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Countries Wiki


This is the list of the countries-specific wikis. Looking for people who live in the same country as you? Then here's the place.


Ancient Egypt Lovers
Canadian wiki
Celtic Fighter
Cunooks Unite
Dutchies United
Honduran Pride
Italians Unite
Japan Lovers
Latino Pride
Oh Canada
Mexican pride!!
Mother Africa
People Interested in France
Puertorican Society I.N.C
Scandinavia United
Texas rocks my socks
The hitchhiker's guide of the Elftowners
Verenigd Vlaanderen


19 wikis

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2004-10-03 [All Gone.]: I think it's bullshit that u dont have a wiki dedicated to Poland!

2004-10-03 [Yoruno]: Uhm... maybe there should be one out there, it´s just that I haven´t found it yet...

2004-11-10 [xcentricksalo]: Where the hell is your Carribean/England site guys?! celtic dont count :P

2004-11-10 [Yoruno]: Uhm.. well, I don´t know any wiki for "Carribean/England" people... but if you know one, tell me and I´ll add it, of course. Oh, and celtics does count for me... ^_^

2004-11-16 [Gone123456789]: People, I have a solution to ALL of your problems. MAKE THE WIKI YOURSELF. ^_^ Ingenious, I know. That way there will be a wiki about that for you AND others to enjoy. Don't know how to make a wiki? Go to wiki_intro

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