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The Creature List



A List of Creatures and Beasties
<img0*40:stuff/Dragon_grn-3_left.gif>  of the Fantasy and Fiction Realms  <img0*40:stuff/Dragon_grn-3_right.gif>


This page is owned and operated by [Angel Dreamer]
And assisted by her volunteering [#Creature Cronies] (linked to bottom)

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See The Creature List in full
And the
Fantasy Endangered Species List


      This is a list of fantasy creatures, monsters, beasties and critters in alphabetical order. Each of them has been created by the minds of Elftown's artists, authors, or fans of popular fiction works (Please remember your APA Formatting, Fans!)

      Despite being open for any and all contributions to the Creature Pages, there is a system that we use here on the List:

   - Each creature gets its own page and description section.

   - Any passwords MUST BE deleted before changing ownership (see next rule), allowing for better management of the list.

   - All pages should have their ownership changed to [Angel Dreamer], the owner and moderator of the List. If you do not like this rule, TOUGH COOKIES, because we need to be able to make changes to the pages too!

   - MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you do add anything to one of the descriptions, kindly leave a message at the bottom of this page saying what you did.

   - If you want to add a creature that is not already here, you must follow the above rules OR message [Angel Dreamer] with the name of the creature, a description, and where the information came from.

      These creatures and beasties are most useful for those involved in story-writing, and in the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay, part of the WFR Creative Writing and RPG Guild.

      See also, The Classroom : A classroom on Creatures and Beasties


    [Angel Dreamer]'s Creature Cronies:
    Assistants: [Linn Scarlett], [Kim_Lundin]
    Banners by [SilverFire]
    Dividers & Graphics from Elftown Graphics and [Artsieladie]

    Creature Pages are created by Elftown Member Volunteers:
    Contributing members and participants of the Elftown Creature Marathon
    [xido] and the WFR Guild Members of the Wiki Fiction Roleplay
    AND Comments from helpers all over the Web.

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2003-05-07 [Angel Dreamer]: bats aren't fantasy creatures, they're real

2003-05-08 [Angel Dreamer]: funny, i've been kinda wanting to do something like this for a while now. maybe a wiki link to a description of the creature would be good, too.

2003-05-11 [Riku.Destiny..]: Skeleton

2003-06-13 [Mirime]: may I add something?

2003-06-13 [Angel Dreamer]: knock yourself out...feel free to add to any descriptions, too

2003-06-24 [(J.R.)]: Efrit is spelled with an "I". If you'er talking about the elemental. It's Ifrit.

2003-06-24 [Angel Dreamer]: no, efrit is the way mom said it was spelled....that's about all she could tell me about it

2003-07-25 [Lokasenna]: What about the Unselighe Sidhe?

2003-09-07 [Linderel]: I think the cockatrace should be written with 'i'... like cockatrice.

2003-09-12 [Akat16]: I probably mispelled mine up in "d"

2003-09-12 [Angel Dreamer]: deity, as in god-thingy? that's right, its just not alphabetized

2003-09-16 [Lokasenna]: What About The FURIES???

2003-09-22 [Sylanya]: this is cool, but are you gonna make a page for every creature? or just some

2003-09-22 [Sylanya]: btw, i can help on the mermaid page, i know a lot about them! ^.^

2003-09-22 [Angel Dreamer]: if i come across info on a creature, i make a page except when i've been too lazy. i'd love it if anyone can add onto any creature they know about ^_^

2003-09-29 [Winged Beastie]: Is it okay if I add something?

2003-09-29 [Angel Dreamer]: yeah, go ahead

2003-09-30 [Winged Beastie]: Thankee.

2003-10-01 [Klyle]: I would but i am to lazy to complete anyth

2003-10-04 [xido]: LOL@Klyle not completing ANYTHING....! OK, I'll try to help out a bit. I like to make new wiki pages....:) Soon, these can all be used for races in the WFR...

2003-10-06 [Silversong]: lol...All the ones i know about have already been described as best they can be!!

2003-10-28 [xido]: I'd like to nominate this page to be added to the WFR. If there is someone that would be willing to maintain it, adding descriptions for things, etc. Whoever created or 'owns' this page, could you message me, and is there anyone who can help define the lesser-known creatures on here? Wiki Fantasy Roleplay, when the 'owner' wants to post it up there...

