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Clara Murchenson

User: [Nite_Owl]

Species: Human

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Description: She's a simple looking girl, though often enough mistaken for a young man in her usual outfit. For the sake of comfort and eficiency, she tends to wear men's clothing--a plain white buttoned shirt and brown carpenter's vest, with form-fitting but comfortable graying green pants and dusty leather boots. Her favorite part, however, is the tricorne style hat she always insists on wearing, wide-brimmed (and slightly large for her head) to keep the sun from her eyes while she works. Underneath, long auburn-brown hair is tied and kept tucked back out of the way; rarely does she let anyone even notice it by taking off the hat. Although she seems generally kind and understanding, Clara never lets her handcrafted pistol and hatchet leave her side and isn't afraid to use them when needed.

Personality: As the only child of a local carpenter and blacksmith, Clara is a working girl who doesn't give up easily, ever determined to finish something once its been started. She feels the outcast in her simple town, being quite unlike the other women her age, but does well enough to ignore them on a regular basis. Though she has few friends, she has even fewer enemies, always willing to help in any way she can with her pleasant (if sometimes demanding) attitude.

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