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This Contest Is Closed


Poems must be written by Elftowners and posted here by the original author. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular poem in somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here without the writer's permission. Poems must be written in good English. Let someone check your spelling and grammar if you're not sure about it.
Limit is 2 entries per person.

Since the five chosen poems will be featured on Main Street, we would like to keep them fairly small. Anywhere from 8-35 lines is acceptable. Be creative but please keep that in mind!

Submissions for Daily poems on Mainstreet are usually not accepted when they feature violence, disturbing actions or insults.

For the Christmas competition we will be less strict about it, except for insulting contents. If a poem is judged to have insulting contents by the Daily Poem Team it will be removed without question.

And obviously, poems must have something to do with Christmas preferably with a fantasy or sci-fi slant.

How to post it here:
Add the poem after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and author (Written by...) .

December 18th

Five Christmas poems will be picked out by the Daily Poem Team among all those presented. Participants will receive special Christmas badges and the winners will receive Masters of Building badges.


1. What do you buy a dragon for Christmas?

What do you buy a dragon for Christmas?
Quite a dilemma, I certainly think
You can’t buy a hipflask, even if it is silver-plated
For someone who never, ever drinks

You can’t buy them notebooks, you can’t buy them toe-socks
A paper calendar would only fry
It makes me laugh to think of buying gloves
And putting them on; he’d be obliged to try.

You can’t buy a wooden photo frame, knowing it’ll burn.
How can you get books, when they’ll end up crisp?
Buying a dragon hairspray is never any good
One puff, and we’ll all be December mist!

Purchasing for a dragon is always a problem
Especially if you go for originality.
So, I’ll just use that old and boring present
A candle for a dragon will do for me!

Written by [Catlover]

2. The Great Elf Cometh

On Dancing, faster Cometea, zap the lights Rudolf!
Speeding along through warps and christmas wyrmholes,
A mighty magick on golden runners slips through the night.

Great Red #1, the mighty Sleigh of the Great Elf filled to bursting,
anticipated, but never expected, the spirit of the Polar Elves spreads over the worlds.

In many Elfhouses, the long and the short, the stripey and the darned,
in wool and cashmere, in cotton and homespun, the stockings hang,
on chimney and door frame, on hobbit hole and orcan cave.

Lying in their beds of fluff or stone, of sticks and muck or fairy down,
each dreams of the Christmas magicks and the morning of much surprizes.

For in Elftown, the Mayor is supreme, but even here, the magicks of the Great Red Elf,
come and touch every heart and soul, and in your House, may you find the wish of your heart,
and the special secret of your deepest joy.

The streets are quiet, the fires burning low, but candles in the windows, and much holly and mead,
stand and wait the joys of the morrow, the tearing of papers and the ripping of ribbons,
then the many will dance in celebration, of new lives, of new friends, and presents gleaming and new,
but for me my friends, it is enough that I have met YOU!

Dedicated to Faith [Lerune] and her precious new little girl.
Marion Z. [Skydancer] © 2004

3. 'Tis Christmas

'Tis Christmas, and I do fear
For my sanity, the end may be dang'rously near.
Too many shoppers, too many sales,
At the thought, my face grows cold and pales.
As people clamor for Christmas spirit,
I reach for another - my hand draws near it.
But wait! There's better a way
To survive the time to Christmas Day.
I'll go to the town, see the people harried,
Acting as if their hearts are merried,
And I shall relax, and I shall dare
To free myself from holiday care,
From the trappings and the obligations
That plague the people throughout the nations.
And I shall watch the people scuttle to and fro,
Running- they have more places to go!
And I shall laugh.

Written by [Seamus Schwathe]

4. Fantasy is Christmas

Elves and faeries.
Snowmen and reindeer.
Jolly old men,
all figures of splendor.

It doesn't matter,
who you might be.
Christmas is here,
come celebrate with me.

No matter the distance,
the joy still arrives.
The mystic and magic,
all brighten our lives.

So don't raise boundaries,
let your imagination go.
Fantasy is only unreal,
if you allow it to be so.

Written by: [Blaithin]

5. Christmas Eve

Little boxes
Stacked in rows
They’re all tied
With petty little bows.

Little elves shuffle there feet,
As they walk in the snow,
Christmas is coming
And they all know.

The sleigh is stacked with goodies,
For all the good girls and boys.
They all are looking forward
To getting there toys.

Santa climes into the sleigh,
While the parents hang bows on trees.
He gets ready for take off.
On Christmas Eve.

Written by [Bloody Rainbow]


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