2003-10-30 [xido]: Ummmm...I think I made a few changes....Hard to think of what I did...... x.O  Alien and agent are gone; agent has only a modern referance to acting substances and political standings....if someone can back this up, and EDIT THE WIKI, it's free to be resubmitted. Chinese fox? Is that a Kitsune? We've got Kitsune, I'm quite sure... All the question marks should be looked at quickly, and if no one can back up some of the more eccentric entities here, I'd prefer they be released from their duties..... Halfblood? Is that a Half-Person/Hybrid, or it's own thing.... If it's for Yuan-Ti, just add the term on that page.....Mage and Necromancer are gone; those are classes/rank/title

2003-10-30 [xido]: EDIT THESE WIKI PAGES. THE ONES WITH NOTHING ON THEM SHOULD BE ADDED TO BY ANYONE AND EVERYONE INVOLVED IN ACTIVE ROLEPLAY. When a wiki is determined to have some form of content on it, it should be marked with a star (*) after its entry in this list. Anything with extensive description needs two stars (**), and a wiki with pics, wiki-links, or any other special content should be marked with three (***) If a wiki has no content, that is found to be similar enough to another posted wiki, it should be removed, and its name kept in the list, (but with a comment on where to look for it) ie, werecreature (see Lycanthrope@wiki).

2003-10-30 [xido]: I have a sincere urge to take down the grateful dead gophers, if no one objects. I'm up for any person who is willing to give me an adequate reason for keeping them up, however.....Creativity rules over rationality.

2003-10-30 [xido]: Welcome to the WFR. <img:>

2003-10-30 [Angel Dreamer]: the origin of the grateful dead gophers did give me a good reason for putting them up. trust me, he worked for them

2003-10-31 [xido]: OKIE DOKIE.........well,

2003-11-03 [xido]: See the ShadowRealm for Buddha.....posting it here for secrecy from the purple vortex......x.o (sneaky)

2003-11-03 [Resiska]: YOU FORGOT THE KAHLEL!!!!! :-p

2003-11-03 [Resiska]: YOU FORGOT THE KAHLEL!!!!! :-P

2003-11-03 [Angel Dreamer]: so add them :P

2003-11-04 [xido]: Isn't that Superman's Kryptonian name?  What are those?

2003-11-08 [xido]: Am I doing good at helping, angel?

2003-11-08 [Angel Dreamer]: yes you're wonderful xido ^_^

2003-11-09 [xido]: ^_^.....*pilsbury doughboy laugh* Hm

2003-11-09 [Saber]: aint a basilisk and a cockatrice one in the same?

2003-11-09 [xido]: ?.?  I don't think so...... at least not by what I know.....and that's mainly D&D. A cockatrice is a monstrous bird of sorts, and a basilisk is a large reptilian creature, but they can both turn you to stone. The basilisk uses its eyes/gaze attack, and a cockatrice has to peck you, and decide to cast a spell-like ability on you.......does that help? And that's just D& could be different elsewhere.   x.o

2003-11-09 [Saber]: abit i thought a basalisk had the head of a cockeral (harry potter just made it the red thingie on the head) and a dragon's tail and wings, iut can breathe fire, an its gaze turns u to stone. A weasel, a cock crowing and it's reflection are the only things that can kill it (though thinking about it cockatrice comes into a different mythology so there probably alike but different species or something.)

2003-11-09 [Angel Dreamer]: red thingie? i thought the hp basalisk was a giant snake...and yes, i do mean the book one

2003-11-09 [Saber]: the book one is a giant snake with the crest (the red thingie) of a cockral on its head...the movie left that out

2003-11-09 [Angel Dreamer]: hm...must go re-read. anyway, both have descriptions from the same place up now

2003-11-09 [Saber]: i think it is anyway not sure now....>< cool theres shades out of the wheel of time series up YAY

2003-11-30 [Amerity]: WHat abou nightelf...and to I go about doing this.,..or do you do that?

2003-12-01 [Angel Dreamer]: just edit it yourself and say in the comments what you did. um, if its a type of elf, just go up to the elf wiki page and put a description of nightelfs there....

2003-12-02 [xido]: yeah.....ask Angel the questions here....not me......I just contribute....she's the head honcho.

