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Please tell me if there are any problems, and feel free to comment on additions I could make or parts I could improve. Thanks! Enjoy!


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<img:>..Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Under Construction

<img:>..Bebop Pictures [New and Improved!!]

<img:>..Bebop Characters

<img:>..Bebop Quotes

<img:>..Bebop Sites

<img:>..Bebop Movies

<img:>..Bebop Game [New!]

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[InuzukaKiba]: i think it looks cool, nothing more than that

[Ktcm]: ~nods~ lol... well I mean I got it for how it looks, but truelly... if it's going to have other uses so be it

[InuzukaKiba]: ah, that makes sense

[Ktcm]: chances are me being attracted to women... well ~shrugs~ whatever lol

[morphyguy]: it looks okay i think, but when it's really long and hangs off your tongue that just looks weird... not the good kind of weird either.

[Ktcm]: ~nods~ the ring I have in is long... to permit the swelling, but the swelling's gone and I gotta wait to change it

[morphyguy]: oh... makes sense. but i used to know this girl who had one that, if it didn't swivel around so much, would have not been able to fit in her mouth when it was shut

[offspring1014]: can i join?

[Ktcm]: yeh I have a big ass mouth lol

[InuzukaKiba]: that's pretty gross what morphy said

[morphyguy]: it's true! i couldn't stand looking in her direction for fear of the dreaded tongue piece!

[Ktcm]: lmao

[InuzukaKiba]: heh

[Ktcm]: well I happen to think tongue piercings are sexy, and on myelfpack pole they're in the lead over others

[InuzukaKiba]: they are sexy to me

[Ktcm]: lol

[morphyguy]: they are when they're in context, but... I've already gone through this.

[Phoenix Tears]: please tell me if you like the newest version of this page, I added some small pictures in front of each link .... if you guys don't like it, then I'll change it back to how it was before

[Vader]: <img:>

[trodahawk]: I really like the pictures so keep it on ok? and I like your drawing Vader it funny!

[Vader]: Sure ^_^

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