack it is a work in progress but we're getting there

2005-07-12 [GriffinDWolf]: please and thanx

2005-07-12 [Yoruno]: Added!

2005-07-12 [GriffinDWolf]: *huggles* thank you

2005-12-22 [Gone123456789]: Added.

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