2003-12-02 [Linderel]: I added information about dryads, wyverns and zombies... hope they're okay. ^^

2003-12-04 [xido]: Excellent.... *drums fingers accordingly*

2003-12-04 [Angel Dreamer]: couple new creatures....oni, rusalkas, poleviks, and thunderbirds

2003-12-21 [Tal Anduril]: How about muses?

2003-12-21 [xido]: add it, and make a wiki page for's all you, boy!

2003-12-21 [Tal Anduril]: [Nere] has a muse shop, that's where I bought Yu; so maybe she should do it.

2003-12-21 [xido]: lazy...........:P

2003-12-21 [Tal Anduril]: that too, besides the only muse I know is Yu.

2003-12-21 [Angel Dreamer]: if ya add muse, can you fix the t's? i forgot the space and comma between thunderbird and titan >.<

2003-12-29 [Angel Dreamer]: there's descriptions i got off a lotr site....dragons, dwarfs, elves, ents, hobbits, and ringwraiths

2003-12-29 [Linderel]: Added information about brownies, doppelgangers, lamias, leprechauns, unicorns, werecreatures, wyrms, the yeti and the yuan-ti. Pfee....

2003-12-31 [xido]: Wow! Nice work, thank you!

2004-01-03 [Nere]: Added the Felynne.....will work on muses if you want ppl....:P

2004-01-03 [Nere]: also added Bean Sidhe and Drake...

2004-01-03 [Angel Dreamer]: yay...this thing has grown so much since it got started XD

2004-01-03 [xido]: Woohoo! That's how it works...if everyone just contributes a little at a time, it just gets bigger and better. How's that history of Eastonia I sent you?

2004-01-03 [Angel Dreamer]: long ^_^ is it ok if i make stuff up, like names of rebles or overlords and stuff?

2004-01-03 [~deicide~]: awesome can i make some new characters?

2004-01-03 [Angel Dreamer]: um....this list is for fantasy creatures, not characters

2004-01-03 [Linderel]: It seems that in the page pixie there is information about a character and not the creature...

2004-01-03 [Angel Dreamer]: that's cause it got turned into a link without being checked first....

2004-01-05 [xido]: A pixie is nothing more than a type of faerie/fae/sprite.....we should consolidate these kinds of things onto singular pages, so we can avoid more issues like this. Merpeople is my biggest worry....there's so many that could be stuck together on one page....Fae is another.

2004-01-05 [Angel Dreamer]: what did nere do??

2004-01-05 [xido]: added the word DESCRIPTION to PIXIE to make it a better page......if that's all......nope, DRAGON too.......I think that's all

2004-01-05 [Angel Dreamer]: no, i did that to pixie and dragon....O.o

2004-01-06 [Nere]: oh...i added Daoine Sidhe...sorry...late night :P

2004-01-06 [Angel Dreamer]: i took the 'also known as' bit off the daoine sidhe, that can go on the page itself

2004-01-06 [Nere]: yeah..i only put it there cause it starts off with their other name :P doesn't really matter...ppl will figure it out...

2004-01-06 [Angel Dreamer]: sheesh...there's like 5 different pages for sidhe's on here...O.o

2004-01-06 [Von and Lex]: there are no sirens....

2004-01-06 [xido]: there were.....I'm even watching the page still....I just looked at it in my list. siren

2004-01-06 [Angel Dreamer]: its under the merfolk page ^_^

2004-01-06 [xido]: ahha! So it is done then. Yippee!

2004-01-07 [Angel Dreamer]: O.o its been like that for a while xido....

2004-01-30 [Angel Dreamer]: kistune was edited....i just fixed the grammar on it

2004-02-07 [Golthimere]: hey, could i add a story of gnomes, there is no information on them

2004-02-07 [Angel Dreamer]: info? or just a story?

2004-02-09 [Hilohello]: This place is empty...I added descriptions for the Kappa and gremlins....

2004-02-09 [Angel Dreamer]: thankies ^_^

2004-02-11 [xido]: If you add anything about gnomes, just make sure it mentions the fact that these may not be 'typical' gnomes. I've seen some differences between your concept of gnomes, and what I view as the more orthodox view of them.

