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2010-04-08 09:27:25
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Closing Time

They say that everything must come to an end. The show shuts, the lights dim and, as a twist, someone dies. The galaxy was one of these interesting twists. At it's end, several billion people(aliens and things in between) had to die. However- this is what the powers that be would have liked. The problem with humans is that they ad lib the script, instead of one big finale where they're planet was turned into a dustball they like to drag out this mediocre thing they call life. This was much to the disappointment of the galaxy before it exploded. So it is that every scientist, engineer and paranoid nut job got together and decided to build ships that were capable of not only of escaping the destruction but managing to set up a life sustaining atmosphere in whatever fresh planet they arrived at.
Of course.....they had to get there first.

Another RP brought to you by [Evolution X], the idea just popped into my head so don't blame me if it's rusty. Of course any applications are to be sent directly to me for checking. If you really want to be a mod you can ask, if you don't I'll probably end up asking. Enjoy!

closing time characters

Control Deck Alpha - where the ship is controlled from
Facility Quarters - hospital, engineers, police, general ship services
Ship Living Quarters - homes and street markets, newsagent stalls
Social sector - main stream shops, barbers, pub, restaurants, basically a big mall.
Below Decks - this is where all the plants are grown, also biological scientists hang around here.
Docking Bays - when heading too and from outside areas, this is where you pick up a ship

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2010-02-01 [Mrs Vicious.]: *head desk* wake me up when they make sence.

2010-02-01 [Lord Josmar]: "Who are you?"
"Not in here your not, this is a Mercedes!"

2010-05-21 [Evolution X]: *cough cough* People? Hello?

2010-05-21 [Mrs Vicious.]: hello?

2010-05-21 [Evolution X]: Rping?

2010-05-22 [Mrs Vicious.]: lol well i dunno what to do, and tbh i kinda forgot bout it. :/ sorry love u.

2010-05-22 [Evolution X]: I guessed some had...

2010-05-22 [Mrs Vicious.]: ive just got so much on, and so many RP's, sorry love.

2010-05-22 [Lord Josmar]: excuses excuses, lol.

2010-08-07 [Evolution X]: anyone? really?

2010-08-07 [Chel.]: My character went to bed... I think a few others did to. Might need a jump or something?

2010-08-07 [Evolution X]: D'mitri's meant to be investigating and the others are still doing stuff

2010-08-07 [Artsy]: Teva is... in the 'below decks' filing the report in the office... but since she's a suspect, i'd guess that would make her report questionable (not that she knows she a suspect), and then she'd be headed back to her room and her husband... and the nurse is in the office waiting for the doctor to return...

2010-08-13 [Mrs Vicious.]: wow this realy is dead-ish.

2010-08-13 [Flisky]: Evo, I'm going to be gone this weekend, so if you want to take control of Kai, that would be great.

2010-08-13 [Evolution X]: M'kay... though I'm not sure how much we'll be doing, no one is posting

2010-08-13 [Mrs Vicious.]: Well I cant post, Im captured.

2010-08-13 [Evolution X]: Problem is that RC has internet problems, Josmar doesn't appear to be posting and everyone else went to sleep I think

2010-08-13 [Mrs Vicious.]: *shrugs*

2010-08-13 [Artsy]: My nurse was left alone, there is no reason for me to post alone, and my scientist is... still in the lab I think, which I thought was where Chel was headed, so I was waiting for her to post in below decks, but she said her chary went to bed sooooooooooo

That's why I'm not posting.

2010-08-13 [Evolution X]: I know... people do have reasons but... *sigh*

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