2004-02-17 [Angel Dreamer]: hilo....what did you change? o.o

2004-02-18 [Hilohello]: Huh? Just put up what kappa and gremlins are...The links were there, but not anything else.

2004-02-18 [Hilohello]: And for good measure, I have also added a definition to the red cap.

2004-02-18 [Cailet Rille]: 'Allo! I just put in a new creature, called the Eyrien plus a definition.

2004-02-22 [Hilohello]: I added a creature called the zig-zag-zee...

2004-02-25 [Gwendylyyn]: look in monster manual of D&D- you shall find many more

2004-02-26 [Angel Dreamer]: does nobody read the thing at the top?? vamp, would you please say what you changed on this page?

2004-03-08 [Lokasenna]: I chaged bean sidhe to Bane Sidhe

2004-03-09 [Angel Dreamer]: just out of curiosity, why?

2004-03-11 [zinny]: Yo, i did archon fer ya. Do you mind if i just go through the monster's manual and type in all the cra....ud?

2004-03-11 [Angel Dreamer]: that would be great, just be sure to say which ones you do :D

2004-03-11 [bluefan44]: this place would be wonderful to come to for ideas on monsters and how they may lookk.

2004-03-19 [zinny]: yup...ok...must motivate a sec.

2004-03-27 [Lycaon pictus]: I added wolf and the description.. If that will do.. O_o I hope for gods sake I didn't do anything wrong.

2004-03-27 [Angel Dreamer]: wolves arent fantasy creatures....werewolves yes, but we've already got a place for those

2004-03-27 [Angel Dreamer]: and i ask at the top of this page for people to say what they change....i keeps me from going nuts :P

2004-03-27 [Lycaon pictus]: Uhhm.. Well, Wolves can be fantasy too, they can be magical? :P Well, Anyways.. I added wolf and all the information that is on the wiki page Wolf. Erhm, I added the wolf part because of a character that I am doing. Uhmm.. But other from that I just created the wolf part.. If that was ok, that is.. I can delete it otherwise.. O_o" I don't want to make something that people don't like.

2004-03-27 [Angel Dreamer]: about a magical creatures? that way the 'normal' creatures that have magical abilities can go there

2004-03-27 [Lycaon pictus]: Hmm.. Good idea.. I will move it over there instead.. Should I move the whole wiki page to that place?

2004-03-27 [Angel Dreamer]: just put a link to wolf on it, there should be others soon

2004-03-27 [Angel Dreamer]: ahh!!! *falls over*

2004-03-27 [Lycaon pictus]: What? Did I do something wrong?

2004-03-27 [Angel Dreamer]: just me being nuts....what'd you do?

2004-03-27 [Lycaon pictus]: I do? I do nothing special.. I am wondering if my character even will be admitted to WFR. O_o"

2004-03-27 [Angel Dreamer]: which one's yours?

2004-03-27 [Lycaon pictus]: I haven't added it yet.. I have created it on a wiki page to make it more efficient. Wanna see it? It owuld be good if someone could come with some proper critic. ^_^

2004-03-27 [Angel Dreamer]: yeah, message me the link and stuff ^_^

2004-03-28 [iippo]: may one add here a creature that has been created in a story or an rpg or something? (btw, this place is handy for a Hogwarts rpg, for the teachers to use)

2004-03-28 [Angel Dreamer]: if there's a complete description of the creature, then sure. it cant just be a name, though, or it'll get deleted

2004-03-28 [iippo]: ok. how about a picture? can i put a picture up in the desc. page?

2004-03-28 [Angel Dreamer]: picture away, but it still needs a written description

2004-03-30 [greenhulkster]: Hi I added Archangel but I could not add the description and the apropiate picture and whats with the password thingy? I like this page alot because I like mythical creatures and heavenly beings. I can add more things but I need to know how to add things and pictures to this page so that your page will have alot of interesting stuff on there along with pictures and descriptions. so send me a message describing how to do these things and I will be glad to help and provide images of either my own drawings (can I put images from the web or not?) no right because copyright laws? sorry so long but I like this page alot

2004-03-31 [iippo]: allright, now, if someone would comment here at least once i could find my way back here next sun, and do an addment...

2004-03-31 [Angel Dreamer]: alright, we actually have stuff on the angel page now!! ^_^


2004-04-01 [greenhulkster]: In the centaur database I added a link about art and a pic from the site

2004-04-01 [greenhulkster]: I've added 2 angel images in the angel description

2004-04-01 [greenhulkster]: add information about cockatrice and cyclops

2004-04-01 [greenhulkster]: ADDED ELEMENTALS

2004-04-01 [Veltzeh]: Take off that Cyclops. It belongs to an RPG I'm in. If you want to have a page that has the same exact name, do a wikipage named " Cyclops" (notice the SPACE before Cyclops). If it's taken, do TWO spaces. OK? Just DON'T go changing other people's wikis!

2004-04-02 [Hilohello]: I did that.

2004-04-02 [Hilohello]: I did that. Space before name, I mean.

2004-04-02 [Hilohello]: Added banacon, corocotta, gansas, behemoth. Editied leviathan, Jabberwocky. Helped all the lazy people by making all the un-linked critters into links.

2004-04-04 [iippo]: added mundagiller

2004-04-08 [Angel Dreamer]: hilohello, to your comment about laziness: i prefered creatures without descriptions to not be links, but xido went on a rampage when he got access to this. its not out of laziness, its out of me wanting to see at a glance what had stuff and what didnt.

2004-04-08 [greenhulkster]: Please feel free to leave your coments on the Archangel description and the links that follow

2004-04-08 [greenhulkster]: added Faun info

2004-04-08 [greenhulkster]: added Efrit, Giants, and Minotaur info

2004-04-08 [Hilohello]: No, I meant that some people won't add stuff if there isn't a link. Sorry....

2004-04-09 [Angel Dreamer]: ah. ok, i must have read the comment wrong then :P

2004-04-11 [iippo]: yeah, but yet again, they might not add if the page's empty. don't wanna be the first one...

2004-04-13 [greenhulkster]: please visit the archangel creature description, lots of info and history

2004-04-15 [xido]: I didn't go on a rampage, I made things more efficient.......okay, so it was a little rampaging......but happy....  :)

2004-04-17 [iippo]: well i think that who adds the creature to the list really should put a description too... cos A) they prob. know about the thing if they know it's name n B) ppl don't have tme to check pages if it has desc or not. so ppl shouldn't add to the list if they're not putting desc, or not at least make a link out of it.

2004-04-17 [Angel Dreamer]: that would be nice...but alot of the creatures were put up before i started putting descriptions for the creatures

2004-04-18 [iippo]: tricky... i miss the old times when wikilinks weren't always bolded. that way u could bold the ones that still need description...

2004-04-19 [xido]: italics! great idea, iippo!

2004-04-24 [iippo]: okay, nicely read between the lines... o.O ehheehee........... ^^;

2004-04-26 [xido]: yeah, the ones with something on them, and semi-finished can be italicized, and anything added to it can be starred with an asterisk (*) if it has been added to, and if it still needs info. everything edited in italics, and additions or portions with an's that for a fair idea?

2004-04-26 [Angel Dreamer]: i'm not sure about the asterisk thing, but go for it :D

2004-05-13 [Angel Dreamer]: goblins has a description and stuff now...

2004-05-16 [iippo]: or the newly discovered Underline could be used too!

2004-05-16 [xido]: what's the command for that?

2004-05-23 [iippo]: U /U... only capital U works, dunno why..

2004-05-23 [xido]: So this should be underlined....And it IS!!!!!

2004-05-26 [iippo]: yahoo!

2004-05-30 [Cougar]: 0.o Well i donno what is up with how this should be in there but i added the Tlanso under the T's ... lemme know if i did anything wrong...

2004-05-30 [xido]: good job. Thanks. :)

2004-05-30 [iippo]: someone commento here to link me... i shall begin Ze UnderLine Task!

2004-05-31 [Angel Dreamer]: thanks iippo, i'm too busy right now >.<

2004-06-05 [Angel Dreamer]: underline doesn't seem to work on wiki links, so i used italics instead....i got to the c's, and if you're watching those pages, i fixed tags...

2004-06-06 [xido]: Maybe Wraeththu? have to put the U and /U inside the wiki title. [ then U  name then /U @ wiki ]  Ahhhh, wait, no, that sends you to a different page.....  hmmmm, okay italics it is!!!!  Hey, can WRAETHTHU be a creature on the List?

2004-06-06 [Angel Dreamer]: um....they look basicly like superhumans....not exactly critters...

2004-06-07 [xido]: yes, good point. Not a valid entry for this, then?

2004-06-07 [Angel Dreamer]: yeah...

2004-06-08 [xido]: okie doke.  hey, what are we gonna do in the bar on that alien planet? I haven't thought of an idea, and my character is too tired at the moment to have any initiative, so I'm taking the follow on this one.... Planet 313 Z, or something.....

2004-06-08 [Angel Dreamer]: i'll come up with something after i get back in character....stupid comp still won't let me edit stuff

2004-06-09 [Nicolai Antredias]: I know a creature you can use. the baloth. me n my freinds created it.

2004-06-09 [Angel Dreamer]: does it have a good description? is it fantasy?

2004-06-09 [Nicolai Antredias]: it has a good description and it is fantasy.

2004-06-09 [Angel Dreamer]: then stick it up there ^_^ look at one of the other descriptions to get an idea of how to format the page

2004-06-09 [Nicolai Antredias]: ok its up, but cant find the rest of his description. as soon as i do ill put it up ok.

2004-06-09 [Angel Dreamer]: alright....can you fix the italics on this page? baloth shouldn't be in italics, it has a desc now (i'd fix it, but my comp is evil)

2004-06-09 [Nicolai Antredias]: bad comp. no being mean. behave.

2004-06-12 [xido]: yeah, you tell it O.o  I'm sure Angel hasn't done enough ranting and raving at it already....  :P  right, angel?  :)

2004-06-12 [Angel Dreamer]: ranting at my mom, more like....except now its messing up for her too :P its gonna stink if i have to wait till i get my own computer to start editing again

2004-06-12 [Nicolai Antredias]: oh no thats not good at all

2004-06-12 [xido]: We'll work together on it. Just have someone make the postings for you for a while. I'll try to help you when I can.  :)

2004-06-13 [iippo]: o.o

2004-06-13 [Angel Dreamer]: iippo! join my part of the awl! :P the two players in there are getting bored ^_^

2004-06-13 [iippo]: there's aNOTHER part o... and i just understood. comment in awl to link me there.

2004-07-10 [Angel Dreamer]: thank you, hilohello for your helpful comments ^_^ people, please read the top of this page

2004-07-22 [Angel Dreamer]: if anyone's been wondering what I've been doing (and you can't tell), I've been italicizing and *-ing groups of creatures, three letters at a time

2004-07-22 [Angel Dreamer]: if anyone's been wondering what I've been doing (and you can't tell), I've been italicizing and *-ing groups of creatures, three letters at a time. and ogier now has a description

2004-07-23 [emilyloker]: I just added an alternate spelling for pooka (phouka), and a new creature, the glaistig.

2004-07-24 [Angel Dreamer]: muse now has...something...on it

2004-07-28 [zinny]: So many creatures from the monsters manual... oh so sad...

2004-07-28 [xido]: it happens.....and it's not's standardized. There's a difference. There's so many to edit stuff into..... *whines*  Oooh, nice new tag, too, Angel. Didn't see it until now. Good stuff. ;)

2004-07-30 [NightHawk]: Hello, Owner(s) of this page... I merely wish to know if my services could be of use; I could fill many of the blank pages with full descriptions and perhaps add some ne creatures to the list if you so wish. ^^

2004-07-30 [Angel Dreamer]: yeah....just list the ones you've added descriptions down here and send new creatures to me

2004-07-31 [NightHawk]: okilies, I will do that when I have some time ^^ perhaps tonight, for some of the creatures I know off the top of my head :D

2004-08-03 [Angel Dreamer]: <poll:28803>, if ya'll would

2004-08-06 [xido]: what is it?

2004-08-06 [Angel Dreamer]: creature list poll....about questionable creatures on here

2004-08-06 [Angel Dreamer]: elves, dwarf, dryad, brownie, vampire, centaur have been changed; unari is now under elves; gnome, nymph, and fae have all been claimed and described and stuff; pheonixi is now added

2004-08-14 [Rialleah]: but i thought you were putting in Hylins..

2004-08-14 [Angel Dreamer]: send me a description of Hylins if you want them on here

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